Cartman beats up cupid meet

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cartman beats up cupid meet

Last episode with Cartman's 'cupid me', pretty much shows that Cartman is a friend', then beats off in the bathroom to the thought of 'cupid me' doing but many have met a type that Cartman is an extreme exaggeration of: Eric expresses his rage and confusion on Kyle to an absolutely excessive level. When Token and Nichole break up due to a misunderstanding, Cartman loses faith in Cupid Cartman and beats him with a bat. Later, after watching a laxative. There's a new girl in school and she's black, so Cartman instantly assumes Token wants her, but when Token doesn't seem interested, Eric sets up an elaborate.

Kitty when cats were banned in South Park, and eventually many members of the same species. He will often offer his services or assistance to those he respects, such as Rob ReinerMel Gibson or Billy Mayswith little to no expectation of benefit. Before his sudden sociopathic break through around season 5, Cartman was shown to care deep down about those close to him; such as StanKyleKennyButters and Jimmyas well as his mother and Chef although as stated this was during older seasons and he has grown a lot more sociopathic tendencies since then.

He has been shown to feel no remorse when endangering his frenemies' lives during his Cthulhu-manipulating rampageand will drop any friendship to further some sort of personal desire or materialistic item. Out of all listed people, his mother seems to be the sole person he genuinely cares about in more recent seasons, although regardless his behavior towards her is far from kind.

When the boys were all in the third grade, they were far more immature and naive than they are now. While Stan, Kyle and Kenny seemed to become less mischievous and greedy over time, Cartman has since become more rebellious and even more dangerous. While still the same spoiled rotten self around other children he is today, Cartman often cleaned up his act around adults and often sought their approval and even companionship as a sign of maturity.

He was voted ugliest boy in school on the un-doctored list and students cheered to watch Wendy Testaburger beat him up on the playground. His criminal record is notoriously extensive as detailed below but has rarely ever been dealt with beyond the occasional grounding or detention. Adults generally treat Cartman the same as other fourth graders, assuming the best in him. Though he had previously seemed interested in gaining their approval, more often today he merely seems to enjoy manipulating them.

Since the arrival of PC Principal in town, Cartman has been trying to turn his life around, admitting to his years of racial bias and prejudice and trying to turn himself around and become a better person His attempts to defuse the complex situation failed, and he was eventually cut off from all forms of social media by his former friends.

His budding relationship with Heidi Turner helped him find new purpose in life, but his hopes to colonize Mars eventually lead to the development of a newfound misogyny and fear of women. Eccentricities Cartman's psychology is complex, but reflects being the only child of a single mother.

Token beats up Cartman

He has exhibited several signs of insecurity related to his lack of a father, including crying himself to sleep and being uncomfortable when reminded about it, while his mother often views him as a a friend instead of a sononly occasionally disciplining him. He often tries to project an image of masculinity, and tries to hides or suppress signs of fear or weakness, such as being beaten up by a girl.

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His history of sexual abuse see below has also produced dangerous ideas of sexuality. Whenever confronted with uncomfortable situations, he often creates highly dramatic and complex plans that often involve murdering the sources of his problems or those close to him, and framing Token.

By night, Cartman becomes the infamous and heavily trademarked superhero The Coon. He originally joined forces with the other boys to form Coon and Friendsbut when they all turned against him, he teamed up with the Dark Lord Cthulhu instead. Notable Skills Despite his selfish and lazy nature, Cartman has acquired a surprising number of diverse and specific skills over the years. His confidence and decisiveness often lend themselves well to positions of leadership within the kids, especially during tough times when the kids are working towards a common goal, such as retrieving an artifactand the entire town followed his lead in repelling the dangerous hippie infestation incident.

The other kids notably turned to Cartman for help against the threat of a new Principal.

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His most successful endeavor, however, was his work with the short-lived Crack Baby Athletic Associationwhich he lost in a bad business deal with the President of EA Sports. And some would tell you his chili recipe is positively to die for! He did seem to defeat Dr. David Nelson in a brawl at the playground on one occasion Perhaps most notably, Cartman has repeatedly displayed a talent for expressing himself in song and music - probably more so than any other character on South Park!

Craig ", so we're just going to call it a DRAW. Criminal Record Despite being only ten years old, Cartman has an extensive and notorious criminal record, including five arrests.

cartman beats up cupid meet

No stranger to the crime of Embezzlement, Cartman will stop at nothing to acquire some cash, such as pretending to be running a religious charity in the manner of a televangelist, opening his own false Churchperforming miracles and asking kids for donations, and then bathing in said donations.

He also attempted to blackmail Captain Hindsight to join the Coon and Friends team. This skill later saves the entire planet when Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny blackmail the Joozians with a photograph of two Joozian executives committing an alien sexual act, in order to keep them from destroying the Earth. Another common tactic in his playbook is Fraud by pretending to be mentally disabled in order to participate in the Special Olympicsand later, to be on television.

He also pretended to be transgendered for access to a special bathroom. The customers seemed more sickened by the news than the food itself. Cartman committed a disputed Hate Crime by throwing a rock at Token Black while playing, which lead to his first arrest and secured him a place in Juvenile Hall, where he befriended Romper Stomper.

cartman beats up cupid meet

Multiple acts of Arson can be prescribed to Cartman, many of them accidental The boys, lead by Cartman, have performed Unlicensed Surgery on Butters in order to remove excess fat as part of a scheme with the owner of City Wok Cartman has submitted Falsified Evidence to the police before, most notably when posing as a psychic, using his falsified powers to frame others for the Left Hand Killer murders.

He also anonymously reported a meth lab he had created as belonging to his mother so that he could be placed in a foster home - this lead to one of the few instances where Cartman was arrested by the Park County Police.

Add Theft to the rap sheet - most notably, Cartman stole the televisions of everyone in South Park on the night of the electionwhile everyone was either panicking or partying, so that he could sell the televisions the next day.

He also shoplifts Vagisil in order to make himself stupid, but only because Butters didn't bring money with. The boys committed grave-robbing when they used Cleo Broflovski 's rooting corpse to scare the Fifth Graders on Halloween, unaware they were causing any broader harm Some of his actions could qualify as Animal Abuse, such as a claim he broke Kenny's Cat 's leg, and some of his behaviors towards Mr. Kitty and Fluffythough he generally seems to care about them and these instances are played for humor.

After the crowd empties the arena following Cartman's announcement that the Batmobile is outside, Token and Nicole run into each other. She tells him that she thought he was only with her because she was black, while he says that he would not even talk to her at first because she was black. Realizing they still have feelings for each other, they decide to ignore the expectations of others, and share a loving embrace.

Cupid Me then tells the satisfied Cartman that he has found someone for him as well: Stacy Mullenberg, the poster child for Halitosis Kidz!

Cartman angrily curses Cupid Me, before a love-induced Stacy begins chasing him around the arena. Critical reception[ edit ] Jacob Kleinman of the International Business Times thought the episode was "pretty funny", despite not measuring up to the classic Token episode " Here Comes the Neighborhood ".

While less serious than the previous season's mid-season finale " You're Getting Old ", McGee enjoyed the "sweet, empathetic core" to the episode, and the juxtaposition of Cartman's desire to play matchmaker with the racism that motivated it. McGee also found Mr.

Garrison 's Game of Thrones lesson "hysterical".

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Nicholson thought that Cartman's machinations, and the way they manifested through Cupid Me, were both entertaining, and represented a fitting way to explore the character's distinctive way of expressing affection. Nicholson thought the scenes with Nichole's parents and at the playground did not work as well, though he appreciated the lack of pop culture references and celebrity parodies. Retrieved April 25, Retrieved April 26,