Carlisle parts swap meet

Scenes from the swap meet and car corral at Carlisle All-Ford Nationals

carlisle parts swap meet

Fall Carlisle, a collector and classic car swap meet similar to Spring opportunity to buy and sell cars and parts one last time before winter hits. Photos from the swap meet and car corral at the Carlisle All-Ford and thousands (probably more) of parts and cars in the enormous swap meet area. The majority of the grounds is flooded with a massive swap meet full of Carlisle provides free parts hauling to your vehicle and has forklifts on.

One trusting if not overly ambitious vendor retreated to his camper to avoid the rain. At least he left detailed instructions for customers.

carlisle parts swap meet

Most vendors either spread their wares out on tarps, hang them from their trucks, or just spread out of boxes for attendees to root through while the shopkeeper relaxes with an Old Milwaukee or six.

But if the vendor is around and conscious, chances are they know exactly what they have and where it is. The Car Corral is the place to find that classic car of your dreams. As a bonus, it is spread out over a gigantic hill so you can work off some of that funnel cake you're bound to end up eating. The people watching and dining opportunities alone are worth the trip. Just make sure to bring your foul weather gear, because rain is as much of a time-honored tradition as is the funnel cake on the midway.

carlisle parts swap meet

Jim Travers For a full schedule of car-related events at Carlisle, go to www. Vintage toys are another option at Carlisle, and maybe a more sensible alternative to the real thing. Got one here somewhere Many vendors peddle the stuff right alongside those selling actual funnels. The seller assured us this North Carolina Ford was once used to transport shine of the moon variety, a practice he says continues today.

Betty Ming Liu Though you won't catch the real pros dragging around a mere grocery cart. One of the easiest things to plan for any trip to Spring Carlisle is where to stay. Carlisle Events has a special phone number for hotel information.

Spring Carlisle

You Can Always Go Downtown. While you can get to the show from two directions, the best exit to take is the one that brings you off the highway to the downtown section.

carlisle parts swap meet

Carlisle Events operates trams to carry wearied swappers around the show grounds. These colorful amusement park refugees are fun to ride on and will give first timers a great idea of how the grounds are laid out. In addition, your tired footsies will appreciate taking a break.

Step Guide to Enjoying Spring Carlisle to the Max

The third week in April can bring unpredictable weather patterns to central Pennsylvania, so come prepared for anything when you pack for Spring Carlisle. Check the weather online for long-range forecasts before setting sail for the Keystone State. That means having a way to get them back home. We love that club that comes down from New England on a chartered bus and fills the luggage bins with old car parts.

Security is a lot stricter today and may affect your plans. Avoid hassles by planning in advance. List, But Not Last. Even though you probably have fewer cars than he does, you may need even more parts.

carlisle parts swap meet