Can you meet someone in your dreams

can you meet someone in your dreams

We can't create new faces in dreams so if you feel you find someone new in your dreams you would have meet them in reality. Sorry but movies are fasicinating. I could feel the warmth of his hand in mine. It felt so real, like I really met him in my dreams. Is it possible to meet someone you are connected to. You can also find forums on shared dreams all over the web. similar or even identical by the two people involved, regardless of the timing of their experiences.

Experiment 1 - Meshing Dreams Find a meshing dream partner willing to try this experiment. Choose an activity to do together during the waking day.

can you meet someone in your dreams

Maybe go to a sports event, go hiking in the countryside, go to the zoo, or watch a movie. Before you go to sleep that night, discuss your memorable experience with your meshing dream partner.

Talk about elements that you found most interesting and set a clear intention to dream about your shared experience.

can you meet someone in your dreams

Ideally, you'll dream about your waking experience, or a closely related theme. If you become lucid, all the better. Seek out your meshing partner in the dream and have a lucid conversation with them! When you wake up, write down all the details of the dream, including the time you think it happened.

Compare notes with your partner and see how many dream symbols you can match. Don't influence each other's dream reports or change your recollection to fit their story. If you both report a dream conversation, pay particular attention to the details. This would be a nice example of a pre-arranged meshing dream. There is nothing paranormal about this experiment, it is essentially a form of dream incubation. It's a pretty good demonstration of how our thoughts and experiences influence our dreams - even more so when these are compelling or novel experiences.

Experiment 2 - Meeting Dreams Find a meeting dream partner. If you have friends who lucid dream, invite them to try this experiment with you. Or you can seek out out others at our lucid dreaming forum. The goal is to have a lucid dream at the same time, on the same date, and both remember to enact the meet-up. Select a location to meet up in. If you both live locally, you might choose a familiar place, like a park or town center.

Otherwise choose a famous meeting spot, like Stone Henge or the Eiffel Tower. Make sure you know your destination in detail so you both have the same location to meet in mind. If you do both visit the same location in your lucid dream, it could simply be a meshing dream - a coincidence - so you need to go one step further by having an unpredicted conversation.

Soul Mates in Dreams: Can You Dream of Someone Before Meeting Them?

Source Are Dreams Real? Dreams can take us to far-off places.

can you meet someone in your dreams

Surreal places where reality is blurred and things aren't what they seem. For some of us, we are taken to places we've been before. And for some of us, our dreams seem like future memories - experiences in our dreams sometimes become reality.

Is Mutual Dreaming Possible?

Are dreams just psychological pictures that can be brushed off as "all in a person's head"? Or are they something more?

can you meet someone in your dreams

Again, to answer this question, it has to be answered by the individual. This is a very subjective topic with very subjective opinions. For me, I've had dreams that have come true on one level or another, so I know that my dreams can be real to some degree. I also believe that our dreams can be distant past-life memories and even memories from other realms of existence.

And if you pay more and more attention to your dreams, you'll realize more and more how your dreams can reflect your own life both past, present and future.

A tip on how to use your dreams to read the future is to start writing down your dreams every morning. At first you might not remember your dreams, but as soon as you wake up write down any thoughts or feelings you might be having. After awhile you'll notice that you're writing down your dreams every day. And you'll begin to notice patterns in your dreams and in waking life. Pay particular attention to the people in your dreams It's not only possible, it's quite likely you might meet them in your dreams before meeting them in real life.

Give it a try.

Soul Mates in Dreams: Can You Dream of Someone Before Meeting Them? | Exemplore

Sometimes their faces are blurred or they are vague people who we believe we only know in our dreamtime. Sometimes they're people we already know in real life - a family member, a friend, a neighbor, etc. So how do we know these vague dream people are people we've yet to meet and not just another figment of our imaginations?

First, and as mentioned above, write down your dreams. Write down exactly what this person says to you in your dream, how they make you feel. It's quite possible this vague person in your dream is one of your soul mates' astral doubles dream selves meeting you in the dreamworld.

Very often our astral doubles will go ahead of us to meet people we're supposed to meet in reality. Next take note on how often this person shows up in your dreams.

can you meet someone in your dreams

Also note if they have any specific messages for you and where they show up. These could be premonitions as to when and where you'll meet your soul mate in real life. When you actually meet your soul mate in real life, you'll know it immediately.

Is Mutual Dreaming Possible?

It's that feeling of deja vu. A strong urge inside that tells you you've met the person before, and that your soul already intimately knows them. It's very hard to explain the feeling to someone, but once you've had it you'll know. It's very likely that one of you will even say, "I feel like we've met before". Or "I feel like I know you from somewhere". When you meet your soul mate in real life, you'll know immediately.