Can you meet football players before game

How can you meet the football players before an NFL game

can you meet football players before game

How To Get Your Favorite Player's Autograph/ Getting an autograph begins long before the day where you actually meet the player. Head out to the park about four hours before game time so you can catch the. The best place to meet and get autographs is going to the training camps. Also before the drills Redmann will get involved with the kids and throw the football. when some players are going into the tunnel way before the game. If you are not in a hurry you can wait for the players to leave and they will. It very much depends on the league you are in but in England for the For home games most teams will stay at home before meeting up for a meal and.

While these events open the team to the public, they're often contractual obligations for the player.

can you meet football players before game

James said there were other opportunities to meet smaller groups of players, or even an individual player, throughout the rest of the year. Most NFL teams entertain requests from the public for appearances.

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James said these requests are weighed and considered and then presented to players who may be interested in attending, or believe the event has a worthwhile purpose. The other side of this coin is player requests.

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Many players have preferences for attendance; maybe they're trying to help raise money for juvenile diabetes, for youth football programs or for shelter animals. If these requests come through and are brought to the attention of a player, he may be more inclined to attend than he normally would.

It's these player preferences that highlight one of the tougher sides of meeting a team or a player, said James. It was something the player did on his own because he wanted to. For the more ambitious fan it's possible to follow a player's activities through the newspaper accounts, fan club contacts, Facebook or other social networks.

can you meet football players before game

Requires patience, deception and charisma. There are various ways to approach this. You might get lucky if they stop to collect the mail but are hardly likely to engage them before a panic button has you rugby tackled by security.

can you meet football players before game

No, this strategy needs more analysis. How about, having found the address, you apply for a job as a nanny, cook, security guard, gardener, chauffeur etc. Bit of a long shot but imagine the exposure if you succeed! Only an option for the seriously besotted read dangerous.

can you meet football players before game

But if you want a closer look at some footballers pads here you go. Good sources and planning essential. Luck and cash a bonus. In the good old days you could roll-up at a beach in Majorca on a sunny June afternoon and expect a kick about with several pro footballers, adjourn to the pub for a night of fun and even feed off the scraps of their female entourage…if you had good lines or were just plain lucky.

But, surprisingly, many footballers still frequent locations we can all access. Yes, you can meet them on holidays and they may not be coherent but it could be one hell of a night. OK, I accept…bloody boring. However, for a bit of excitement ignore the fine dining joints and head to McDonalds in the early hours.

Burger and biffs are the favourite order! Requires a set of wheels…. Anyway, a couple of trips down the training grounds will get you familiar with who has what and you can even write down registration numbers just to be sure. Follow the above procedure but lie in wait behind a parked vehicle as your hero approaches.

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Timing is critical here as potential death or serious injury come into the equation. Leap out in front of the car and hope he brakes in time.

can you meet football players before game

But I must warn you, this strategy is risky. This kid not only got a double leg fracture but he also got the car wrong. How gutted was he, as a Man Utd. Only for the mentally disturbed…. No need to actually meet your hero when you can build-up a complete fantasy relationship in your head…now is there?