Can meet one direction at a concert

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can meet one direction at a concert

We've put together some handy tips that will help you try and meet Niall, One Direction fans wait to see their idols (Picture: Phil Walter/Getty Images) Gig tickets are expensive at the best of times but if you really want to. Going to three One Direction concerts is a stunt that is not for the weak of heart. In years past, being a VIP meant you got to meet One Direction, softly I will pay any amount of money to breathe the same air as the Golden. Read You Meet at a Signing/MeetnGreet/Concert from the story One Direction Louis: You could honestly say that One Direction changed your life, in many.

Waiting to get a glimpse of 1D Picture: The airport As they fly between the cities One Direction will of course need to go to the airport.

This one requires the most planning out of all the ways so far. You first need to work out when they are likely to fly to get to the next venue in time for sound check which is usually mid-afternoon. Then you need to work out which airport they are likely to fly from and then which flight.

Of course all that is for when they are checking in, but it might be easier to meet them when they land. One of the boys is likely to have posted a tweet about leaving and or getting on a plane, so from that, if you know how long the flight is, which can easily be Googled, you can work out when the flight left and when it is likely to land.

You have their flight and possibly their luggage. The boys interacted with the fans and even asked if it was anyone's birthday. They sang like angels and even showed off some dance moves. The boys had a great set list for their concert, with most of their songs being the more recent ones. One Direction looked great, which isn't a surprise, because they always look fabulous. One Direction moved around the stage and had a nice graphic background at all times, they even had picture lyrics for a song.

The boys introduced their band and each member played a little bit of a song, and the boys jumped in, as well as the audience and sang along.

can meet one direction at a concert

Just when you thought that the best night of your life was over, One Direction came back out for their encore to sing some of their most popular songs. The encore was massive and left you amazed. Do I go all three nights? I thought it over for about. So I bought two more tickets: While most kids my age were gearing up to see Eminem and OutKast in Grant Park at Lolla, I was speculating which headscarf Harry would wrap his curls in.

Realizing that I'm about to leave for college and that it's time to solidify my personal aesthetic Forever TweenI stuffed a duffel bag with about 20 different outfit options and at least one flower crown and jetted off to Boston for One Direction's three-night engagement at Gillette Stadium. Going to three One Direction concerts is a stunt that is not for the weak of heart.

There are many tests, trials and lessons learned while doing a 1D 3-peat.

can meet one direction at a concert

These are my stories: Crying One Direction are like any rational human beings -- they are intimidated by tears and will awkwardly look on as you cry over how much you love Liam. Only at four points did tasteful, minimal tears spring to my eyes: Sometimes I think that you should only be allowed to buy concert tickets in accordance with your height, but then I remember that little girls would all be in the front rows and I have no heart for little girls at One Direction concerts.

I am a vicious year-old monster. He was wearing tight black jeans.

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It was a moment engineered by scientists in a lab, I'm sure. The Look Style and hair obviously play a big part in what makes One Direction beautiful. Though it's often joked about in the media and by other celebrities, the hair is a very serious part of my life, and did I mention that I'm legally adult? Hopefully this helps you understand the priorities of the youths of America.

Styling varies for each boy, so it's important to break them each down individually based on clothes and hair: The most important thing for Zayn was the hair. It was slicked back and Arctic Monkeys-inspired.

Homeboy coulda walked right off that stage, showed up at New York Fashion Week, walked the catwalk in the clothes he showed up in and no one would be the wiser.

For their final Boston show, he was back to his usual hair, but what he lacked in s-inspired locks, he made up for in cheekbones. Compared to his more recent long hair and his usual scruff, Louis was so clean and crisp-looking. He wore a white shirt every night. His essence was very much alive. Niall literally ripped some sleeves off of several button-down shirts and went with it.

He loves showing off his farmer's tan to the world, and we welcome it with open arms. Liam shaved his head and he looked so cute. He wore jorts every night.

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My dad agreed that he would probably wear jorts too, if he was in a billion-dollar boyband and had to perform on a hot stage every night. Why is your hair so long? Why won't you cut it?