Buzzfeed giant men meet tiny

How BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Is Building A Year Media Company

buzzfeed giant men meet tiny

BuzzFeed has breaking news, vital journalism, quizzes, videos, celeb news, Tasty food videos, recipes, DIY hacks, and all the trending buzz you'll want to share. Is He Animal Planet's Next Big Dog? Lyla looks like an Ewok and is the most mushy dog you'll ever meet. Buddy is a little love bug whose right ear is permanently stuck up, while his left is floppy. . Pip Guy, 8 y/o, Morris County, NJ. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Quizes, Buzzfeed staff and Fun quizzes. Do you know what happens when Giant men meet tiny kittens? Watch how.

Everybody keeps some things secret from their parents. BuzzFeed takes the idea of secrets between parents and kids to a different place in this video, however. The site challenged several participants to share very private secrets with their moms and dads.

Most of the secrets these people share are secrets from their childhood! They have been holding on to these for a long time. As you will see in the video, the parents respond to these secrets in very different ways. How embarrassing for both the parents and their kids! High School You Vs. College You How did you change after you went to university? Most people change somewhat as they grow older. The years after you leave home often make a huge impact on you, as this video explores.

In this clip, a BuzzFeed staffer named Eugene demonstrates the differences between kids in high school and college. High school and college are the American words for secondary school and university, respectively. If you have made the transition from being a teenager to being a university student, do you find this video fits your experience?

How does the American way of life differ from your own? If you are a pet lover, you understand how impossible it is to say no to a fuzzy little face.

In this silly video, Eugene interacts with his dog in a number of crazy ways. He tries to teach his dog new tricks, takes pictures of his puppy, and speaks to his dog in funny voices. It might seem insane at first glance, but most dog owners probably relate to this ridiculous behaviour. After all, how do you behave around your pets? Cupping is a popular form of traditional Chinese medicine. According to proponents, cupping helps the blood to move through the body.

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Many practitioners use it to treat the common cold or other lung issues. In the United States, where BuzzFeed is based, however, cupping is not very common at all.

Watch as this group of friends tries out the ancient medicine and see what they think! In another animal-themed video, BuzzFeed surprises its office workers with little kittens! Everybody loves cats, right? At least, that is what they tell the cameras before they meet the baby animals. Watch what happens when these adult men meet the little kittens for the first time.

Humans come in all shapes and sizes. While many people wish they were taller, being short has plenty of unique advantages.

Giant Men Hold A Tiny Duck

This video features Quinta, a popular BuzzFeed staffer. In short, the new digs have everything one would expect in a traditional movie studio. The more of those you have, the more you can understand how the platform works. But Frank, a performer whose rubber-faced, staccato monologues on The Show back in created the aesthetic for the first wave of YouTube stars, runs a decidedly non-Hollywood shop.

To ensure that no one gets complacent, the entire staff is reorganized into different teams every three months. Frank believes that this keeps the creative process from becoming calcified and helps producers unlearn habits. You Do You focuses on the interplay among the main characters, Ashly, Ella, Quinta, and Sara, as they explore particular moments in their lives. The series hit No. They think of a new curriculum that they know the student will be excited about.

Peretti himself relocated to L.

What is BuzzFeed?

In high school, he saved his money from doing yard work to buy a Macintosh computer. Now, as the company is reaching a size where it has to act like a real business, Peretti is finding ways to harness the chaos, just enough, to cross-pollinate ideas across departments.

It was all seed. The fun in the game is getting people to share something. I click on shit all the time. Editor-in-chief Ben Smith manages the journalists. She is, however, entrusted with figuring out how articles and videos travel across all the platforms where BuzzFeed plays.

Andrew, the engineer, and Adam, the data scientist, explain that Pound is a way for BuzzFeed to understand how people share content across different social networks.

buzzfeed giant men meet tiny

Collecting massive amounts of data over time has allowed BuzzFeed to learn, among other things, that while ideas get an early start on Twitter, they go wide and become popular on Facebook which is what Stopera understood about hoverboards. But Pound is just one piece of an even more audacious data initiative called Hive that promises to make its editorial content more shareable than ever.

No one—not Peretti, Nguyen, or anyone else—actually has an exact idea how many pieces of content BuzzFeed creates or where it all gets published. A seven-step web recipe for slow-cooker chicken becomes a second Facebook video, and then a second Instagram clip with the instructions written as a comment, and finally a Pinterest post with two images and a link back to the Facebook video.

Hive will speed the editorial evolution of popular ideas like this one. From a technical perspective, Hive is both simple—maybe five tables in a relational database—and absurdly abstract. One diagram Kelly shows me has a pipe labeled pixie dust as well as an animated Super Mario jumping up and down on part of it.

buzzfeed giant men meet tiny

Like its approach to different social networks, BuzzFeed aims to create something organic in each global market rather than simply translating an article into another language. Better that BuzzFeed find content in far-flung locales that appeals to everyone across the globe.