Busted meet you there audiophile

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busted meet you there audiophile

What are you doing on an audiophile site? I work on their tube amps. A vast majority among them fried their cochlea and busted their eardrums long ago! Hmmmmm, as soon as that faulty product didn't meet specs. Keep calm and listen to Mcfly Mcfly Band, Tom Fletcher, Yep Yep, Audiophile . Busted Meet You There lyrics Busted Lyrics, Song Quotes, Music Quotes, Song. This way there is no switching back and forth, you listen to complete Michael Fremer got 5/5 or % in a SS amp vs Tube effects processor at an AES meet. . You're shifting the goalposts because your myth was busted.

busted meet you there audiophile

And, yes, that is further limited to "in their test sample". What they offered was "reasonably compelling evidence" And the term "reasonable" defines a matter of opinion on the part of the person assessing it.

Busted - Meet you there (Guitar Cover)

And this is ALL I've been saying all along. Then why don't you? Meyer and Moran were not "REALLY" trying to determine that, AND you know what they were actually trying to determine because only a few lines previously you quoted them "to determine whether people could reliably determine an audible difference when a "CD loop" was inserted into the audio signal chain".

Clearly they were NOT trying to determine "whether most people could reliably determine a difference", you have deliberately changed what they were trying to determine by adding the word "most" yourself!

busted meet you there audiophile

And just for the record, Meyer and Moran make it perfectly clear numerous times that the "people" to whom they are referring are the test subjects.

Therefore detailed information about what the differences were is irrelevant. A number of the people involved in the test were serious audiophiles and the actual content used included SACD's which the audiophiles themselves asserted; most obviously demonstrated the difference between Hi-res and CD!

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Furthermore, there were a number of additional conditions deliberately designed to be particularly favourable to detecting a difference: In this case, I would expect them to expend more effort in making sure the highest resolution, and most expensive, version sounds really good.

And, if there really is no audible difference, it wouldn't surprise me if they were to deliberately "down-grade" the lower cost versions to sound slightly inferior. For example, I might expect them to deliberately roll off the high end on the "CD quality version" to meet people's expectations that "the high-res version will have a better high end".

I am quite convinced that one of the major reasons the SACD layer on hybrid SACDs often sounds quite different is that, in some instances, someone told the mix engineer: Make sure it sounds smoother, and clearer, and more like what audiophiles expect, than the regular version.

Testing audiophile claims and myths

Either way I'd rather have the better one. With that album, the best I hope for is a compromise between, "the best quality possible considering the analog masters available" and "some alterations to the sound of the analog master to make the result more like what the producers and musicians intended".

And, yes, I realize that there is going to be some "artistry" and some "opinion" involved in that goal. However, assuming I trust the folks who did the remaster to have done a good job, I would prefer to have the most accurate rendition of THEIR final product possible.

busted meet you there audiophile

Which is find to philosophically be an improvement I have no trouble playing those sorts of files Just to be perfectly clear This is a very well done large scale ABX test. A similar set up to Head-fi where four mains cables including 2 kettle leads stock power cords that had come with hifi productsan audiophile one, a DIY one and a tester CD were sent out forum members.

busted meet you there audiophile

The results were inconclusive to say the least, for example; The kettle lead was C. There were 23 answers: EDIT - one of the participants to this test has pointed out that the two kettle leads, described in the test as exactly the same were in fact not identical and were just basic leads which had come with hifi products.

busted meet you there audiophile

Sept From the Sept issue. Three forum members were invited to WHF and blind tested where they though the kit Roksan, Cyrus, Spendor was being changed, but instead the cables were. The same three tracks were used throughout. The kit started out with the cheapest cables WHF could find and no one liked it saying it sounded flat and dull. Then a Lindy mains conditioner and Copperline Alpha power cords were introduced and the sound improved. The IC was changed to some Atlas Equators and two out the three tracks were said to have improved with better bass and detail.

Again, changes were noticed, but they were not big. Various swaps took place after that which confirmed the above, that the power cords made the biggest difference. When the test was revealed the participants were surprised to say the least!

But, this is not an ABX test, it is a blind listening review and as you read on you find the two produce different results. But they do not, they are blind listening reviews, which allow people the chance to claim a difference, but offers no evidence they they can really hear a difference.

August A rather complex testing of Ivor Tiefenbrun himself, who at that time was very pro vinyl and anti digital the opposite almost of how Linn operate now!

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There are various different tests and the overall conclusion was "In summary, then, no evidence was provided by Tiefenbrun during this series of tests that indicates ability to identify reliably: ABX test of two systems.

Two systems, one cheap A with a Sony DVD and Behringer amp supported on a folding chair with chepo cables and the other more expensive B with Classe, YBA, Wadia and expensive cables and proper stands were hidden behind a sheet and wired to the same speakers.

The results were; 38 persons participated on this test 14 chose the "A" system as the best sounding one 10 chose the "B" system as the best sounding one 14 were not able to hear differences or didn't choose any as the best.