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borderlands 2 meet all characters

Meet Borderlands 2's Craziest New Character After draining the life out of Borderlands 1, every single downloadable content and all, I've. All characters, Npc, Bosses intros and reveals of borderlands 2 i do not own any of the music Music rights: The Heavy-Short Change Hero. Borderlands 2 was officially announced on August 3rd, awards a Badass Token, redeemable for stat increases that apply to all characters of a profile.

That he also seems to be suffering from dehydration and sun exposure probably contributes to his Giant crooked teeth, puffy lips and an ever-present bit of spittle-foam dribbling out of his mouth, and an over-sized head on a too-small neck. I Just Want to Have Friends: Almost every other sentence he says involves praising the player and talking about how awesome they are in a desperate attempt to make them stay around just a little bit longer. He's equally as desperate in Tales from the Borderlands, where his general creepiness and tendency to pop out of nowhere causes the characters to find him really annoying.

Killed Off for Real: A possible fate in Tales from the Borderlands, if the player while playing as Fiona tells him to go away while she's creeping around in the vents, he will get shot by August.

As the only survivor of a town where everyone else died of thirst, he does not take the revelation that there was an entire spring underneath Oasis all that well.

Mayor of a Ghost Town: He tries to run Oasis all by himself. For early story missions and side quests. He takes over again once Scarlett inevitably betrays you. Is one of the few friendly people you'll meet in the DLC, and generally is just happy to talk with someone who doesn't want to kill him. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Looks exactly like Hunter S.

Thompson 's famous alter ego, Raoul Duke. Of Corpse He's Alive: With everyone in Oasis but him dead, Shade strung up their bodies and pretends they are all still alive, even using tapes and speakers placed around the town to make them "talk". It's ridiculously transparent, but it's all he has.

He's gone so far as to voice out a marriage proposal rejection for a townswoman he planned on proposing to. That thing he's chewing on is a bottle rocket. A combination of drought and pirate raids killed the population of Oasis By Tales from the Borderlands he's moved out and lives in Prospector Junction operating his grandfather's Museum of Mysteries. Shade has an extremely toothy grin on his face at all times, and always sounds chipper and excited, but he's nothing if not miserable.

Everyone in Oasis is definitely alive, and not dead from thirst. Captain Scarlett Voiced by: Her weapon, Greed, is a Jakobs revolver customized with aftermarket parts to give it fire damage. She's noticeably awkward in an endearing way.

At one point she makes a "No fatties" joke and spends the rest of that sidequest apologizing for it. I actually prefer overweight men. Well, she is evil, but one might forget that she willingly killed children she just thinks it's in bad taste to brag about it when she praises your badassitude, thinks that you are a pretty amazing fighter, tells you straight to your face that she will betray you eventually, and when she loses the treasure, she doesn't hold any ill will towards you and lets you go on your way to the treasure.

According to Grandma Flexington, she met Scarlett and her crew right outside her house, killing things, and the Captain told her that she thought that the Vault Hunter beat her fair and square and was awesome in general. Scarlett is yet another woman of the Borderlands who may ask you if Moxxi's said anything about them as random dialogue by talking to them.

borderlands 2 meet all characters

Doubtlessly needs some after she has you deal with Herbert. Given his rather creepy obsession with herthis is quite justified. You'd never guess she's as fearsome a pirate as she is when she talks about catching up on the latest issue of "Crimefighter Frog" or spouts baby talk about her beloved pet Roscoe. Tried to backstab her best friend, Sandman, in which she learned a valuable lesson after the attempt failed.

She even admits that she'll feel a bit bad after she inevitably betrays you. Never betray your friends Not the act itselfjust bragging about it. She also feels guilty about making a fat joke. Even though she is a pirate and loves backstabbing, she pleads you to not pick her gun when she accidentally drops it. Because that would be stealing. And stealing is wrong. Though she congratulates you if you actually do it.

Wears an eyepatch to look more badass instead of getting a robotic eye. The way she describes him makes him sound like a chubby Big, Friendly Dog. Turns out he's a young Rakk Hive. Once you defeat Roscoe, she encourages you to proceed to the treasure yourself and says that you'll meet her again.

Her cyborg hand has a hook on it instead of an actual hand. After you defeat her pet she drops her gun and tells you not to steal it because stealing is wrong.

If you do take it she congratulates you. Know When to Fold 'Em: She manages to escape the Vault Hunters after they kill Roscoe. Wears a nifty pirate hat with lots of shiny metal hoops. A Pirate Years Too Late: It's the far flung future, and yet she acts an awfully like a pirate from the s. Is a good looking woman in a crew full of male pirates and bandits.

Instead of initially competing against you, she wants to work with you until the location of the treasure is revealed.

At one point she even points out there's no good reason to betray you until you've gotten a certain distance through the quest. She learned this from when she tried to betray Sandman right off the bat and lost a knife and a leg for it.

Of course, when the time comes, she betrays you like she promised. Talk Like a Pirate: Well, she tries to, at least. Like many of the pirates in the DLC, she speaks with a Cockney accent rather than the standard accent. She doesn't fight you directly, instead riding upon Roscoe as she sics him on you. According to cut dialog, the player was originally intended to kill her while Roscoe would be a raid boss. She just disappears after you defeat Roscoe. She encourages you to kill the Leviathan right afterwards, but after that she is nowhere to be found.

She evidently has a personal teleporter. We Will Meet Again: Her last words to the Vault Hunters as she escapes. What she sees the Vault Hunters as. Used to work with Scarlett, until she stabbed him in the back. The knife broke off and everything. She considers the whole event pretty embarrassing. And Your Little Dog, Too! Scarlett notes that he can't possibly know where your family lives, making this a completely empty threat.

After you kill him, Scarlett admits she has no idea where the third compass piece is. In the chest with the second piece, you find Sandman's diary, where he reveals he knows where the third is. Comes with the territory of being a midget on Pandora. Murray of Scarlett's crew was Driven to Suicide after Sandman killed and ate his parents. In reality, they were killed by Scarlett's cook Mercer; no word whether he or Sandman actually eat people, though. As a consequence of being a midget pirate boss.

Interestingly, nobody directly mentions his size except for him. Scarlett is afraid of a one-on-one confrontation with him, and describes him as being very strong. He's also much, much tougher than just about any non-Loot midget in the game.

Herbert An old man enamored with Captain Scarlett in a most unhealthy way, and was, hence, kicked out of the crew. However, he's very knowledgeable about Captain Blade's treasure and knows where the fourth compass piece is.

Scarlett kicked him out of the crew for his creepy stalker tendencies. Subverted; though Scarlett needed him to find Captain Blade's treasure, this wasn't enough for her to ignore his mania. Old man with a creepy obsession over the attractive Captain Scarlett.

borderlands 2 meet all characters

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Quite literally, actually, when you shoot the lock off of the chest which he keeps the fourth compass piece in and end up breaking the piece in the process. Fortunately, he can make a new one. Scarlett has you give him a present after you get the fourth compass piece. Guess what's in it. Guess who it's to.

It even has squeezy dolls and pilfered undies.

borderlands 2 meet all characters

Stalker with a Crush: He actually has over forty recordings of her sleeping. This is the reason Scarlett kicked him out. His haiku to Scarlett, detailing how nice her breasts and butt are.

Of course, the only problem he sees is when he messes up the syllable count in the last stanza.

Also his song to her"Scarlett, I Would Like to Touch You in Places," which the player is, thankfully, spared listening to in its entirety. You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Scarlett disposes of him after she gets the fourth compass piece, for understandable reasons as well as the usual ones.

Captain Blade The most feared pirate in history, and the one who buried the treasure Captain Scarlett and the others are looking for. He was renowned as a pirate of great ruthlessness. A Father to His Men: He cared deeply for his men, and simply kept up the ruse to keep them in line.

When a crew member of his was caught stealing from him, Blade not only faked his execution but also gave him enough money to live comfortably. When they find out, they attack him, and he feels he can't bring himself to fight back. But then he does anyway. Beware the Nice Ones: Never hurt anyone until his crew attacks him, at which point he kills them all. Was forced to kill his entire crew after they found out his reputation was a sham, and he had never actually killed anyone.

Long dead by the time you reach the scene, but he drives the plot, and you hear about him in the ECHO logs he left behind. Though not a coward, he hated violence and swore to never kill. Somewhere along the line though, someone built up a reputation of him as a fearless, bloodthirsty cutthroat. He uses this to maintain order among his crew. According to Scarlett, Blade went insane later on in life, believing a conspiracy about sentient tacos.

This might be related to him killing all of his crew members. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Voiced by: Chris Rager I'm Torgue, and I'm here to ask you one question, and one question only: Torgue had a rough childhood.

During the Bar Brawl at Pete's Bar, he'll make a mention of an alcoholic father. Mister Torgue doesn't hate anybody, and he actually goes out of his way to make friends with the Vault Hunters.

He also breaks the fourth wall and tells players he loves them in the Borderlands: All There in the Manual: There's a lot of stuff in the AmA on Reddit that you don't learn in-game. Authority in Name Only: Despite being the founder of the Torgue Corporation, by the time of the Wattle Gobbler DLC, Torgue is no longer the head of his own company, having sold it to his shareholders and is simply a spokesperson kept on to flex his muscles and do air guitar solos.

He loses that job as well by the end of the DLC, not that it bothers him. Extends to the rest of his family. His middle name is his grandfather's first name, which is a tradition in his family. He sports a prominent 'stache on his face. According to his grandma, he's had it since he was nine. Game reviewers who bash games he likes. This includes bad-mouthing mechanics he likes, such as a Stealth-Based Mission. Being rude to women deeply offends him. He even lashes out at ill-mannered non-existent characters in Tina's boardgame: I'll never say anything douchey ever again!

In the Pre-Sequel, he hates laser weapons because they're not explosive. During a mission where you get a light reactor for Janey Springs, he offers to give you a Torgue gun if you drop it into lava instead. Janey thinks his offer is a bit excessive, but she likes his enthusiasm.

Later on, at the end of a mission to test out a laser prototype for Janey, he'll have you drop the laser next to a beacon, and then crash a spaceship loaded with fifty tons of high explosive into it.

He makes comments about how he considers the Vault Hunters attractive, no matter the gender or their appearance.

borderlands 2 meet all characters

Word of God confirms that he's bisexual. He's extremely muscular and ridiculously over-the-top personality-wise.

borderlands 2 meet all characters

His weapon designs are very good and his company is one of the most successful on Pandora, even though he can't even count to ten. On the other hand, he's apparently read or understands Nietzsche and can be eloquent on exceedingly rare occasionsso it's possible he's just bored by math and would rather convert his calculator to an IED than do math problems.

Torgue loves nothing more than watching people fight and blow stuff up. Despite the fact that his extreme manliness is not often a good way to run a company, it's made clear that he's still incredible at designing weapons and running a TV station.

He designed them all himself! In case you hadn't figured out that the guy who always talks about fire likes fire, Mr. Torgue will gladly shout that fact at you. Can we make a skill tree that actually allows them to understand the game and to play the game?

That's what our attempt with the Best Friends Forever skill tree is. A personal anecdote has been twisted and dogpiled on by sensationalists. It tells the story of how the original four Vault Hunters came to be together at the beginning of Borderlands, filling in their backstory and setting up the events of both games.

When the game was released, customers were able to unlock the files on their hard drives and play the game immediately, without having to wait for the whole game to download. Borderlands 2 was also available for download on the PlayStation Network on its release date for retail price. On November 13,patch 1. The most significant of these is the overpowered "The Bee" shield which was given reduced capabilities and effectiveness.

Codes are released on various social media sites that can be redeemed in the Borderlands 2 main menu for Golden Keys. These open the special Golden Chest that is located in the travel station in Sanctuary. When opened, the chest randomly produces rare equipment of the redeeming player's level.

It is one of few major games from the pre-VR era to have a VR version made. The Borderlands 2 Season Pass allows users who purchase it to access the first four major DLC packs at a reduced cost compared to purchasing them separately as soon as they become available. Also available are two additional character classes Gaige the Mechromancer and Krieg the Psychoan additional area known as the Creature Slaughter Dome, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack which raises the level cap and multiple heads and skins for character customization.

The content was released on October 16, Captain Scarlett, a sand pirate captain, works with the player to search for Captain Blade's Lost Treasure of the Sands, whilst repeatedly informing the player that she will eventually betray them.

It also introduces new raid bosses like "Hyperius the Invincible" and a new hovering vehicle, the Sandskiff, which can only be driven in the DLC areas. The pack received mixed reviews. IGN called it "a good add-on that doesn't quite live up to expectations", criticising the large number of fetch quests and enemies very similar to the ones found in standard Borderlands 2. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage[ edit ] Mr.

Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is the second downloadable content pack and was released on November 20, To find this "champion", Mr. Torgue, spokesman of the Torgue weapons manufacturer, sets up a tournament in which the player character can compete. It features appearances by Tiny Tina and Mad Moxxi.

The new areas also feature a new weapons vending machine, which sells high-end Torgue weapons exclusively and use a new currency called Torgue Tokens. Torgue in particular was interpreted as an homage to wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Joystiq reported the pack's quest to be unexciting and in some cases "downright weak".

However it praised the character of Mr. Torgue, referring to him as "interesting and breathtaking". The title, screenshots, and details were leaked on December 14, IGN found it to be the "weakest add-on Gearbox has put on the table for Borderlands 2 thus far", criticising unfunny dialogue and the new enemy the Witch Doctor, noting that it is "exhausting to the point you're better off saving time and ammunition by running away".

They ultimately gave the pack 6. However conversely, Hinkle praised the Witch Doctors, noting that "aren't unfairly tough, making them perfect for those late-game battles". The world is fantasy-themed, with skeletons, orcs, treants similar to J. Tolkien 's Ents and dragons featuring as enemies, along with appearances by other Borderlands characters as residents in this world such as Handsome Jack, who is portrayed as its villain, the Handsome Sorcerer.

The campaign's frame story surrounds Tiny Tina's struggle to accept the death of Roland.

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Despite the acclaim surrounding the pack, there have been mixed reviews as well, such as the review written by Christian Donlan for Eurogamer. But it is, unsurprisingly, just the kind of trick one of those special long-running TV shows might try to pull now and then — a bit of heavy-handed schmaltz to break up the glib anarchy, a lunge at tonal variation to bring depth to some increasingly harshly delineated cast members.

Is Dragon's Keep fun but lacking surprises? Baha's Bloody Harvest[ edit ] Gearbox planned to release three "Headhunter Packs" by the end of The first was called T.

Baha sends players to fight Jaques O'Lantern, a giant pumpkin boss who gives new character customizations as a reward for being beaten. It was released on October 22, It is a parody of The Hunger Games and Thanksgiving day in which players have to compete in a tournament organised by Mr. Torgue and defeat a giant turkey monster.

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It is about finding Marcus's missing gun shipment train while saving the ex-bandit town of Gingerton from the evil snowman Tinder Snowflake. It is about Mad Moxxi's plan to have two Goliaths, one from the Zafords and one from the Hodunks, to marry and end the war between their families.

A spin on the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Julietit also features new weather effects and some new enemies. The plot introduces Sparky Flynt, son of the boss character Captain Flynt who, along with five other people whose family and friends have been killed by the six new Vault Hunters and seek revenge. Before they can be introduced in person, separate allies of the Vault Hunters kill or in Salvador's case, arrange the death of the five would-be assassins, before Sparky is killed by the Vault Hunters themselves.

Other content[ edit ] Premiere Club: Mechromancer Pack[ edit ] The Premiere Club was a pre-order bonus that comes with golden guns, a relic, a golden key and early access to a fifth playable class, the Mechromancer. The golden key can be redeemed in-game to open a special, golden chest that includes rare guns, shields, or mods.

On October 9,it became publicly available as a downloadable content pack. As of October 17, it was renamed as the Mechromancer Pack. The Mechromancer, later revealed to be named Gaige, was first revealed at PAX East [55] and planned as post-release downloadable content for October 16,but was released on all platforms a week earlier.

It adds a level cap raise from 50 to 61 and a new game mode called the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. This is a third playthrough mode that supersedes playthrough 2. It became available on April 2, It comes as a free download for all players who purchased the Season Pass. Psychos are psychotic enemies fought during the main Borderlands 2 campaign.

He is a primarily melee focused character with an action skill called "Buzz Axe Rampage", which boosts his melee damage and causes him to regain health whenever he kills an enemy. It was released on May 14, and is not included in the Season Pass.