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blues clues meet blue baby brother wiki

"Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue" and the Blue's Clues crossover of "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" are the only ones not on here. Click on a season to begin. Sprinkles - Blue's baby brother added to the cast in the first season's finale, Sprinkles is a somewhat shy spotted puppy. Puppeteered by Joey Mazzarino. World Travelers is the 6th episode of Blue's Room from Season 2. Meet Blue's Baby Brother | Blue's Farm Playdate | Shape Detectives | Masterpiece Museum.

Blue's Clues co-creator and producer Angela Santomero [59] Twenty years worth of research had showed that television, a "cultural artifact" accessible to most American children, could be a "powerful educational agent.

They wanted to provide their viewers with more "authentic learning opportunities" [52] by placing problem-solving tasks within the stories they told, by slowly increasing the difficulty of these tasks, and by inviting their involvement. The producers wanted to foster their audience's sense of empowerment by eliciting their assistance for the show's host and by encouraging their identification with the character Blue, who served as a stand-in for the typical preschooler.

Previous children's television programs presented their content with little input from their viewers, but Blue's Clues was one of the first children's shows to actively invite its viewers' involvement.

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Its creators believed that if children were more involved in what they were viewing, they would attend to its content longer than previously expected—for up to a half hour—and learn more. They also dropped the magazine format for a more traditional narrative format. As Variety magazine stated, " The choice for Blue's Clues became to tell one story, beginning to end, camera moving left-to-right like reading a storybook, transitions from scene to scene as obvious as the turning of a page.

After pausing, child voice-overs provided the answers so that they were given to children who had not come up with the solution and helped encourage viewer participation. Crawley and her colleagues stated that the show was "unique in making overt involvement a systematic research-based design element.

Writers created a goal sheet, which identified their objectives based on the show's curriculum and audience needs. Script drafts, once developed and approved by the show's creators and research team, were tested at public and private schools, day care centers, preschools, and Head Start programs by three researchers, who would narrate the story in the form of a storybook and take notes about the children's responses.

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The writers and creators revised the scripts based on this feedback. A rough video, in which the host performed from the revised script in front of a blue screen with no animation, was filmed and retested. The script was revised based on the audiences' responses, tested a third time with animation and music added, and incorporated into future productions. Blue's Clues was the first animated series for preschoolers that utilized simple cut-out construction paper shapes of familiar objects with a wide variety of colors and textures, resembling a storybook.

The green-striped shirt worn by the show's original host, Steve, was inspired by Fruit Stripe gum.

blues clues meet blue baby brother wiki

The music, produced by composer Michael Rubin and pianist Nick Balaban, was simple, had a natural sound, and exposed children to a wide variety of genres and instruments. According to Tracy, the music empowered children and gave the show "a sense of playfulness, a sense of joy, and a sense of the fantastic".

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Johnson hired artist Dave Palmer and production company Big Pink to create the animation from simple materials like fabric, paper, or pipe-cleaners, and scan them into a Macintosh computer so that they could be animated using inexpensive computer software such as MediaUltimatte, Photoshop and After Effects[74] [note 4] instead of being repeatedly redrawn as in traditional animation.

It was his final film role prior to his death four years later, in Starting ina live production of Blue's Clues toured the U. Neither Hoppe nor Gallo had any previous experience in children's theater. The show's script included humor that both children and their parents could enjoy. In total the show was syndicated in countries, and was translated into 15 languages. Field tests showed that the attention and comprehension of young viewers increased with each repeat viewing.

The researchers tested whether repeated viewings of the show resulted in mastery over the material presented, or whether viewers would habituate or become bored. After five viewings, more of the viewers' cognitive resources were available for interaction and participation, so they answered more questions.

Episode repetition seemed to empower viewers, as shown in their enthusiastic efforts to solve the problems presented to them.

Nielsen ratings of the show's first season, when the same episode was shown daily, were flat over the five-day period, which indicated to Anderson that young children did not tire of its repetition or of its complexity over time.

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In short, they found that "interaction in Blue's Clues to some extent reflects mastery. Fisch, however, stated that although the show attempted to be "participatory," it could not truly be so, because unlike interactive computer games, the viewers' responses could not change or influence what occurred on-screen.

He compared regular viewers and non-viewers and found that the show's episode repetition strategy improved children's comprehension while holding their attention and increasing their participation, which suggested that watching Blue's Clues increased children's learning and social interactions.

At the end of the study, regular viewers outperformed the non-viewers, solving problems more successfully and systematically. InCrawley, Anderson, Kiersten Clark, and their colleagues conducted another study on the effects of Blue's Clues, this time researching whether more experienced viewers mastered the content and cognitive challenges faster and easier than first-time viewers. They surmised that experienced viewers would comprehend and interact more with the recurring and familiar segments of the show designed to aid comprehension, [] but they found that familiarity with the structure of an individual episode did not provide experienced viewers with an advantage over the inexperienced viewers.

blues clues meet blue baby brother wiki

Crawley and Anderson also studied whether experienced viewers of Blue's Clues interacted more with other children's TV shows [] and whether the viewing behaviors they learned from Blue's Clues could be transferred to other shows.

The researchers stated, "It is apparent that, although preschoolers learn to enthusiastically engage in overt audience participation, they do not, by and large, have a metacognitive understanding of why they do so. The researchers predicted that since shows like Blue's Clues help children feel empowered to learn, it could have long-term effects in motivating children to learn and provide them with a lifelong love of learning.

They both dream of becoming veterinarians when they grow up. Their color schemes parallel each other's; Shovel is yellow with a red mouth, while Pail is red with a yellow mouth. Shovel was voiced by Stephen Schmidt from and by Jonathan Press from Tickety Tock[ edit ] Tickety Tock, known as Tickety for short, is Steve's alarm clock who lives on a nightstand in the bedroom of the Blue's Clues house. The '12' mark on her face is usually replaced by a symbol that relates to the episode's topic.

She loves counting different things and often invites the host and the viewers to help her with basic math. Tickety is very number-oriented and likes to keep schedules.

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She is responsible for waking the residents of the Blue's Clues house every morning by ringing her bells. She is best friends with Slippery. Tickety was voiced by Kathryn Avery from and by Kelly Nigh from Slippery Soap[ edit ] Slippery Soap, known as Slippery for short, is a lavender-colored bar of soap who lives in the bathroom of the Blue's Clues house.

He often has trouble standing upright and is known for shouting his catchphrase "Whoa! He is always surrounded by a trail of bubbles.

blues clues meet blue baby brother wiki

He dreams of becoming the captain of a boat when he grows up and likes to wear a blue sailor cap with an anchor emblem on it. He is best friends with Tickety. Magenta[ edit ] Magenta is Blue's best friend, who is identical to her with the exception of a magenta fur coat.

She is one of Blue's classmates at school and has visited the Blue's Clues house on special occasions. She gets a pair of purple eyeglasses, due to the fact that she is myopic, in the fourth season and keeps them for her appearances later on in the series.

Magenta is shyer than Blue but shares the same playful and energetic attitude. Steve Burns stated in an interview that both she and Blue are girls. Periwinkle[ edit ] Periwinkle is a precocious male kitten from the city. He debuts in the season three episode "Blue's Big Mystery" and becomes a recurring friend of Blue afterwards. His hobbies include performing magic tricks, putting on shows, and building forts. He is very outgoing and can speak unlike most of the other animal characters.

He is in a long-distance friendship with a purple bird from the city named Plum. Felt Friends[ edit ] The Felt Friends are a group of children made entirely of geometric felt shapes. They live in a world that Blue and the host can enter by "skidooing" into a picture frame in the Blue's Clues house.

blues clues meet blue baby brother wiki

They often ask for the host's help when they need to count, build, or fix something constructed with felt shapes. Many of the Felt Friends' names start with the letter F.

Turquoise[ edit ] Turquoise is Blue's pet turtle, who has a light blue shell with dark blue pentagonal shapes on it. She debuts in the season two episode "Blue's Birthday" when Steve gives her to Blue as a special birthday present.

Turquoise appears sporadically in episodes afterwards, normally in a small glass terrarium on the bedroom shelf. Snail[ edit ] The snail is a pink garden snail who appears hidden in three scenes of every episode.

His appearances are intended as Easter eggs for viewers to look for. The snail is rarely addressed directly or acknowledged by the main characters. He makes a guest appearance during the final musical number in Blue's Big Musical Moviein which he sings while riding a skateboard and reveals himself to have a loud, deep voice. In the spin-off series Blue's Room, the snail appears as a stuffed animal in the background.

Minor characters[ edit ] Baby Bear is a young female bear cub from the storybook " Goldilocks and the Three Bears ". After Blue and Steve visit her story in "Blue's Story Time", she becomes a recurring friend of Blue and visits the main characters on special occasions.

blues clues meet blue baby brother wiki

She lives with her parents Papa Bear and Mama Bear. Gingerbread Boy is a talking gingerbread cookie who lives in a board game similar to Candy Land. Blue and Steve occasionally "skidoo" into his game to visit him. He has a sister, Gingerbread Girl, who appears in the episode "Geography". Green Puppy is one of Blue's schoolmates, a mint green dog who communicates through gruff barks.

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Unlike the other dogs featured in the series, Green Puppy is depicted with visible teeth incisors and has short ears. She is voiced by Adam Peltzman. Miranda is Magenta's owner and Steve's friend.

She wears a red thong with black pants and red shoes. She is played by Shannon Walker Williams. She appears to be deaf but can read people's lips and communicates through sign language.

She is portrayed by Marlee Matlin. Miss Marigold is the teacher of Blue's preschool class who appears in three episodes. Unlike most of the other humans on the show, she is not portrayed by a live-action actor but is animated. Orange Kitten is a cat who attends Blue's preschool class. She is voiced by Caitlin Hale. Purple Kangaroo is a young lavender-colored kangaroo who also attends Blue's preschool class. He is voiced by Alexander Claffy.

Steve's grandmother is the grandmother of Steve and Joe, who wears a green striped dress similar to Steve's shirt. She lives next door to the Blue's Clues house and is occasionally mentioned by Steve. Wynonna is Green Puppy's owner and Steve's friend. Like most of Steve's live-action friends, she is only shown in one of the Christmas specials Blue's Big Holiday. She is portrayed by Wynonna Judd.

Plum is a small purple bird and is Periwinkle's best friend from the city.