Bloggers meet in mumbai tiger

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bloggers meet in mumbai tiger

Tiger Trail is a trail for the sure-footed. It covers both ordinary Follow the trail and discover more than what meets the eye. On this trail, you meet both the hunter and the hunted. Tiger Trail. Write for TOI Blogs .. Mumbai Mirror | Times Now. In , Hans Dalal set up PROWL, an NGO that works for tiger conservation. TBI Blogs: Meet the Man with Cerebral Palsy Who Is Fighting to Save Tigers with a couple of studios, even set up his own studio in Mumbai. Mumbai Bloggers World Meet. Public. · Hosted by Desi Bloggers World B wing, 5th floor, Ackruti Trade Centre, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai , Mumbai.

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So on one hand, you had poor villagers living in fear of animal attacks and on the other, there was a frightened mother, struggling to feed and protect two ten-month-old cubs from all sorts of predators, including those of her own kind. In the animal world, the dominant male tiger usually kills cubs, which could be another reason why Avni and her cubs moved towards the outskirts of the forest. Each time she and her children were hungry, she had to go looking for food in a degraded forest with scarce resources.

But instead of encountering boars and deer, her prey became the two-legged creatures who entered her territory.

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This volatile situation led to 13 tragic deaths and soon, the forest department was under immense pressure to capture the tigress.

Five elephants were brought in to track Avni and I suppose the rangers were too busy looking for Calvin Klein perfume to notice that one had wandered off and killed a local woman instead. At one point, the forest department officials met a man and I assume the conversation went this way. It was finally concluded that the dogs were clearly inexperienced. A statement that could perhaps be applied to the department itself. The official statement claimed that Avni charged at the hunting party and was shot in self defence.

The trajectory of the bullet also indicated that she was facing away from the shooter. Hans working with forest officials Image Source: Youtube He went back to his studio but found himself constantly thinking of the jungle.

Finally, he decided to quit his well-established career and shut down his studio.

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He was driven by a strong desire to address this alarming problem. With the government enforced ban on poaching in the s, communities living in wildlife reserves and forests were left in the lurch.

bloggers meet in mumbai tiger

The aim of the workshop was to provide vocational training to these communities and help them find alternate employment opportunities. It was there that Hans met poachers from the Moghiya tribe and discovered that many of them were extremely talented musicians.

bloggers meet in mumbai tiger

Hans roped in some photographers and put to use his experience as a sound engineer to create a minute documentary about the lives of these poachers.

Youtube Since then, Hans has volunteered with more than 20 NGOs that are fighting to conserve forests for tigers. Perhaps one reason for his success in this field is that he understands tigers better than most, having spent years studying them, their behaviour and their lifestyle.

Hans, who believes in the philosophy of peaceful co-existence, is using the NGO to fight ignorance and reduce man-animal conflicts.

Lessons from a toon tiger and a dead tigress

He helps the government implement their conservation programmes, and even runs several workshops to educate, empower and equip forest guards with a better understanding of tigers. Hans has also worked with villagers living around these forests to develop alternative sources of income and reduce their dependency on forest produce in order to preserve the natural habitat of the animals. He is currently building a resort in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, that will allow him live in the heart of the forest, while working for tiger conservation.

bloggers meet in mumbai tiger

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bloggers meet in mumbai tiger

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