Blaine wilson integrity gymnastics meet

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blaine wilson integrity gymnastics meet

Blaine Wilson Sportsfest. Start, End, Host, Meet Website, Gymnasts. , , Integrity Gymnastics and Cheerleading, 2 reviews of Integrity Gymnastics "My son does recreational classes at Even though I meet with Sandra to improve my volleyball skill set, I always get elated time National Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist, Blaine Wilson, in late Integrity Mobility Meet · December 11, Integrity Plain City, OH Who? Those who 12 Gymnastics Central · January 15 Blaine Wilson Sportsfest.

I think we did overtrain just a little bit too much. I expected a whole lot of things to happen and was pushing to make things happen. I got a lot of media. I think I let a lot of that get to me. Instead of focusing on what I had to do, I believed it had already happened.

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Before I knew it, the Games were over. I should have done so many different things. Inyou finally got that Olympic silver medal as a team veteran. I was only fortunate enough to compete in two of six events in the team final — parallel bars and still rings [solid 9. I remember getting to the last event, and I had to watch my teammates on high bar.

blaine wilson integrity gymnastics meet

I sat with my back to the high bar. All I did was cheer based on how my teammates were reacting. It made me sick and happy at the same time. Who was your favorite fellow competitor? Still to this day. He taught me a lot about being passionate and wearing the American flag on your heart. Internationally, I looked forward to competing against everybody. I hated competing against Russia, but I respected them. China, they were always smiling at us, unless things were really going south and they were sour.

Japan never really showed any emotion. But I got a chance to go on tour with him, and he was a whole different cat. Watching Nemov in his heyday, there was nobody touching him.

blaine wilson integrity gymnastics meet

Blaine Wilson hugs Paul Hamm after the U. What was it like being a part of U. Lisa Wolfe Riding the subway alone by age Moving away from home at age Making the Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Team by age Aliane Baquerot has done it all.

Having moved away from home at the age of 14, she had to grow up at a much faster pace than the average teen.

Blaine Wilson

Riding the subway by herself at age 11 and going from dance practice to dance practice and leaving her home at age 14 to train for the Summer Olympics, she learned a lot. Things have changed a bit for this Olympian. Since settling in Columbus, Baquerot has led a busy life, helping out with the rhythmic gymnastics team at the newly opened Integrity Gymnastics and Cheerleading with her fellow Olympian husband, Blaine Wilson.

Baquerot feels like her biggest success in life so far has been accomplished within the last year: Like many first-time moms, she read every what-to-expect book on the market just wanting to make sure she got it right. The Wilson household is always chaotic, just the way she likes it. How did Blaine propose? You were married during the Tour of Gymnastics Superstars on a detour in Reno…Was it a spur of the moment kind of thing?

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When we saw each other again inthere was an instant reconnection. What was your favorite movie to work in? Working with Tony Bennet was amazing. Favorite Broadway show you were in? Now that you are married, what is your perfect date night? Your son just turned one. How was the first year of motherhood? Harder or easier than expected? I read every single what-to-expect book.

I mean every book you could read I read including everything on the Internet. I got very lucky. How was it getting back into shape after your pregnancy? What is your routine?

For me, I fell out of shape. I started working out at home on my own and now I work out with a trainer twice a week.

And other than getting back in shape, I just feel better. Is she having so much fun with her new little brother? I definitely consider her my daughter as well; to me, there is not a difference. Are you taking time off from dancing to raise your son?

blaine wilson integrity gymnastics meet

Do you plan on going back to Broadway any time soon? How has your life changed since your Broadway days? I mean you do the show at night.

You get done at Everything is focused around that one show. The last one I did was Christmas Carol that came out last Christmas, but no that was the last one I shot. What is your favorite childhood tradition that you hope to pass on to your kids? Well, I think one of the things that was very important to me growing up was sitting down to eat dinner as a family every night.

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What is the usual mood of the Baquerot-Wilson household? There is definitely a lot going on. Nobody sits still in that house. Who is your hero? Where is your favorite place that you have traveled? I went to Sydney and just had a blast. The first time I went was for the Olympics and just hung out and watched. And the second time was when my sister lived there.