Bizzle ends meet phrase

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bizzle ends meet phrase

make ends meet definition: 1. to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need 2. to have enough money to buy what you need to live. Learn more. 7 Comments Posted by legalbizzle on May 27, the end of 12 February for the number of calls meeting or failing to meet targets in . All of this is by way of saying that this blog is going to become even more occasional than it already is. Make ends meet - budget tightly - the metaphor was originally to do The phrase is also known in the form to make both ends of the year meet.

Such cases are then reported to the PCT and changed accordingly on the internal management systems. This promotes greater transparency and does not constitute the wrongful alteration of data, it said.

There is no scandal to these alterations, or at least not the scandal that is presented to us. In any outsourcing contract the service provider will be obliged to perform in accordance with specified targets.

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In this case, those targets evidently include response times for calls requiring home attendance by medical staff, with the required response times being dependent on priority assigned to each call. Now, the fees charged by the service provider to the purchaser will be calculated on the basis of certain agreed inputs and assumptions. For a service performed using actual people in this case, GPs and other medical staffthe most important input is likely to be the number of employees required to run the service in accordance with the required targets.

For a service where demand varies in a relatively unpredictable way in this case it is the number of people requiring medical attention in any given periodthe number of employees required to meet the targets will fluctuate in an equally unpredictable way. In practice, however, it will be very difficult to flex the number of employees at short notice because of the specialist nature of the work. For a service of this nature, therefore, we would expect the service provider to either employ enough staff so that any foreseeable level of demand can be met, or to miss the performance targets with reasonable frequency.

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The first of those options is expensive, and therefore unacceptable to the commissioning PCT. There is also a practical problem of finding enough medically qualified staff in the first place, and then retaining them when they end up playing cards for half their shift.

But the second option is unacceptable to potential service providers. Who wants to bid for a contract where there is every chance of losing money because of the frequency with which penalties must be paid? What happens in practice, then, is that the PCT and the service provider agree an assumed demand for the service.

bizzle ends meet phrase

If the actual number of patients calling for a home visit matches that assumed demand or falls below itthen the performance targets can be met and penalties will be paid by the service provider if they are not. If the actual number of patients calling for a home visit during a specific period exceeds the assumed demand, however, the service provider is relieved from the obligation to meet the performance targets for that period.

Surrounded by government buildings and overlooked by statues of Nelson Mandela, Winson Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, protesters kettled in Parliament Square had little else to do but chant, smash windows, and make their own entertainment.

Lots of other music has cropped up as a soundtrack to the student protest movement, but none of it provoked a reaction like this soundsystem. What was extraordinary about this was the same thing that was extraordinary about the presence of thousands of unders on the protest: No one had organised them, or expected them to protest, just as no one had programmed this playlist; instead requests were called out, the jack swapped from one teen's MP3 player to another.

DJs used to say to me, 'I don't know what to play to follow that record — it's too much. It's like a volcano erupting. For Bizzle, Pow's riotous energy is a source of great pride — especially now that energy has a physical manifestation again. You've got thousands of people running around, destroying London — and you're meant to be the prime minister.

bizzle ends meet phrase

Inas leader of the opposition, Cameron addressed Radio 1's playing of hip-hop and grime with the kind of nuanced understanding of art we've come to expect from Conservative MPs: Bizzle responded in a Guardian article memorably headlined "David Cameron is a donut", and the spat continued in a Cameron-penned piece in the Mail on Sunday which accused the MC of "talking rubbish". You're a millionaire guy in a suit, your life is good — you can't relate. We're the real prime ministers of this country.

It developed a fearsome reputation inbecoming an entirely novel club phenomenon: They had fuck-all else to do. It would have been completely unthinkable as recently as two years ago, but the Radio 1 playlist this week features singles by five different grime MCs — four on the priority A-list.

bizzle ends meet phrase

And yet those hits are a million miles from the delirious rebel energy of Pow! Grime is still a genre the corporates don't understand, and don't have any control over. And that's the most important thing in their world: But the whole dance and enjoyment side, the club side, just got taken away. The same Metropolitan Police force kettling the kids in Parliament Square were responsible for the use and misuse of Forma piece of paperwork described as "draconian" and "absurd" by John Whittingdale, the Tory MP tasked with looking into it — he recommended it be scrapped inbut by then it was too late.

It had been used to target black music nights in London "Is there a particular ethnic group attending? He calls back immediately: When you're on stage it's a different kind of feeling, but that video, with nothing pre-arranged, just seeing it from the outside looking in, you're actually seeing how they really feel about your music.

Singing along word for word, rewinding it — it's inspirational. We don't even realise how powerful we are.