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bellarmine speech meet

Over sixty years later, the Bellarmine Speech League continues to flourish. Students in grades are able to participate in speech meets during the school . Parent's Letter. Dear Parents,. The speech meet in which your child will. Helpful Hints for Coaches. 1. Students should like their speeches. A student.

The classroom walls cannot be used as a prop.

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Anything you were born with, such as eyes, ears, hair, and toes may be used as a prop. Each participating school, as a requirement of membership in the League, must host a Meet or assist another school in hosting a meet on a rotating basis.

Schools are expected to host one meet every three years.

bellarmine speech meet

Schools with two teams are expected to host two meets in a three year period. Child Abuse Prevention Program: Read and Sign the Code of Ethical Conduct 3. Complete a background check. Attendance is mandatory at the October Business Meeting. If any school will not be able to participate in an upcoming meet, they must notify one of the Board members in charge of their meet at least two weeks before the meet date. If a school will not be able to provide a judge for a scheduled meet, the coach must notify one of the Board members in charge of the meet at least two weeks before the meet date.

The school will be able to attend the meet without a judge only if given approval by a Board member in charge of their meet. Any changes in annual dues will be recommended by the Board at the October Business meeting. A dues increase must be approved by a majority vote of the League membership. An adult from a member school who knows and is known by the children MUST accompany the team and be responsible for the children.

This adult must stay with the children until the end of the meet until they are all picked up. If a child is left unattended at a meet, the principal of that school will be notified. If it occurs a second time, the school will not be allowed to participate in the next meet, even if it is the Final Meet.

Doors to all Meets open at 9: Round I will begin at approximately Round II will begin approximately 30 minutes after the final bell of Round I.

No participant, judge, or timekeeper may leave the premises between rounds. The Bellarmine League will not be responsible for lost or stolen property at any meet. Each participant, judge, and timekeeper will bring a sack lunch to be eaten in a designated area. The host school will provide a drink for each participant and judge. Three regular meets and one Final Meet are held each year. Overtime speeches will be allowed to finish.

A deduction of one 1 point is mandatory for an under time or overtime speech. Inform the judge when a speech has run under the minimum of 3 minutes or over the maximum of 7 minutes.

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Record the time of each speech on the Time Sheet. Take completed ballots to the office in a sealed envelope along with the Time Sheet.

bellarmine speech meet

After the ballots are cut apart in the office, the Timekeeper will return the top portion of the ballots to the judge for distribution. Arrange the room in proper order after each round of speeches.

bellarmine speech meet

Each school shall provide an eligible judge for each meet. Call roll of participants. Fairly evaluate and comment upon speeches d. Send entire ballot to office after judging the last speaker.

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Refuse entry of any unauthorized person after the round bell has rung. Do not permit anyone to leave the room during the round. Maintain order in the room during the entire round. Do not discuss scores with participants. Remind the children that eye contact is important not only with the judges, but also with the rest of the audience when it fits. Make sure the speeches are cut to under seven 7 minutes.

One chair may be used in Humorous or Serious speeches. You may not stand on the chair. A 1-point deduction should be made in the Visual section for standing on the chair.

bellarmine speech meet

One table and two chairs may be used in Duets. Do not stand, sit, or lie on the table. Do not stand on the chairs. A 1-point deduction should be made in the Visual section for standing, sitting, or lying on the table. Also working in front of a mirror will often make a child more aware of his actions or facial expressions. Try to give each member of the team an opportunity to perform in front of an audience before the meet.

It might also give you an opportunity to receive some fresh insights from other teachers on what could be improved. Explain to the students, before they go to the meet, the judging procedures. Show them a sample ballot — it will lessen tension before the meet.

All actions should be an integral part of the speech, seeming to flow naturally with what is said.