Bad grandpa meet billy graham

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bad grandpa meet billy graham

He is widely considered America's greatest pastor, but Billy Graham refused to take a clear stand against the greatest moral evil America faced. You can see Nicoll and Knoxville in action, now that "Bad Grandpa" is [Related: 'Bad Grandpa,' Worse Grandkid: Meet the 9-Year-Old Who. Billy Graham became known as "America's pastor" by refusing to pick a political side while reaching out to other Franklin Graham, isn't practicing what his father preached. Remembering Billy Graham on Meet the Press.

bad grandpa meet billy graham

I grew up in Seabrook, New Hampshire. It's a very small town. Did your parents have another name for you if you turned out to be the opposite gender? I'm mad because I love Michael Jordan and it's too late to change it!

bad grandpa meet billy graham

Do you have a nickname? My middle name is Tek and last name Nicoll. When and how did you realize you wanted to become an actor?

bad grandpa meet billy graham

When I was little I thought it was for girls. What was the first movie you ever saw? Why do you remember it? I have watched it like one hundred times but I still scream when he kills people.

Do you have pets? What kind and name? I have a black lab named Disney. She is wicked lazy. She won't even catch a ball, but she will eat them. I also breed fish, but a lot of them died when we lost power in a storm. What rock star in history would you most like to hang with?

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

What would you do? Michael Jackson is the only one I know.

bad grandpa meet billy graham

Maybe he would give me singing lessons or take me out for lobster. What's your biggest pet peeve? She is the red devil. The freedom to grab young girls by the genitals?

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The freedom to discriminate against people of color in the sale and rental of real estate? The freedom to slander people with accusations of criminal conduct based on absolutely no evidence?

bad grandpa meet billy graham

By my count, the above violate at least four of the Ten Commandments you will find those in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy-both in the Bible. All kidding aside, you might be right about God putting Donald Trump in the White House-though your reasons for so believing are probably different from what I might conjecture.

Still, how do you know that? Where did you get this info? I have to hand it to you, Frank, you sure do have the connections. As I am sure you know, God does not consult with us small church pastors on weighty issues of that kind.

So it was kind of you to leak this classified intelligence to all of us who are evidently a good deal further away from the divine pipeline. So let me see if I have this figured out correctly: Nor is God particularly concerned about how men treat women in the workplace, how people of color are treated in the real estate market, how the hungry and homeless are cared for or notbut God flips out if we bake a cake for a same sex couple to celebrate their wedding?

I have to be honest with you, Frank. Not in the Bible, not in the realm of rational common sense.

Where Billy Graham 'missed the mark' - CNN

We small church pastors have to rely on the Bible for our intel. I got this stuff from the Gospel of Matthew, 25th Chapter to be precise. As I said, that, too, is in the Bible. You should read it sometime.

You know, Frank, I would like to think that we are brothers. I would like to believe that we are on the same side. I would like to believe that, beneath our differences, we worship the same God and follow the same Savior. Yes, I will answer your call for prayer. But I will be praying for the real victims of persecution-the victims of racial discrimination, sexual violence and bullying.

I will answer your call to action.