Art mat swap meet smithsonian museum

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art mat swap meet smithsonian museum

The American Art Museum will host its second Art-o-mat® swap meet on Saturday, July 26 in collaboration with Artists in Cellophane. Artists will. Tucked away on the third floor of the Smithsonian American Art Museum is a small vending machine. But this doesn't serve soda or candy–stick. Art-o-mat® 15th Anniversary Swap Meet. Public. · Hosted by Clark Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery. G St NW, Washington.

Rachel Ourada in her studio.

art mat swap meet smithsonian museum

Photo courtesy of the artist. Artists will gather in our Luce Foundation Center from all over the country for an afternoon of meet and greets, artist demoes, and artpak making. My neighbor, Scott Blakeis an artist and fills the machines in Omaha, Nebraska.

We met in when the city tore up a main street in our neighborhood.

Art-o-Mat Swap Meet, Take 2 | Smithsonian Institution

Thanks to the lack of traffic, we met and started talking. My primary medium is the fabric button. I design my own fabric to create unique pieces of jewelry and accessories.

Making fabric buttons takes lots of cutting, patience, and teeny tiny parts. I start every design digitally, and those designs are then transferred to fabric. It's important to me that I use only my custom fabric.

It is what sets me apart, and it allows me to create unusual designs that haven't been seen before.

art mat swap meet smithsonian museum

I also do small runs of hand sculpted thumbs and tentacles. I like working with Sculpey. I love working with the bright colors, some of which glow in the dark. I accent these tiny sculptures with enamel paint and bits of chain.

20 Years of Art-o-mat

They aren't functional; they are partially decorative and completely weird. Around 30 participating artists will be on hand to provide short demos of their work and mingle with you, fellow Art-o-mat enthusiasts!

The Luce Center will provide art and craft supplies so you can create your very own artpaks to swap with your friends and family.

Recently, we snagged a few minutes of Clark's time to ask him a few questions about the Swap Meet. Where did the idea to do the swap meet come from?

art mat swap meet smithsonian museum

Artists set up tables like a small crafts fair. That is when we noticed that artists would swap their arto work with each other and then go home with a small collection.

20 Years of Art-o-mat

In our 5th anniversary we had our first official swap meet. What is your best swap meet memory? Each one is unique and special things happen. But, I have to say that the energy of arto artists meeting sometimes for the first time is a very unique thing. What are you most looking forward to about having the event that the American Art Museum?

Well, the American Art Museum is a wonderful host with a beautiful space. But, I feel that it will be nice to move beyond our home base for our 15th [anniversary].

Joan Lunden Behind Closed Doors: Smithsonian Museum

Also, having more regional swaps over time would be nice as not all artists can afford to travel. So, this will be a nice test run.

art mat swap meet smithsonian museum