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Michael Strelzik, , Harvard, MA, , , , , , Vermont Raw State Records, R-JR, , Bench press single lift. APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash “15” Results – IL 7// PDF – Excel AAPF-APF Snake River Powerlift, Bench Press, and Deadlift Championships. Degrees, PR's, records, Grades, all of that stuff in the end doesn't really matter. It's not like I'm walking around in life with all that stuff in my back.

Others rely on the use of a weighted vest, which is worn while performing certain exercises that are typically aimed at improving functions such as bending, reaching, lifting, and rising from a seated position. As we age, muscle power ebbs even more swiftly than strength does.

Fred Thrall turned 70 and set powerlifting records

So exercises that can produce gains in power become especially important later in life. Putting it into practice: They can be done at home or on the road, and require no special equipment. Chair stand Exercises the muscles of the abdomen, hips, front thighs, and buttocks Position a chair so that its back is resting against a wall. Place a small pillow upright at the back of the chair. Sit at the front of the chair, knees bent, feet flat on the floor and slightly apart. Lean back on the pillow in a half-reclining position with your arms crossed and your hands on your shoulders.

Keeping your back and shoulders straight, raise your upper body forward until you are sitting upright. Stand up slowly, using your hands as little as possible. Slowly sit back down. Aim for eight to 12 repetitions.

Rest for a minute or so and repeat the set. Change the move slightly for the last set by rising from the chair quickly. Sit down again at a normal pace. Bridge Exercises the muscles of the back, back thighs, and buttocks Lie on your back on a towel or mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands next to your hips with palms flat on the floor. Keep your back straight as you lift your buttocks as high as you can off the mat, using your hands for balance only.

Lower your buttocks without touching the mat, then lift again.

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Do eight to 12 repetitions. Rest and repeat the set. Triceps dip Exercises the muscles of the back upper arms, chest, and shoulders Put a chair with armrests up against a wall. Thrall, of Boulder, jokes that he waited until he was in the year-old age group to have a better chance of ranking high.

But for any age, his numbers were notable.

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People naturally lose muscle as they age. Harvard University says the average man loses up to 5 percent of muscle mass every decade, starting at age 30; most men lose about 30 percent of muscle mass as they age. NASA is generally considered one of the top-three powerlifting federations, and it emphasizes drug-free weightlifting. Competitive powerlifting consists of three exercises: Thrall was a record-setter for squats and deadlifts in his class mens' unequipped, pound weight class in the and-up age group.

He didn't compete in bench press, due to an injured shoulder. For the squat, the NASA national record set in in his class was about pounds. Thrall moved about pounds. Powerlifting measures in kilograms, so the weight in pounds is approximate.

For a deadlift, the national record was about pounds for years — until this spring, when someone lifted Thrall got about pounds, which didn't break the national record but did rewrite the Colorado state record.

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It was right there at my max. One of the trickiest parts was losing 15 pounds no sugar, no carbs other than veggies, for more than two years so he could compete in the pound weight class, without losing muscle — and without getting injured. That could derail the entire plan. Most training was remote, but Thrall flew to work out in person every six months. He says Gallagher's advice helped him perfect his form, thereby minimizing the risk of injury, as he worked out four days per week, consistently gaining strength.