Annabeths friends meet percy fanfic

annabeths friends meet percy fanfic

Read Percy- Annabeth's Friends from the story Meet Percabeth by KristineD25 Meet Percabeth. Fanfiction. The normal/cliché meet the demigods but mostly. Annabeth was really tired,and the last thing she wanted was her mortal friends coming to her curse. friends. humor. jackson. labyrinth. olympians. percabeth. percy. school Mortals Meet Percabeth (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by riversxng. Fanfiction. Annabeth Chase had a few mortal friends from San Fran. happens when they play truth or dare in Annabeth's house, and Percy is brought up?.

She stayed at the school from Monday through Friday and went home for the weekends. When exactly do I get to meet your alleged boyfriend?

I covered for you. Don't worry, in return for me being such an awesome friend, you can introduce me to this 'Percy' you always talk about. Annabeth sighed, changing into her pajamas and getting ready for bed. Pierre you were in the bathroom, most likely with your monthly. They grabbed the school book they would need for the day and headed down to breakfast. On their way to class, they ran into someone Annabeth usually tried to avoid: Lilah's father was very important in the business world.

So Lilah had money, but that wasn't all. She also had looks. Her hair was at least five shades lighter than Annabeth's and naturally straight. She had a body that would look good in anything, even a potato sack. But that was where the positives ended, because on the inside, Lilah was meaner than a Minotaur, and today was no exception.

Annabeth, who did not was any trouble so early in the morning, just nodded her head and tried not to let that annoying nickname get to her. Lilah used it for her amusement and Annabeth's irritation. Annabeth elbowed her and she quickly stopped coughing.

Annabeth looked up innocently at Lilah. Skylar rounded on Annabeth. You do know that Brady comes to pick Lilah up almost every day right?

And he didn't come yesterday, so he'll surely be there today. You do know that right? I mean, it's not so smart to lie to Lilah, 'cause she'll just get you back, you know? I'm perfectly aware of that. I have a plan. Skylar cocked her head to the side, "You mean, I finally get to meet Percy? At four, the dismissal bell rang. Since it was a Friday, all the students headed out the main doors to go home. Annabeth and Skylar followed the crowd out to the front of the school.

It was a sunny day. As Annabeth walked out, the sun momentarily blinded her. I've never seen him before. Wow, all the girls are about to attack him. Hey, that's weird, he's with Brady. He must be Brady's friend. I told you Brady would be here!

Meeting Percy, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Then, she started digging through her messy bag to find her sunglasses. And to compare that to looking for a needle in a haystack would not be exaggerating. Looks like a convertible. It looks like the sea. She brought them over her eyes and blinked a few times, adjusting to the light.

She then grabbed her friend's arm, dragging her. Let's go find Percy! Why are they all crowded here? Is there something special going on that I missed? Shaking the thought away, Annabeth led Skylar toward the place where she had told Percy to wait. After many "excuse me's" and "I need to get through's", Annabeth and Skylar finally made it to the front of the big fountain in front of KISS.

A tall guy with dark black hair was leaning against a brand new car. He had shades over his eyes along with a bored expression. Across from him was another guy, but with dirty blonde hair.

annabeths friends meet percy fanfic

He was playing with a lighter. Annabeth dropped Skylar's arm and ran towards the dark-haired boy.

annabeths friends meet percy fanfic

She stood in front of him. I must have knocked him out, I was about to check on him when Annabeth came running up and checked on Percy she looked really worried. She gave me a harsh glare and fed him something. After about a minute he opened his eyes looking dazed.

I muttered and apology, probably looking flustered and ran off. As I was running I remembered about my plan I'll have to tomorrow. As I was walking a big dog was running down the street towards the school. I wondered who's it was. A few minutes later, I was on my bed on my phone texting ben Stupid Teacher who does he think he is giving me detention- Derek.

Kay Gl then Bai-Ben. I looked out my window and saw Annabeth and Percy chasing that dog from earlier. When I opened the door Percy was their bare shirt he had toned abs unlike me. He blushed then asked what I wanted "I came to see Annabeth" he looked at me questionably. Just then Annabeth came down the stairs her hair curled a few framing her face and her grey eyes watching me curiously. She blushed when she saw what Percy was wearing or should I say not wearing.

At that time he ran back upstairs Hopefully to cover up his chest. I don't trust him here on his own" Ugh. When I asked Annabeth all she said was "Percy". Halfway both Annabeth and Percy went to the bath room but came back with a bits of gold dusk and them and Percy Had a few cuts on his arm that I swore weren't there earlier.

Annabeth then fed Percy some gold scare thing and his cuts started to heal.