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andrew young ymca swim meet

A beginner class for our young archers on . The Fairfield YMCA FLYFINS Swim Team focuses on developing the whole swimmer, and. Although an association of young men meeting around a common purpose was Luther King Jr., novelist Jack Kerouac, and U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young. In addition to helping youth feel safe around water, swim activities develop kids'. The Community YMCA's Aquarockets swim team captured 2nd "Our young people achieved remarkable results," he said. 7th Place, Yard Freestyle Relay- Matt D'Elia, Hunter Adams, Andrew Heyt, Theo Rennard.

Buschgin succeeded him and served one year. Other staff members were Roy S.

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Templeton, business; George E. Tapp, physical director in charge of the dormitory, office, and social programs. The work of the YMCA continued to be divided into departments and divisions. In eighteen Bible classes for boys were conducted in the spring.

YMCA Swim Team Practice

A large Bible class was maintained for men. There were several types of membership. Many boys were unable to pay their own fees so others could purchase memberships for them. By annual fees were the following: Spartanburg businesses recognized and appreciated the work of their YMCA and responded to its maintenance.

What was there to do at the Y in the 's? There is now no excuse for any man or boy in Spartanburg being lonesome. Good friends and good fellowship are to be had in abundance at the YMCA. These games are growing in popularity among our many members and residents. At the end of the day fifteen minutes in the gym, ten minutes in an exhilarating game, then a shower and a dip in the pool, and a rub down will make your grocery bill go up and your earning capacity, too.

If you do not know how to swim, we will be glad to teach you. Each patron is required to take a soap bath before entering it.

The water in the 45, gallon pool is changed twice a week and the sides and bottom scrubbed. The Southern Bureau of Analysis tests the water for infection twice a week and every precaution is taken to keep the place clean and sanitary. We take pleasure in announcing the opening of gymnasium classes and other recreative features for the fall and winter season on Monday, September The gymnasium has been thoroughly cleaned and painted from ceiling to floor and looks good.

To match this clean gym, we would like to suggest clean gym suits, or if the old one is in the last stages of defabrication buy a new one. This is a class of busy business men who want to go so be here at the appointed time. You may consider yourself lucky. You got in just in time. The class limit of forty was reached long ago and there are dozens of good fellows asking to be let in. Better make a standing engagement with yourself for this and let nothing pull you away.

You will help us considerably if you will mail or bring checks when you come. Pugh of Wofford College conducted this class in public speaking. Other classes included salesmanship and commercial law.

Each of the clubs has its officers and is a distinct unit of an international brotherhood of the H-Y movement. Each member of the entire membership is placed on a committee and is pledged to give at least one hour a week in service to some other boy or group of boys in the city. Hastoc School educated an exclusive clientele of boys under the direction of Professor Hugh T.

Boys are not encouraged to spend much time at the building outside their regular class period hours. Parents are requested to keep their boys away from the building as much as possible, except at the scheduled hours or when something special is planned for them. We believe the home is the place for these boys at night. All midgets will go on a hike.

We will leave the YMCA at 9: We will get back to the Y about 2: For particulars call Mr.

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The tourney will open Monday with the preliminaries and the finals are scheduled to be held Friday. Any youngsters who wish to participate in the matches are to see Mr. The total paid membership resulted in a new total of over members.

Twenty-eight memberships were sign-ups at the facility. Woodworth led the entire field with twenty-five new memberships. The campaign continued throughout the rest of the year in hopes of reaching a goal of members.

Depression Years in Spartanburg County The Association experienced a period of what might be termed a depression from until when it seemed difficult to keep the doors open. A debt accrued became an extremely heavy burden. Programs were curtailed to finally nothing at all. The Spartanburg Herald-Journal on May 21,recalled the memories of a member who saw the lobby of the building rented out as a bus station.

Members of the Board, however, stood by the Association through the lean years and simply would not acknowledge defeat. The members of the Board who knew the force of the YMCA in the city refused to give up on their organization. Programs of work were soon initiated. The dormitory began to fill again. A large group of young men have volunteered their services and it is hoped that before the end of the week a large membership will have been signed and the institution will be able to take up the useful work it performed before the depression crippled it.

However, like the seeds that have not been planted, the Association retained the spark which has kept it alive. The seeds need planting to make it spring into life. We pledge, this planting of seeds and their cultivation, to the citizens of this fair city, that if they will again rally to the support of the Association, the harvest will be plentiful. We are very happy to report that we are now in a position to reestablish the fine program for the youth of our community with the selection of Mr.

Berry from Columbia, South Carolina. We are confidently looking forward to many years of usefulness in the development of mind, spirit, and body among the boys and young men of Spartanburg. Of course, this can only be accomplished through the wholehearted support of the citizens in general, and we feel sure this will be demonstrated in our campaign for members on March Hertz Brown, President; S. Cannon, Vice President; Professor W. Recreation from athletics, living cleanly and endeavoring to help the underprivileged to attain better places in life are indeed worthy motives which are sponsored by the YMCAs throughout the country.

Sincerely yours, Signed J. Their platform was clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. These five clubs had a total membership of eighty boys. Their event highlight was a Father and Son Banquet where one hundred fathers and sons attended.

Meetings began in December and lasted for twelve weeks. The YMCA invited evangelical speakers from the city and out of town. Collins chaired the social committee to organize social events so that members of all ages could get better acquainted. Mabry Vannerson led the physical department that served both men and boys. During football season, practice for the pound teams was Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All other football teams practiced Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

A total of eighty boys participated. During basketball season, there were three Sunday School Basketball Leagues for those under eighteen. In the spring there were baseball leagues.

Gym classes were for all ages of boys with swimming following each gym class period. Preps ages nine to eleven met twice weekly at 3: Juniors ages twelve to fourteen met twice weekly at 4: For men, the calisthenics group lasted for thirty minutes. The volleyball group then took to the floor.

For those who wanted to exercise by themselves, an individual exercise room was the newest addition. Also for the men, there were commercial leagues, city leagues, and senior basketball. Starting with the crawl stroke, Corsan taught swimming strokes on land as a confidence builder. Eventually strokes were taught in the pool, but the crawl was not taught until later.

Also early YMCA staff viewed swimming as a distraction from the real job of physical development - exercise and gymnastics. Boys in YMCAs, for example, could not use the pool until after they had passed a proficiency test in gymnastics. Corsan also developed the Learn-to-Swim campaign and using bronze buttons as rewards for swimming proficiency.

He gave a button to each boy who swam fifty feet.

Young Marblehead Lynch vanOtterloo YMCA swimmers compete in fundraising event

One hundred boys learned to swim. Those who did not learn to swim during this special campaign had the opportunity to learn at a regular swim class. The week ended with a demonstration to spectators.

Learn-to Swim Campaigns have continued to the present. Men again are finding that the YMCA is able to take care of their well being such as no other organization can. Starting with a mere one or two, three years ago, after the reorganization, the Association is now serving about boys, many of whom are underprivileged in the sense that they are not able to pay for their own memberships.

No worthy boy is ever turned away from the Association if he does not have the funds to purchase privileges. He is given a membership regardless. These boys are given an opportunity of self expression and are shown that there is someone in the world who is willing to look out for them.

Visits are made to their homes and efforts are made to build them into real citizens of the city. Use by soldiers of World War I at Camp Wadsworth had left the building in a state of much needed repair. The debt on the old building was paid off in A Health Club was added. Programs were expanded to serve every member of the family on a countywide basis.

The most misunderstood department of the YMCA is its dormitory. In times like today when business is good and housing is a problem, it is natural for an uninformed layman to think that the Y is cleaning up.

The average layman does not know that a YMCA Dormitory is not run for profit, or that its rentals are based upon a cost basis. If our rent doubled and the present cost of operation remained the same, then we might come close to such a profit as suggested by our friend. However, the increased cost of dormitory supplies and wages has more than offset the increase in revenue, and actually there is less margin of income over expenditure than there was in normal peace times.

A YMCA dormitory must be self-sustaining and should have enough left over to keep up the necessary repairs. During the years our small annual surplus has been applied to our building debt, and as a result the condition of the building has deteriorated. Young men with small incomes are encouraged to live at the Y as well as a select group of older men to give them counsel and guidance. In normal times the average age of the residents is twenty-one or twenty-two years.

Recently the war has taken most of our younger men, and more of the older men have been allowed to move in temporarily. Of our present seventy-six permanent residents, thirty-five are less than twenty-five years of age; twenty-three percent are members of the armed services stationed in the city of Spartanburg; twenty-five percent are civilian workers for the Government; the remainder are college students, office workers, clerks, etc.

Twelve beds are kept open for men in Service seeking overnight accommodations. Our residents are invited and urged to join in all of the adult programs of the Association, and many avail themselves of privileges of membership.

In addition, special programs such as fellowship meetings, socials, and religious services are held for them.

A bedtime Prayer Service held weekly during the winter months is conducted by the residents themselves. Through resident committees new residents are welcomed, and character emphasis is stressed to make the Y a clean place to live in a congenial and homelike atmosphere.

Men of all faiths are welcomed, and in the building today live Catholic, Protestant and Jew. Newcomers are invited and urged to join the church of their choice. The following testimony of appreciation comes from a young sailor in our building: I think that the type of men who live in a YMCA are of a higher standard than the average group of men. I have met more men and have more friends here than any other place that I have been in since Service.

I, 2 At the December meeting of the YMCA Board of Directors, a motion was passed giving to the young men in service, who return to our community to live, a three months membership in the YMCA - the membership to date from the day of discharge or for a later period if approved by the General Secretary.

andrew young ymca swim meet

The purpose of the membership is to aid in the post war adjustment from soldier to civilian life. During the period immediately following their discharge many adjustments will have to be made by our boys returning home. Some will be temporarily out of employment; others will need help getting back into the hum of community life; nearly all will want to keep physically fit. Your YMCA will help these men find jobs, give them counsel, extend to them our recreational facilities, and serve them in every possible way during their period of adjustment.

This program will be a stupendous task, especially later when the boys are discharged in large numbers, and we will need the wholehearted support of our community in meeting their needs. It is little enough to do for those who have done so much for us. Already, our boys are being discharged and returning home.

They deeply appreciate the service the YMCA is rendering. This is a real welcome home. The desk clerk explained there was a special membership for soldiers, and he would have to pay very little. That afternoon a new member came to the conditioning class. It was soon evident the new member was very much out of condition: After the class he was introduced to the other members.

We learned that he had been an electrician before entering service and was discharged because of wounds received by an exploding mine in North Africa. We were thrilled as he modestly told his experiences and marveled at his enthusiasm as he explained he was getting in condition so he could work.

In the locker room a few minutes later we saw the reason for his stiffness during exercise. The mark of war was left upon his body covered with wounds. Ribs were missing, huge scars covered his stomach where pieces of shrapnel had pierced the internal organs, and other scars were evident upon his back. Two positions were offered to the young man that day by members attending class. Our Physical Director is now giving him corrective exercises by appointment.

andrew young ymca swim meet

He is outspoken in his praise, for this is what he has to say: Also, we do not start drawing compensation for sixty to ninety days. I appreciate the membership very much as the exercises and recreational facilities will get me back into shape to hold a job. I am going to join your organization when the three months are up. Through clubs, classes and various other groups, boys were active members during the past year and 2, different boys and girls were reached through some YMCA activity.

It is the policy of the YMCA never to refuse a worthy boy free service. This program is made possible through the funds of the Welfare Federation and supplemented by interested citizens who become Big Brothers to worthy boys. In its physical and recreational activities the YMCA offers a boy freedom in the pursuit of those things in which he is interested under the capable supervision of expert directors.

In its educational program boys are taught through hobby interests. In all programs, definite emphasis is placed upon the spiritual growth of youth. Discipline is maintained in every activity.

We stress clean sportsmanship, clean speech, clean habits, obedience, cleanliness, loyalty, and unselfish devotion to worthwhile principles. Our program services to youth are so many and varied it would be impossible to list them all here. However to mention a few statistics will be interesting.

There were 1, swimming periods with a total attendance of 36, boys and 1, gym periods with a total attendance of 32, boys. One hundred twenty boys learned to swim, and seventeen passed lifesaving. We reached in clubs, in special hobby groups, and in Bible study classes. Two thousand boys and girls were reached through character emphasis programs promoted in the Senior and Junior High Schools where vital problems facing youth today were discussed by the outstanding youth leaders.

Our present program is being maintained despite serious handicaps. Staff shortages and loss of capable volunteer leadership is making the work difficult, but the YMCA is successfully weathering the storm and is looking forward to its opportunities and challenges in the peace which will follow.

II, 1 Ever since our present building was erected inthe Association has been plagued with a tremendous debt which has seriously affected our progress and services to our community. A committee of D. Burnside, Harvey Johnson, Simpson Cannon and Reynolds Crook, along with a select group of laymen who volunteered their services, have worked tirelessly with the General Secretary during the past several months in securing funds to pay the remainder due on our building mortgage.

To those of you who have contributed so generously we express our sincere thanks and appreciation. We pledge to you that the next few years will show much progress and more effective work in our program services.

Let us all, however, keep in mind that the total job is not yet done. We have a building in which to render a program. Our plumbing and wiring is worn and obsolete. There is much equipment broken, worn, and in need of replacement. If we are to be adequately prepared for our program of the future certain changes in our building must be made.

These things can not be done today but the funds must be raised to make these improvements in the post war era. We shall not go in debt to make an improvement no matter how urgent the need.

andrew young ymca swim meet

Your YMCA is owned, operated, and controlled by the citizens of this community. It is managed by a group of local citizens elected to their office, who serve as trustees for the property, determine Association policies and approve its program services. When we give, serve, or take part in its work, we are making an investment in something that belongs to us.

It can grow or fail as a result of our interest, loyalty, and endeavor. It can be what we want it to be and do what we want it to do. It is not an outside agency seeking to help us, but an Association born within - a result of the visions of leaders who have passed on but whose deeds live on in its work. It is today their heritage to us. By our present deeds we determine what we shall leave to the future. Board Members at Mortgage Burning - Sitting from left to right: Cannon, Reynolds Crook; Standing from left to right: Hertz Brown PresidentR.

Shockley, Spenser Rice, Dr. Thousands of boys, girls and men in schools, colleges, YMCAs and other recreational centers throughout this and other countries have enjoyed the sport. Soon other players stepped up and gave him more hints on how to be a better player. As the coach and team worked with Aiden, he began to bloom. He was making good throws and catches. His very first hit was a double to right center field. With the success he was having on the field, he was having just as much off the field.

His behavior improved and he was working harder in school. With the help of baseball, Aiden transformed into a strong young man who did not let his challenges in life define him.

Everyone in her family sacrificed as her husband worked seven nights a week and cared for their six children. But day by day, Laura got through it and things soon changed. She was nervous, but knew she needed to start somewhere to regain her life. Laura has since made lifelong friends, is exercising regularly and is there for her family again. As the tremors worsened, she realized she needed to retire. As a shy kid, an environment like summer camp is intimidating. The camp counselors noticed Jack having a difficult time and made it a point to introduce him to other campers.

As Jack made friends, he had less time for being nervous, and more time for learning and having fun. He gained self-confidence and friendships thanks to the Y! She was feeling unsupported and emotionally and financially struggling. She had heard about the Y through some friends. Not soon after, Linda woke up and realized she needed to be with people.