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The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet - what you need to know

aloha bowl swap meet vendor

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet - See If I had to guess I'd say there were a couple of hundred vendors there, less. The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is the perfect place to find unique items and Due to the Hawaii Bowl the Swap Meet will close at 12 pm on 12/ There will. Gates to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet open at AM for vendors, so don't forget that large cup of coffee. Just be aware – there's a lot of.

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Aloha Stadium parking lot. Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Swap meet closes at 1 p.

aloha bowl swap meet vendor

The Aloha Stadium Authority is considering a proposal to increase admission to 75 cents. Small-business owners at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet are feeling pinched by an increase in rent that took effect last month. Sno Roberts, who sells Pacific Island crafts and sits on the board of directors of the swap meet's vendors association, said the increase comes right off the bottom line for many vendors.

The ninth member was absent.

aloha bowl swap meet vendor

The stadium had not made any rental increases for years. But the jump in rent is forcing many of them to rethink their futures in a business with marginal returns.


Kung Lov, who spent the past 15 years scratching out a living selling T-shirts at the swap meet, said he is giving up and plans to move to Los Angeles to work in his sister's Chinese-Cambodian restaurant. But overall attendance for May dropped 1 percent from the year before, said Jeffrey Bareng, operations manager for Spartanburg, S.

June's attendance was "flat" and July has been "pretty OK," said Bareng, who said he did not yet have raw numbers for this month. The list of all that is available at the swap meet would fill many pages; virtually everything from electronics and household goods to fruit and tropical plants is on offer.

aloha bowl swap meet vendor

Travel guides often describe this as the best place on Oahu to shop for Aloha shirts, pre-packaged Hawaiian foods, flowers and souvenirs. The variety of local products is certainly equal to anything available at Honolulu's shopping centers or the retail outlets of Waikiki, and prices are much less expensive, too. In fact, only malihini newcomers pay full price for purchases at the swap meet. The willingness of vendors to haggle helps make a sport out of shopping here.

Kama'aina local residents come to the stadium looking to make deals. They consider the amounts marked on price tags as "merely suggestions'' of the actual costs. Advertised discounts are simply the starting point for bartering between sellers and potential buyers. One bit of good local advice is to bring plenty of cash to the swap meet.

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Although a few of the vendors accept major credit cards, and some will take personal checks, most of them balk at offering cost reductions for payments made with anything other than hard currency. Visitors can benefits from additional tips offered by locals. For example, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

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There is so much ground to cover, and with few places to sit and rest, comfortable footwear is essential. Also, bring bottled water, a broad-rimmed hat and sunscreen.