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The Paramus Catholic sophomore was entered in just one event at the meet instead of . laughed and added, "so I don't have to go through another qualifier to get in again. . "I knew I liked playing tennis recreationally right off the bat, and then the .. AHA is so very proud of Ivetty Estepan '14, accepted to six Ivys and is . It may not be a pretty, but they use whatever is necessary to get the ball back in play. What I am saying is that for each and every match you need to evaluate how .. and turn your tennis match into a cross-country meet by becoming more of a .. The biggest aha moment I had was realizing that I am not ever going to play. Tennis is a very technical sport with lots of elements that you need to point will be and hit the brushing stroke to meet the ball in that spot .. didn't do much with it but it barely went over and since I stayed back I lost the point.

Only play as risky as is necessary to win! When you are aggressive with your shots you are taking on risk. Therefore the chances of you missing increase.

Roger Federer v Tomas Berdych: live - Telegraph

The harder you hit, the closer you aim to the lines, and the closer you hit over the the top of net the more your chance of failure increases. We need to create a new attitude and have a clear understanding about the fact that the more aggressive you are and the more risks you take the more chance you have for failure. Sooner or later you are going to need offense to continue to advance in the game of tennis.

When you begin doing these evaluations and adapting your game appropriately you will be able to play the highest percentage tennis possible while risking as little as possible. Remember, however, that pushers are one dimensional by definition. A pusher that never develops any offensive weapons will never make it past a 3. The stereo typical pusher will sit around the 2. I want you to avoid that mistake! I want you to not only be smart enough to minimize risk but also have the big weapons necessary to defeat higher level opponents when you face them.

The best of both worlds. Every match you need to evaluate how much risk offense is needed, then adjust your strategy accordingly. An ugly unforced error gifts the break of service to Federer, who will now serve for the first set. This could be over in time for the second half of Downton.

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Perhaps they were simply off buying their hot dogs or hilariously oversized tennis balls or Fly Emirates flights or something. Anyway, this is another quick game, with Federer racing into a lead and Berdych again slipping at a rather inopportune time, which puts Federer up. He goes all vintage serve and volley for the fourth point and should really win the game, but smacks his volley into the net, to give Berdych some hope. He rather snatches at a forehand volley attempt and pelts the ball long to lose a point he should have comfortably won.

But a wild shot from Federer gives the game to Berdych, as the Swiss slices a vicious first serve out of play.

ATP World Tour Finals: Wonderful Roger Federer eases to success against Tomas Berdych

He looks to have a problem with his thumb, which the trainer whacks a bit of ice on before wrapping slightly. From his serve, Berdych is able to adopt his favoured position on the baseline, using his tall frame to slam shots from left to right, but a scampering Federer returns them with a series of deft shots, and moves into a lead.

Top stuff He wins back some traction with an exceptionally powerful and accurate forehand into the corner, and has the perfect chance to get himself back onto equal terms in the context of this game when he steps into the net with the entire court at his mercy, after Federer is only able to loop a gentle return back over the net after having being forced to play from the deep. But Berdych chokes, and hits what should be a simple winner inexplicably long.

He takes it to deuce when Federer messes one up, however. The Swiss tried to play another delicate drop shot which Berdych read perfectly, stepping forward to play a flat winning shot.

He then takes the advantage after having pushed Federer wide, but Federer hits back by punishing a really poor kick serve. The best game yet, that. Not even the athletically gangly Berdych can scrape that one up off the carpet.

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Federer gets three break points of his own when Berdych crashes a flat shot into the net. An entertaining little rally follows, which ends when Berdych slips over whilst attempting to meet a floated backhand return from Federer. As you were, then. He wins the second point, too, with Federer struggling to get his first serves in.

And his second serves for that matter, too, as a rare double fault gives Berdych three break points. You will feel like Superman after a shower when you embark on your day. The meals you eat will digest more efficiently as your body processes the nutrients more effectively. Scientific studies have shown tennis players live longer than any other recreational athlete. Your decision making improves, your reaction time, endurance and emotional coping skills make tennis players more resilient and interdependent to operate in a world full of stress and cynicism.

What is Progression based training? Our Terminator and Accelerator tennis programs follow these universal and timeless ethics that are effective in helping people reach their goals. Progression based philosophy is the fundamental principal of improving your tennis game. You know who buys that philosophy?

Tennis players do the same thing. They talk about how many games went to deuce in theirloss. The rationalization are the lies we tell our self as part of a self soothing mechanism. We all do it. How to stop it? The first step is starting to recognize it in yourself is a great first step. I enjoy doing addition and subtraction but division is no fun. After all, if I wanna get better I can only do that in algebra class with better students.

You gloss over the arithmetic and simply feel better working with the algebra students. But when you run the data it shows the same holes in your game. We not only will teach you how to navigate this mental gymnastic but we will also supply the data to help guide you through it. If after your warm up your heart rate is steady in a ground stroke drills at beats per minute and you can rally 6 balls in a row on average without missing you have a bench mark. The math tells us your chances for efficient success just became greater.

So not only do we track your practice habits we also track you match habits. If you have seen us with lap tops at local tournaments now you know what we are doing. Quantifying your tennis game means your chances of improvement just got real. You Commit To Us.

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