Acura tl j37 swap meet

Havener Garage: The Definitive 2nd Gen Acura TL AV6 Transmission Swap Guide

acura tl j37 swap meet

Results 1 - 48 of ACURA TL TYPE S ENGINE L J32A JDM MOTOR Used engine and transmission swap out of a Acura TL Type S 6. So after building a J swapped prelude I figured the only way to be better was rwd. I have dreamed of Okay, so the MDX and the TL SH-AWD have an NA J .. Actually we might have met at Hallett before. .. is the cheapest place to buy honda/acura parts (vandergriff honda in texas). Before the swap I tore into the J37 and did the following L Acura TL SH- AWD J37A4 Engine w/ Intake Manifold 52k miles (any J37 will fit.

Firstly, the stock manifold is not easily modified.

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Older J-series engines had removable plenums which allow them to be opened and ported with plenty of access. Anything and newer, though, is all one piece and is not really able to be opened up. Secondly, who does the work if you want to send it out? Efforts in getting people to actually DO the work after they smugly comment "bah just get it ported" all seem to disappear when you ask for a reference or contact. Even people who say that "can" do it aren't readily able to. Thirdly, there is downtime to consider.

If the customer doesn't want downtime, they need to source a replacement manifold and the "it's cheaper to port" argument gets thinner right off the bat.

acura tl j37 swap meet

Lastly, nothing in the parts world ever remains static. We've just recently revised and redone our manifold packages with new, lower cost options for many J-series owners. Check out that listing here: It is fairly commonly known that upgrading the intake manifold on an engine, either by increasing volume or reducing restriction, more power can be produced within the engine. This is because air is more efficiently delivered. As Honda engines have grown in size and power requirements, so have intake manifold volumes.

As of this writing, the J37 intake manifold is an increasingly effective upgrade to do on mild and serious engine builds. But, are there real benefits over stock manifolds, or ported and polished ones? If they use a reman unit you will have varying degrees of success but it will most likely fail again. Find a reputable transmission shop that will perform the AV6 swap see below. Many shops will refuse since they might not be willing to go through the swap instructions.

If they will do it, generally the Acurazine swap DIY below is sufficient. DIY - If you have the tools and expertise, this is the cheapest route.

You should follow the factory shop manual instructions, but I will show below in general what is involved, so you know what to expect and decide whether you can handle the job or not. What is the AV6 swap?

j37a4 swap

The AV6 swap involves swapping in a transmission from an Accord V6. This transmission has the exact same gear ratios as the TL Type-S and is virtually a direct bolt on replacement, with some parts that need to be swapped. In general, Honda 3-shaft 5 speed transmissions are interchangeable. Since Honda made some changes that greatly improved the reliability afterwhat most people are doing is replacing their 2nd gen TL transmission with a unit sourced from a or Honda Accord V6 non-hybrid.

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What do I need? A replacement transmission carpart. I got one through LKQ, and would definitely recommend them. Similar to the H- and K-series swaps, the Js all use cable-operated shifter mechanisms.

That means the appropriate cables and shifter box are required. The tricky part is mounting all of this.

acura tl j37 swap meet

The shifter box must be mounted underneath the car and sealed off. Only one of the original mounting bosses can be used. To make it all fit, API offers a mounting plate that securely fastens the box without modifying the console or anything else inside. It's so easy, even your old Civic shift knob will fit.

j37 swap 8th gen accord part 2

Unlike Civics that use rod linkages, the J-series uses a cable linkage for shifting. The whole assembly must be replaced. An '03 four-cylinder Accord's shifter and cables are mounted from underneath with a custom mounting and sealing plate. The Install Surprisingly, bolting in the J-series is as easy a swap as any, perhaps easier. The toughest part is removing the right-side transmission bracket from the frame rail. API started with a '92 VX hatchback, which doesn't have power steering.

The API kit mounts the engine far back to take advantage of those missing power steering components. Don't worry though; Hasport's kit works with or without power steering. With the OEM bracket removed, the new API bracket bolts to the framerail's underside using the crash bracket holes as locators.

API recommends welding the bracket's perimeter and painting it. The left-side and rear mounting locations don't change, but new brackets must be bolted into place to accommodate the new mounts. It's almost as if Honda planned for this. Ground clearance is astonishingly ample, with the preexisting subfame being the lowest point. This comes at the expense of hood clearance but, with an engine this big, why hide it?

The truth is that a hood hasn't yet been fitted simply because there won't be much left.

acura tl j37 swap meet

The good news is that the J35A4 fits, easily, but it's tall. Some custom fabrication, a one-off hood, or even an intake manifold swap will prove to be the remedy. Simply move the radiator off to the left side to keep things cool--just like with a K swap--and reuse the original Civic hoses. The API-modified harness operates the fan and provides a signal to the factory temperature sensor just like you'd expect. Air conditioning has yet to be tested, but the fix might be as simple as using an Integra condenser, some custom lines, and a J-series compressor.

The only thing missing is a speed sensor signal the transmission output is different than what the gauge cluster requires and a tachometer six-cylinder vs. API does provide a signal wire for an aftermarket tachometer though. Notice that the original ECU wiring is still there. Everything Else The J-series exhaust is an odd one. Its rear manifold travels forward but makes a degree turn to merge with the front one.

This makes for all kinds of great noises and is probably enough flow for the low-revving J35A4. Despite that, some additional ponies could likely be found with real headers that eliminate that silly degree bend.

The radiator must also be moved to the left side. Of course, the J-series is heavier than the D-series, even the B-series, possibly by as much as pounds. To compensate, Eibach produced a set of springs for the front that turned out to be a great match. Turn-in is sharp with no noticeable plowing. New springs for the added weight are a must for this swap.

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The J's multi-stage intake manifold normally shifts the torque curve down, which isn't a good thing for a Civic that's already struggling for traction in Third. It's hard to believe that this swap took so long to happen. The work is really no more difficult than with any other Civic swap, but perhaps with so many good four-cylinder Honda engines, no one bothered looking to the V The truth is that the J-series is an excellent engine that Honda put a great deal of engineering into. It is not a high-rpm, high-horsepower screamer, but judging from the dyno test, there's massive potential here.