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acura legend meet 2012 nissan

Feb 8, The announcement was formally posted on the forums event, the National Acura Legend Meet is heading to colorful Colorado. MO; Salt Lake City, UT; Morristown, NJ; Milwaukee, WI. Jul 6, Building a beautiful history of Honda's luxury arm called Acura. month to the 13th annual National Acura Legend Meet in northern California. spry little sport sedan that Acura gave me (free and clear) in in exchange. Jun 19, I had previously had my heart set on a 3G Nissan Maxima. Today's National Acura Legend Meet – NALM – carries on in spirit nalm

Implementation of the SH-AWD was adjusted for earlier intervention and a greater rear-wheel bias for better handling dynamics. The MMC RL suspension was upgraded with higher-rate coil springs, larger diameter anti-sway bars and stiffer bushings all around. Inside, the front seats were revised for greater comfort and to allow a slight increase in rear leg room.

acura legend meet 2012 nissan

The passenger front seat received the same full way power control as the driver's seat. Both front seats featured active head restraint systems, and the existing seat-heating feature was supplemented by six levels of cooling ventilation.

Controls for heating and air conditioning were simplified, and additional individual vent controls were added for the driver and passenger.

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Simulated woodgrain trim was added to the steering wheel and the top of the shifter, to emphasize the RL's upscale aspirations compared to its less costly TL and TSX siblings. Additional insulation, improved acoustic isolation windshield design, and a new implementation of the Active Noise Cancellation system ANC combined to make the RL's interior quieter in a variety of conditions.

Whereas the former ANC was set to cancel out only low frequency boominess from the engine and exhaust, the MMC system, called Active Sound Control, was expanded in its range to cancel some higher frequency road and tire noise as well.

acura legend meet 2012 nissan

Unlike its predecessor ANC, Active Sound Control was now linked to throttle position and engine RPM to provide a quieter cockpit during normal cruising, yet allowed more of the new 3. When the system was in "accept commands" mode, the new microphone system provided more accurate system "understanding" of the driver's voice. Extraneous sounds, such as other voices in the cabin and wind noise, were better distinguished and filtered out by the dual microphone system.

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Directionality was removed when an HFL voice call was established, so that all passengers could still participate in a phone call as in the pre-MMC model. The new dual microphone system used real estate in the overhead console that was previously used in the and models for OnStar control electronics.

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The number of voice recognition commands was increased to over[23] up from [24] previously. The DVD-based navigation system improved on previous XM satellite-linked traffic flow reporting, adding continuously updated real-time weather reporting and the capability to reroute based on current traffic conditions.

The DVD Audio-capable speaker sound system remained, but integration with the audio system was improved with the addition of Bluetooth stereo and a USB port that allowed integration and operation of Apple iPod and other MP3 type devices.

acura legend meet 2012 nissan

Also new was the ability to display iPod or other MP3 device such as a USB flash memory device folder and playlist information on the car's 8-inch central navigation display screen. The steering wheel paddle shifters were reprogrammed for faster response, and the paddle shifters could be operated in both Drive and Sport modes. In pre-MMC models, the gear selector had to be put in manual mode for the paddle shifters to operate.

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acura legend meet 2012 nissan

Some people collect baseball cards. The 90s are my decade. In order of acquisition, here are the cars that make up my collection: The tried and true workhorse that started it all in the spring of Its maintenance spreadsheet takes lines of data in an Excel spreadsheet and the printed receipts fill up two three-ring binders. Coming along ina long-awaited 30th birthday present to myself and a truly analog and direct driving experience.

It was my primary driver for five years until just recently. My brother is putting miles on it now in Utah. The runt of the litter with its unloved 5-cylinder motor, this Arcadia Green example came out of Denver in July And those frameless door windows! My little rice-mobile which joined the family in June from Seattle. Its 8,RPM redline demands to be reached as frequently as possible.

The latest snag came out of Flagstaff, from eBay of all places.