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Monroe Auto Swap Meet, Monroe, WA 11 XXX FEBRUARY WA Custom Car & Cycle Show, Yakima, WA Meeting of December 18, be adopted. of $50, be provided to the Abbotsford Hospice Society; AND THAT this amount be Hemlock Valley Proposed Land Swap, Electoral Area C Rescue Ford F Providing for walking and cycling access to park and recreational facilities. December 1, By Certified Autosound & Security . Please come visit our facility in Abbotsford at Clearbrook Road, or call us at . when installing and programming the remote starter on a Ford Taurus. .. Insert your vehicle key into the ignition and cycle the key to the 'ON'.

Adam was a grocery clerk and I was a cashier, he was very forward so we ended up dating almost right away! Anyway, five years later and we are two months away from getting married! We are getting very excited for the big day and love it when people ask us about it! We have always wanted to open an Italian deli, when we moved to White Rock a year ago it seemed like the perfect time to establish ourselves in the community both personally and professionally.

We picked the name Famiglia because it the entire store is orientated around Family. Our photo wall has pictures of Alicia's family members. Even the decorations on top of the shelves are from her Nonna and Nonno's house including the Chandelier. The only three people you will see in the store are myself, Alicia and her brother David.

How are you deciding what items to stock? Are there plans for expansion of the products you carry? As we are still in the soft opening stages of the store, we are still developing a solid list of products to stock regularly. We have to pay close attention to items that sell and special requests from customers.

We have lots of ideas for expansion down the road and some really fun ideas from customers toobut for now we want to focus on establishing a good foundation. I took a business technology program in University and learned a lot of practical skills that I could apply to the deli.

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Adam is actually an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by trade, but like the name says we put family first and this opportunity was something we really wanted to accomplish and experience together.

I understand you make your home in White Rock. What are some of the local treasures you have discovered. Favourite restaurant, special place for a walk, thing you love about White Rock? We don't know much about the area yet but we love running on the promenade, visiting the Cones Old Fashion ice cream shop on Marine Alicia likes Mint Chocolate Chip and Adam likes the Skittles and Sprite flavor.

Our favorite thing so far was all of the fireworks last summer, we are excited to see more this summer! Do you have any presence yet on the internet? We are on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and are currently working on developing a website.

Our dream is to expand with an espresso machine and gelato, but for now we are focusing on planning our grand opening in the summer. Events are our favorite part of business, we love hosting and meeting our neighbors.

We have had the most wonderful response from our community, especially our business neighbors. The support system they have established for each other is phenomenal and we are so grateful to be a part of it.

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As far as collaborations we are definitely open to them but will have to see what the future holds! The tiny little shop has been home to no less than three other restaurants. The three previous owners did enough business that they moved on to larger locations.

Jessie could well become the fourth in a row.

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Jessie welcome to White Rock. What made you choose this location? I was looking for a location anywhere from New Westminster all the way out through the Valley, but I just couldn't find the right place. I saw an advertisement for this location and it took a couple of weeks before I was able to meet with the previous owner who still owned the lease.

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I came and looked at the location and thought this would work for me. Where is your home Jessie? My husband Michael and I make our home in North Surrey. So it does not take us too long to get to work everyday. I have a grown son and daughter and a daughter that is just 14 years old.

They are good kids they all took me out for lunch on Mother's day. If I told you I was going to give you a millions dollars and you could open any kind of restaurant anywhere, what would your dream cafe be?

Well I think I probably open another restaurant right here in White Rock. Maybe one with a view and I would serve a mixture of a lot of different style foods.

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You have only been open for a month or so, but do you have any observations on White Rock? Well I have met so many nice people, they pop in and have a little visit while they have something to eat. There are a lot of seniors in the area. I think hat I see the most is the people in White Rock smile more than other places. You have the best prices on food in town. How do you keep the prices so low? Well I do all the work myself, my husband Michael sometimes comes to help get things ready before I open.

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Our friend Mitch Schaffer who wrote a book on remote car starters! Can you install a Remote Starter in a car with a Manual Transmission? Can you install a Remote Starter in a diesel trucks or cars? Yes, our Remote Car Starter systems have specially designed circuits to allow for your glow plugs to warm before starting, and even have Turbo Cool Down modes to allow you to exit the vehicle and leave the engine running while your Turbo cools down.

Can somebody steal my car while it is running with the Remote Starter? No, while the remote start system is running your steering wheel lock, transmission lock and key transponder system if equipped all remain active. If a valid key is not inserted into your vehicles ignition and turned to on or run position, the remote start system will shut the engine down as soon as the brake pedal is touched.

Your vehicle will also remain locked while it is remote started provided you locked it when you exited the vehicle. How long does it take to have a Remote Car Starer installed?

Typically we ask that you drop your vehicle off for half a day 4 hours to have a remote start system installed. Some vehicles require less time, some require more. What should I bring with me on the day my Remote Starter is being installed? We ask that you bring all of the keys you have for your vehicle, and any remotes you have for the vehicle.

Many Interface Modules for newer cars require both keys at the time of installation for programming. I have a remote starter I bought elsewhere or received as a gift, will you install it? Due to the complex nature of remote start systems, and the complexity of diagnosing any issues that may arise and providing warranty, we do not install systems that are not purchased from us.

This is to ensure that we can fully support and warranty both the work we perform on your vehicle and the system itself. Yes, our remote starter systems and Interface Modules can be integrated to work with factory installed security systems or car alarms.

My vehicle came with a Factory Remote Starter, but the range is poor, can you extend it? Often, yes we can install a Range Extended remote giving you longer range to start your vehicle with. Contact us to find out if your vehicle can have a Range Extender installed.