3 presidents forrest gump meet

Forrest Gump met 3 presidents, name who they are and why he got to meet them.? | Yahoo Answers

3 presidents forrest gump meet

In the movie, Jenny takes Forrest Gump to a meeting of the Black Panther Party. The main presidents during this war were President Lyndon B. Johnson and. This category is for Presidents of the United States: Forrest meets several of them during his adventures. He meets: John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. But I can't remember why:(One because of his heroic effects during the war.

On a more reflective note, as Forrest washes his hands in the restroom he notices an autographed photo from Marilyn Monroe and a photo of John with his brother Bobby.

As he concludes his narration, he comments sadly on the assassination of both men. Forrest next visited the White House to receive the Medal of Honor. He is awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroics in returning to the front line to retrieve his fellow wounded soldiers during a battle in Vietnam.

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President Johnson then asks to see the wound and Forrest lowers his trousers and moons the President. This scene is very humorous in its own right. But it is also a twist on a real incident in which President Johnson pulled up his shirt and showed the press corps his 12 inch scar from a gall-bladder operation that had occurred 12 days earlier.

3 presidents forrest gump meet

That presidential incident caused national derision and embarrassment. Fortunately for Forrest, that scene only caused laughs.

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Forrest was still in the army and was invited to meet President Nixon to be honored for his ping-pong skills. When Forrest replies the Hotel Ebbott, President Nixon immediately tells Forrest that he will have his people move him to a much nicer hotel. The hotel President Nixon sends Forrest to is the Watergate.

This of course turns out to be the Watergate burglaries and in the next scenes from the movie you see Nixon resigning as President. What many people do not know is that one scene hit the cutting room floor in which Forrest met an additional President: The banks and post office are closed but most retail is open for business — Presidents Day Sales!

3 presidents forrest gump meet

In the movie, Forrest Gump is actually superimposed onto a picture from the movie, Birth of a Nation of Nathan Bedford Forrest as can be seen in the picture on the left. It showed how slavery and several other evil actions that have been committed were good things. It was controversial because it sympathized with the evil and went against what the population considered to be inhumane.

The group was specifically known for its rhetoric, military posture and its way of expressing their beliefs. The Hippie movement did actually occur in the Untied States. During the mid's a hippie subculture started to emerge among the youth population.

3 presidents forrest gump meet

The main belief that they expressed was their anti-sentiments towards the war in Vietnam. In the movie, Forrest Gump is about to give a speech on his feelings about the war in Vietnam, when the speaker system malfunctions and his speech is never heard.

How many Presidents did Forrest Gump meet?

This actually happened during the congregation in Washington D. People believed that government officials were behind this event as they did not want the truth about the war in Vietnam war to get out to the rest of the United States population. John Lennon was an English musician and singer who was one of the founding members of The Beatles.

3 presidents forrest gump meet

With Beatle Fellow, Paul McCartney, he formed one of the most successful songwriting partnerships of the 20th century. The Beatles were very famous in the pop culture world.

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Lennon was known for his rebellious nature and his criticism of the Vietnam War. His criticism was so harsh that the Nixon administration attempted to deport him back to England so that he would cause no more issues. Vietnam War Forrest Gump enlists in the army where he is sent to the front line in Vietnam. The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial armed conflicts during the 20th century.

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Many people were against the war as they believed that the soldiers were only being sent to their deaths, and that the war was not very productive for the United States. Many of the soldiers returned home only to be called by protesters as "baby killers.

3 presidents forrest gump meet

The main presidents during this war were President Lyndon B.