1d preferences how you meet his pov

: Preference #14 - At first sight (His POV)

1d preferences how you meet his pov

Read He sees you for the first time (His POV) from the story 1D Preferences by 1Dtwinz (Dianna & Caitlyn) with az-links.info: Ahh Enjoy and if you would like one I'd be more than happy to do one! . "Again it was really nice to meet you . Read Preference: How You Meet His P.O.V. from the story One Direction Preferences, by BandCrazyChic with reads. harrystyles, zaynmalik, liampayne. Read First Time He Sees You (His POV) from the story One Direction Preferences by Our_Little_Things_1D with reads.A/N: These are.

The crowd was amazing right now, and I was just feeding off of them. I quickly started singing my solo, fooling around with the fans in front of me, before Louis sang his part and I ran back up on the main stage to fall into the chorus with the boys.

We were all having a good show, which made the energy between us amped up more than usual. It also helped that all the lads girlfriends were seated offstage, and I caught every one of them grinning their way every once in a while.

1d preferences how you meet his pov

I got caught up in my thoughts while Liam talked to the crowd after the song. I don't think I was lonely. I had the best boys in the world by my side and fans that would cheer me up in a heartbeat. But yeah I would like someone who understand when I'm in a bad mood, or just somebody to talk to. I was all the sudden very envious of my friends relationships.

It was like fate had been waiting or something, cause as we went into Twitter questions, I saw her. She was talking to her friend in the front row, and I heard her laugh from on stage.

One direction A/B/O preference #3 First time you — Not without you

I jogged to her side of the stage to get a closer look. Her smile all the sudden made me want to smile, and I found myself boring my eyes into her. She must've felt it, cause she turned to look at me. Most girls would've waved, or blushed. She stood their and stuck her tongue out at me, scrunching up her nose. You have to meet her, Horan. I laughed audibly, earning a look from my bandmates. I ignored it and stalked over to a security guard, telling them to get the two girls backstage later, something I never thought I would do.

But I could already tell with this girl, things were going to be different.

1d preferences how you meet his pov

The bell to the store chimed loudly and I prayed none of those girls had super-sonic hearing and could figure out where I ran to.

I loved fans, I really did. I did not love fans who ran after me. I honestly just wanted to go home and watch TV or something, but that was proving difficult.

I realized I was leaning against the door, and moved further into what I realized then was a bookstore. I was breathing heavily and would be making a scene if there was anyone else in the store, I was slightly thankful there wasn't.

My phone buzzed with a text, my security team who were no help today asking me where I was. I responded and they said they would be over with my car shortly. I wandered through the aisles for a bit, bored. I didn't really have time to read anymore, but I found myself reading the backs of some of the books, getting more and more suspicious as to why no one was around.

I got paranoid, think the girls were hiding in the ceiling, their cameras at the ready. I shook my head slightly, ignoring the idea. I came to the end of the aisle, to see a girl in a large chair, curled up, reading.

She had her shoes off and a cup of tea next to her, her name tag on her shirt. Which I thought was a pretty name.

1d preferences how you meet his pov

I went to tap her on the shoulder but instead knocked down a large stack of books to be re-shelved, making them clatter to the floor. She jumped, looking up. I swallowed thickly after seeing her face. I was glad I knocked the books over. I all the sudden wanted to know what she was reading, if she liked it, her favorite color. Random things that I was confused to think.

Not without you

You can help me pick them up if you want. I just think when you first see someone, the thoughts don't have to be all romantic. Hopefully I shall see you soon. If I have to go to one more impromptu interview, heads will be rolling. I love the boys but to have some personal space away from everyone would be fantastic.

1d preferences how you meet his pov

I managed to sneak out of the hotel, hail a cab and make my way to a quiet cinema complex so I could catch up on some of the newer released movies. I walked in and was met with an empty ticket line except for a beautiful woman that was sitting on the steps alone. Her long brown hair cascading down her left shoulder, her bag wedged between her feet all the while she kept staring at her phone screen very agitatedly.

I felt this undeniable pull towards her and without my conscious knowledge my feet started carrying me to her only wanting to witness the smile that could very much just brighten my day. As I went closer she looked up from her phone. I think I can join you.

I guess time will tell and I am just going to go along with the ride and enjoy it for as long as I can.

1d preferences how you meet his pov

It was show time and the boys and I were just getting pumped up, the opening music started and we all rushed onto stage. Every night is a new experience and it took a moment to adjust to the surroundings of the venue and the response from the over the top crowd. Throughout most of the show I kept messing up my cues and having the boys publicly embarrass me about it numerous times.

I made a look at her and she had something in her hands and looked as if she was about to launch it at me. Out of nowhere there was something that was draped over my head obscuring my view of everyone, I heard a resounding laughter as I took the mystery item off my head only to discover that it was the mystery girls bra and there was writing all over it; her name, number, email and any other way for me to contact her.

I looked over to her and winked and placed that bra of to the side, making sure no one were to pick it up and move it.