Woozie and suga meet the parents

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woozie and suga meet the parents

Woozi Seventeen vs Suga BTS (Suga is a father. .. Bildergebnis für woozie seventeen and suga bts .. At least he didn't meet them in a bathroom this time. Suga, Woozie, CL. .. omg I love Jeongcheol". korea, kpop, and Seventeen image Father and son K Pop, Kpop Boy, . Bildergebnis für woozie seventeen and suga bts .. Istg the whole world will die if J-Hope of BTS and DK ever meet. called Pawigiadi 'Meets at the Water' by his parents and relatives, but the girl's name was not . father. Her name would be spelled Woozie by the census takers some Paiute people made a special tule basket (Figure 37) to collect "sugar".

A Shadow of the Titans: The New Adventures of Invader Zim: In Black SwanTomas's nickname for Beth is "little princess". In the end, he calls Nina that. In Hard EightClementine calls Sydney "captain", because, as she explains, he looks like a captain on a ship. Sydney accepts this, but he gently chides John when he tries to use it on him. One of the many connotations of The Godfather. According to Word of Godhe also calls her "Muertita".

Xibalba is nicknamed "Balby" by his wife. The miners in Snow White: A Tale of Terror at first mockingly call Lilli 'princess' when she joins them since she's a noblewoman by birth.

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But when the time comes to say goodbye, one of them says "good journey, little princess. High And Tight - Shane only ever calls his little brother 'Scotty'. Their other brother Seth notably doesn't. After observing that Mary is a sort of "black sheep", Tim nicknames her "Baa-baa". In Rogue OneJyn Erso has a couple: She's called "Stardust" by her father Galen Erso.

This one also has a greater significance later in the Imperial Archives on Scarif. Later, Baze Malbus addresses her as "little sister" just before they head off on their mission. The title character of Yellowbirdincidentally known as "Yellowbird," receives one in the film's final scene. Delf, his closest friend and implied love interest, chooses to call him "Sam.

Bet's mother calls her Betta as a sign of affection. Tijou is a medical doctor a surgeon to be precise and Baba Eddie is a santero. Seregil of the Nightrunner series begins calling Alec 'Tali' which means 'beloved. In Dragon BonesWard affectionately calls his sister Ciarra "brat. In the Orphans series, the dainty and shy Janet is called "Butterfly" by her orphan friends.

In the Casteel series, Heaven's angelically beautiful and saintly mother Leigh was called "Angel" by Luke after he heard her call her doll that and said that the nickname fit her better. Heaven herself is called "Heavenly" by her brother Tom, who's super-close to her but not romantically interested in her, shockingly enough. In the Dollanganger SeriesCathy's eldest son is named Julian after his father, but is known in the family as Jory, which is a combination of his real name and that of his late uncle Cory.

Cathy's brother Chris, meanwhile, calls her "my lady Cath-er-ine. Montgomery 's Anne of Green Gables series: Gilbert calls Anne "Anne-girl" after their marriage after initially calling her Carrots Anne, in turn, is the only one in the book series to call him "Gil". Their youngest daughter Rilla is called "Spider" by her older brother Jem, in reference to her gangly limbs at the start of Rilla of Ingleside. Her brother Walter also takes to calling her Rilla-my-Rilla, a play on her name she is named after Marilla, though this is actually her middle name.

Jem is always called "Little Jem" by the family's hired help, Susan, which he hates. Susan also calls Jem's youngest brother Shirley her "Little Brown Boy", owing to his dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Marco actually does this quite a bit. The main heroine's father calls her "Fatso" in the book version or "Princess" in the TV adaptation. During the course of the story, her father starts behaving strangely, and it turns out to be because it's actually an evil plant replacement. So how does the heroine eventually figure out who's her real father? The evil plant calls her by her real name, while the real McCoy is able to remember the nickname.

In many Star Wars Expanded Universe titles, Admiral Ackbar's title became this among many of his closest friends in the years after the Battle of Endor; he was actually a much higher rank than Admiral by then. Mara Jade Skywalker liked to call her husband Luke "Farmboy". Gibson calls his daughter Molly "Goosey". She's the apple of his eye, and she loves nobody more than him.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons: Due to Russian Naming Conventionthe protagonists call each other by intimate-diminutive versions of their names, but have to be careful not to use them around other people as it would give away their Secret Relationship. Rolitania has a few examples: The Queen often calls Jessie Renton "Papa," much to her chagrin. Likewise, Jessie calls The Queen a shortened version of her name.

This makes it more heartbreaking when he tells Seraphina to call him Prince Lucian after the first encounter with Imlann. In Little Womeneveryone calls Theodore Laurence by his preferred nickname of Laurie - except for his best friend Jo. She gets to call him Teddy. Later, when he marries her sister Amy, his wife gives him a nickname of her own - "my lord. Everyone calls them Daisy and Demi - Demi being short for "Demijohn.

Laurie and Amy's daughter is named Elizabeth, after Bethbut while she's commonly addressed as Bess, the eponymous little men more often refer to her as "the princess. In the Circle of Magic series, Briar often calls Tris the foster sister to whom he is closest due to their shared love of books Coppercurls, because of her curly red hair.

woozie and suga meet the parents

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Ron gets the nickname "Won-Won" from his girlfriend, Lavender. Harry resolves to put his foot down if Ron reciprocates by calling her "Lav-Lav" Ron does notand Hermione suddenly leaves to go vomit the first time she hears it.

The same book also reveals Arthur Weasley's nickname for Molly when they're alone: Only Ernest is allowed to call June "Junebug. Though never stated, the aforementioned nickname sounds a lot like 'Grandpa', so it's very possible that the two younger engines look up to Duke as not only a mentor, but a grandfather as well. Several characters in Dora Wilk Series: Witkacy calls Dora "Ti", which in original is a ridiculously cute word.

Eventually, everybody in the cast calls Aya "Aaya. Occasionally used is 'little duck' from Katniss to Prim, due to the latter's habit of having her shirt tails untucked. In The Dinosaur LordsMontserrat is usually called Montse by people who like her, in contrast to people who only interact with her in official situations and use her full name. A few others, like William Fitzwilliam, are also close enough to use the moniker, though on more equal footing.

Alexis finds out via an overheard conversation in a pub that she's become known among the crew as "Little Bit", short for "Little Bit of Bosun", in reference to her A Mother to Her Men command style and reputation as a fighter from when she fought off an Attempted Rape by a drunken crewman and said he Cut Himself Shaving to spare him from hanging.

Alexis' Love Interestthe culturally French Hanoverese naval lieutenant Delaine Thiebaud, calls her by any number of French pet names during their romance. She does say no to being called "mon chou" "my little cabbage"though. This trope is discussed in River Secrets, the third Book of Bayern. Razo calls his sister Rinna "Rinna-girl" because she's the only girl in a family full of boys, and calls his friend Enna "Enna-girl" because she reminds him of his sister.

At one point his soon-to-be Love Interest Dasha asks him if he loves Enna, since "nicknames are a sign of affection. Silas gives these to his chimeras, with a healthy dose of Gratuitous Latin. Generally, it's only chimeras who severely disappoint him, like Valen who don't get them.

When backed into a corner, aim low. Hippo's etiquette lesson number five. She met his glare with fierceness, but there was some strange familiar comfort with that. This was comfortable territory. I haven't harmed you yet—" "Any more than you already have," she corrected, lighting a cigarette. Law plucked it from her mouth and dropped it into the beer of a passing customer, continuing, "But that can change very quickly.

woozie and suga meet the parents

He went back to his drink, miming vomiting noises every few seconds. Law and Sophie ignored him. More of us are wanted by the World Government. Sophie tapped the counter, debating whether to tell him.

You're the first pirates I've met in my life. But before you, I've had three months of bad experiences with the Revolutionary Army, and I'm kind of still not over that—not out of pro-World Government reasons, but because of… they-really-hurt-me reasons. I don't value pirates over rebels, I value your crew over rebels.

I valued that since the night you let me onboard your submarine. But Sophie didn't break eye contact. Have a nice day. She weirdly felt a little better. Condescending Law was sort of therapeutic, who knew? Law took a deliberate drink and noticed Penguin staring at him. A toilet flushed in the bathroom next to them. Shachi walked out and paused when he noticed the tension. Nellie, Sid, and Romarin had their hands full with one thing or another, leaving Sophie to suffer upstairs, unable to sneak into the kitchen with all the dreaded strangers and potential conversations blocking her path.

She did, however, hear one disturbing rumor of the Heart Pirates' captain robbing the bodies of dead soldiers. She didn't even react to it anymore. But being left to her own thoughts was stifling. Borrowing one of Sid's hooded jackets no one seemed to recognize her without her seeing her eyebrowsSophie walked to the castle and retraced her steps to Lisbeth's bedroom. Part of it was demolished thanks to a mortar shell.

Sophie kicked the debris away and brushed off dirt from the bedcovers. She noticed a thin storybook peeking out beneath the pillow. Sophie picked up The Tale of Apolleon and, for the first time, noted the name of the author. This writer lady convinced him to abandon his World Noble life and take back this island for their daughter.

Kasimir renamed himself as Khanwari as… what, some sort of tribute? He must've been desperately, insanely in love with her. Or maybe it wasn't love at all. Maybe it was… worship or something. Khana may have been the real monster. Hippo often said the pen was mightier than the sword. None of this was Lisbeth's fault. But what did it matter now? Her parents were both dead.

She had to live with their mistakes. Suddenly furious by the book and how much trouble it'd caused, Sophie hurled it out the hole in the wall.

She tripped mid-throw and hit the floor with her face. The smell of firewood permeated the air. She could hear their voices fluctuate from the not-as-demolished area of the house that served as a living room. No one noticed as she tracked mud up the stairs. Even while scrubbing away the dirt and blood in the bathtub upstairs, she could hear the indistinct, comforting thrum of their voices.

On the fourth day, cats prowled behind the house. Sophie edgily observed through the window. Why was the conference of fluffy animals in the exact and only place she didn't want them to be?

Why didn't they run into her arms instead? Sophie threw the mop aside and plastered herself against the window, telepathically willing the cats to purr at her. We're goin' through the city's records, but most of the graves are nameless…" The cigarette fell out of her mouth.

They were digging up the graves? She slid down the window with a sick squelching noise. There was only one person who could help her now. Law jerked up from his desk, eyes wild. His hair stuck up around his ears.

Without letting him get a word in, she frantically summarized what was happening in Anatole and finished with, "…I know I should've told you earlier but it doesn't matter now and you have to stop them, I stuffed his body in a mostly vacant coffin, mostly vacant because there was actually a pile of bones there and I feel really bad for whoever it was but I had no other choice, and then I borrowed a boat and rowed here except I didn't borrow so much as stole because LIFE IS REALLY HARD—" "Sophie-ya," he said, and she shut her mouth.

Violently clawing the air, she whirled around and slammed the door shut.

woozie and suga meet the parents

She kicked the door five times. Sophie threw the door open to his cool smirk and heavy-lidded eyes. The tattoo on his back and shoulders took up most of her line of sight; his obsession with his jolly roger was heading into bizarre territory. It even distracted her from appreciating nay, observing! She glimpsed a flash of another swirly tattoo on his chest before he stuffed on a clean black shirt.

He picked up his hat and nodachi. I'll be back soon. She slumped on the edge of his bed that groaned under the weight of orthopedic books. She was going to die on this godforsaken island. Law's room was minimal, nothing but the basics, save for the bookshelves on either wall.

woozie and suga meet the parents

An entire shelf was dedicated to biochemistry, she was thrilled to see. Beneath that were books of unfamiliar islands and lore. She tugged out a particularly threadbare book stuffed in the very back. A History of Dressrosa.

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She straightened out the pages and set it carefully in the front. Now that she thought about it, she didn't really know that much about Law. Did he have any hobbies besides medicine and being sarcastic? His room had a slightly unsettling atmosphere, but it was pretty bland, all things considered aside from the jars of eyeballs, but that was another thing she'd gotten used to. A chessboard in the corner, a fish tank saturated with books instead of water.

After spending some time going through the shelves trying to find something incriminating, like fuzzy underwear with paw prints, Sophie walked around the desk. He'd fallen asleep reading a book on giants, judging by the little drool puddle on the page.

A necklace chain was halfway hidden behind the cover. She pulled it out. Sophie flipped the burnt dog tag over. His experimentation was long before her time, but she remembered reading his file. Grew up in G's laboratory, where they gave him his tags and moniker.

Favored aggression and brute force. Slated for a guaranteed spot in CP9. Bought by a World Noble twenty years ago. Project shut down, records erased.

Human experimentation became taboo. The second tag only had a poorly carved camellia flower. Like a kid had done it. It was a terrible mockery, to name him something so beautiful. The old chemical warfare division had some pretty messed-up people before Vice Admiral Lettidore took over.

She should keep the tags. Lisbeth would find her someday, and she'd want them back. Sophie looped necklace around her neck and tucked the ice-cold metal under her collar. The cabin door opened and she spun around.

Law kicked the door shut. He set his nodachi down, carrying something in his other hand. She shifted a little bit to the side. I told him I figured it out and was going to help Lisbeth-san, and seeing how his modus operandi is burying people alive…" Sophie shrugged. He shook his head. Who the pineapples do you think I am? You tap when you're agitated. Sophie forced herself to stop. She licked the side of her mouth. She supposed it passed for a smile.

He drank from the bottle and reclined on the floor, one leg crossed over the other. He was like a big cat or something, completely unaware of his own personal bubble. She told him what Khanwari was trying to accomplish, and everything that led up to the fatal shot except the part where she tortured him by aiming for painful yet non-vital areas… though Law might've figured that out by looking at the corpse. But it's not like I had a bad life at G No sob stories more than your average genius.

I got everything I wanted. I keep forgetting I don't have to defend them anymore. I'll be on the run for the rest of my life, but I can also choose what to do with my life. And my knowledge is for me only. I can pull off a hardhat pretty well. And I don't have to hate you out of obligation anymore. Maybe the quietest corner in East Blue.

A simple, banal existence… "…I have another request. Long story short, I need to make a few people disappear. That's a new low. It didn't really matter now.

I just want them gone. I'm sure you can hide them somewhere beneath all the corpses you robbed. That was the weird thing about him, it was so hard to tell if he was judging, if he judged at all. They're just… bad people. But those men were respected here. I had to do it. I was here, I knew about it, so I had to. His fingers were cold. He was so close she pushed herself against the wall, equal parts flustered and panicked, every muscle in her body tensed to oblivion—and all she could do was stare at him and the blotchy dark stains under his eye and the cracked mosaic of his lips.

He was acting… different, lately. Instead of being totally apathetic to her wellbeing—he was now treating her like she was a person. Was this… respect from a pirate? She scrambled to her feet, blinking nervously, muttering she had to go back to Anatole.

This was too weird. She didn't want to figure him out. She didn't care about his past, or who those eyeballs originally belonged to, or what sort of coffee he drank black, she knew without asking. Her hand paused on the handle. She bit her lip to stop herself from grinning. Sophie didn't know what happened to the king's body, but the excavations continued at the castle and there wasn't a single word about it. She went to the remaining Crawfish ship afterwards and discussed the possibility of them dropping her off at one the islands near the Calm Belt.

But my plans might change, I'm just wondering if it's feasible, she adding, thinking back to the Heart Pirates. All's well that ended decently, she decided. That was when the door knocked.

Nellie went to get it, as Sophie was busy jumping up and down, whacking away cobwebs with her broom. The door opened and a lean, fluffy-hatted pirate turned around with a charming grin. Sophie was so surprised she hit her head with the broom handle. Nellie gasped and stepped back. Before either could say anything, Sophie muscled herself in front of Nellie, gripping the broom like a sword. Shall we have tea? He looked down at the floor and the chalk drawings of molecules Sophie made.

Law nodded towards the window, where two familiar hats and one familiar orange boiler suit tiptoed around the corner of the house.

Bepo carried shovels and Shachi and Penguin dragged a rickety cart over to a big pile of debris in the back of the alley—Sophie's impromptu burial site.

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Do you want our help or not? I can call it off. She grabbed a fistful of Law's shirt and yanked him to her level. Law reverted to his easy, plastic smile. Sophie immediately pushed him away. It felt like hitting a tree trunk. Sophie hoped there was a traveling circus troupe nearby accepting applicants.

Which was good, because the pirates just unearthed a maggot-ridden hand and started poking it. The arm popped off and sent them flying into Bepo. How long have you been a pirate? Through the window, Shachi waved at Sophie with the corpse's arm. Penguin thumped him in the head. There's nothing more to say. Outside, crows landed on the pile of corpses. Shachi and Penguin tried shooing them away, to no avail.

More appeared from the sky. Shit, I guess they'd remembered sooner than I thought that with Jizzy dead, they supply was cut off. I smacked the ho aside and dived for cover as they blasted at me, seeing Jizzy running for the door with one of his leeches right behind - a big white dude in a suit.

I thought about the surprise I'd left outside for Jizzy just in case I'd missed him while getting inside and smiled, then turned my attention to the leeches. The ho left standing stood shivering, staring around at the dead bodies, eyes wide, drugs probably fucking big time with what she was seeing. She looked up at me, and I shouted,"BOO!

I looked around the club, hoping that this was the last time I'd ever see this piece of shit, and then headed outside after Jizzy. I jumped into the Stratum I'd jacked to get here, starting up as the white boy hit the accelerator and they The Stratum twisted to the side and I had to fight to control it, silently thanking Jethro again for having the balls to tell me to go to driving school. We was lucky it was early morning and there was fog, or there would have been more traffic on the street, but as it was it felt like we had Fierro to ourselves.

But I only needed a few seconds, lifting my SMG and unloading into the engine, flames bursting up as the car died and rolled to a stop. He didn't get far. The deal was with Santos!

woozie and suga meet the parents

I took out my own phone and dialed Cesar's number. And that was the end of the biggest Pimp in San Fierro. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I'd called Woozie and let him know what was going down, and he'd promised to send in some of his men to set up an ambush, and told me he'd call Cesar to go over a plan of attack with him. Once the Loco Syndicate and the Ballas arrived, they'd find the Mountain Cloud Boys waiting for them, and for all I cared they could kill all of them.

Because if the deal was with Santos, that meant one motherfucker above all others would be there. I figured that I could use a gun that Pulaski had given me to help bring down him and Tenpenny's empire. I lifted the scope and pressed it to my eye, looking across the street at Pier 69,"They've got men on the roofs watching over the pier. Shit, was the deal going down early? Over on the rooftops, the Mountain Cloud Boys were checking the dead Rifa, making sure they was really dead, getting into position for The Ballas didn't know that there was supposed to be Rifa up on the roof with a bead on them, and T-Bone didn't know that his Rifa on the roof were dead, replaced by Mountain Cloud Boys.

Ryder and T-Bone eyed each other up, then hugged to show they was cool with each other, but something was wrong The chopper hung over the Ballas and the Rifas, T-Bone and Ryder, all of them looking up as it hovered there and then Instantly, the Ballas and Rifas were pulling guns on each other, both of them thinking the other was fucking them.

Ryder shouted something and a Ballas tossed something into the air, and when it came down, smoke came spilling up into the air I'd been so focused on Ryder, but now Toreno had gotten clear I realized how fucked this could all get. Toreno was the brains behind the Syndicate, if he got away, then nothing would change, he'd just find new muscle and a new front, and the drugs would keep flowing into Santos. Smoke was making it hard for anyone to see anything, even the Mountain Cloud Boys up on the roof, but I could hear T-Bone shouting commands like a General.

I couldn't hear nothing, but I knew that didn't meant he was dead, motherfucker was probably hiding waiting for all the shit to be done with, then book and get back to Santos as fast as he could. The Ballas weren't being as cowardly The Rifa weren't saying anything other than calling out directions to each other, they had a leader to keep them in line.

Didn't make any fucking difference though, they was all going to die. Ryder must have come at T-Bone through the smoke, shot him and run. I turned to look at Cesar, and we both nodded and stepped through the worst of the smoke onto the pier, and their he was, the big Boss of the Rifa - the hardcore motherfucker himself - T-Bone Mendez.

He twisted around and fell backwards against the wooden railing, a grin on his face when he saw me. Fucking rat, fucking snake, you didn't fool me. You and me, one on one, mano a mano. You got the balls, pendejo? You got the stones to fight me, even one-armed I could fuck you Right in front of your bitch-ass Azteca faggot