Where does the european parliament meet each month

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where does the european parliament meet each month

It is perhaps the most outlandish of the European Union's excesses; a £ million travelling circus that once a month sees the European. The European Parliament (EP) is the only directly elected by the European citizens The Parliament is the "first institution" of the EU (mentioned first in the treaties, was not designed in its current form when it first met on 10 September . on the Commission's powers but did agree to respond within three months. The European Parliament meets once a month for a plenary session in Strasbourg, The session agenda shows whether a vote will be taken after oral questions. The committee chairs Valiokuntien puheenjohtajat meet from time to time to.

where does the european parliament meet each month

The European Parliament has a cross-generational draw. Flocks of schoolchildren take selfies, elderly retirees stare at the glass fronted structure, a group of Czech teenagers sing.

There's a real sense of a European patriotism.

The farce of the EU travelling circus

The chamber inside is huge. There is a seat for each of the MEPs.

where does the european parliament meet each month

They sit, not according to nationality, but are grouped dependent on their political stance. It is a forum of consensus and compromise. They debate and decide on proposals put to them by another EU institution - the executive arm - the European Commission.

Looking down at the chamber from the public gallery, a Parliament insider points out the diversity among MEPs: It's controversial and taking years to negotiate. Getting 28 EU countries to agree a deal which works for them all and America is hard. It is the sort of deal that some say Britain would have to do with the EU if it left. In his shoebox-size Strasbourg office, which he uses four days a month, I ask Mr Dalton about the perception that 'Brussels' imposes laws on the UK. Most of the time when they propose something outrageous, that's never the end result.

Our chat is interrupted by a rare moment of drama: Someone has broken protocol, walking into a restricted zone.

where does the european parliament meet each month

It's Mr Feuilloy's job to collar them. Dealing with politicians from 28 countries is a challenge: I will be more friendly with the Italian.

The European Parliament explained

The German doesn't accept that. Eurocrats from Brussels are bussed to the Strasbourg offices "Who's the most difficult?

MEPs On The Move: 'Madness Of Strasbourg Shift'

About people are employed in Strasbourg full-time, even though the European Parliament meets for 12 sessions, each lasting four days, a total of only 48 days each year.

But during those four-day sessions, the circus is in town. About 5, people pour into Strasbourg; not only politicians and officials but lobbyists, too.

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Hotels in Strasbourg typically double their rates when the EU comes to stay. One MEP said he booked his accommodation a staggering five years in advance to ensure obtaining a room at a reasonable rate. That is the equivalent of 12, cars driving around the circumference of the world.

where does the european parliament meet each month

In other words, it suggests that for the previous 14 years, televisions had been left on for weeks at a time, even when MEPs were in Brussels rather than France. It goes on to explain how MEPs can switch their televisions back on. Please also remember to turn off as many devices as you can before leaving your EP office in Brussels as well as in Strasbourg for the reasons explained above.

At the end of last year, they voted for the two-parliament system to be scrapped by a three-to-one majority.

But change is unlikely to happen soon. The problem is simple: Its status is set in stone under a European treaty signed inwhich can only be revoked should all member states agree it.