When did jane seymour meet henry the viii

42 Tragic Facts about Jane Seymour, Queen of England

when did jane seymour meet henry the viii

Catherine of Aragon · Anne Boleyn · Jane Seymour · Anne of Cleves a craving for quails -- which were out of season -- Henry took the trouble to have the birds. Eventually, Anne Boleyn was beheaded and 11 days later, in May , Jane Seymour and Henry VIII were married. Henry was now 45 years old, his belly was . Jane Seymour: Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry VIII of England and mother of King Edward VI. at Wolf Hall, but, though willing to marry him, she refused to be his mistress. On May 30, , Henry and Jane were married privately.

Henry made his affection clear to Jane; she received costly gifts which she prudently returned and her brothers were promoted at court. Henry could thus continue his courtship of Jane in relative privacy. But the king was also mindful of the vicious rumors and public outrage which had accompanied his open courtship of Anne Boleyn while still wed to Katharine of Aragon. He was far more discreet with Jane, and this undoubtedly suited her character. She was content to remain unknown. There were rumors that she would not dine alone with the king, insisting always upon a chaperone, and that she responded to a particularly bold flirtation by reminding the king of his marriage.

Henry did not need to be reminded of his second marriage; it had become a bitter disappointment for him.

when did jane seymour meet henry the viii

He was determined to rid himself of Anne Boleyn. Another impetus was the death of Katharine of Aragon on 7 January On 29 January, Anne miscarried a son; the king ominously declared that he would have no more children by her.

Jane Seymour and Henry VIII

For Henry, it was suddenly clear that if he could rid himself of Anne and marry Jane, then he would have a legitimate marriage recognized by all and another possibility for a son. The king began to mention publicly that he had been bewitched into marriage with Anne; he knew his words would reach her. Anne was terrified but could do little. On 2 May, she was arrested and taken to the Tower of London. On 15 May, she was condemned to death; Henry sent a personal message to Jane with the news.

Four days later Anne was executed; the day after, 20 May, the king was formally betrothed to Jane. They married ten days later on 30 May and Jane was publicly declared queen on 4 June. She was never granted the lavish coronation which Anne had enjoyed.

It was summertime and the minor plagues were sweeping through London; the king said she must wait until the spring to be crowned. It is also possible, and was rumored, that Henry had no intention of crowning Jane until she had proved her worth and provided a son. If she proved barren, he could annul their marriage with hopefully little fanfare.

And on 20 Julyhe received the devastating news that his only illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, duke of Richmond, had died at the age of There had always been the possibility that Fitzroy could have succeeded him, but now Henry VIII was left with only two daughters, both declared illegitimate. It is certain that if Jane had not provided a son, she would have been quickly discarded.

Personal affection could not overcome political necessity. But Jane was able to provide the king with his fondest wish. And indeed the whole country wished for an heir; they had no desire to return to ruinous civil war. Rumors of her pregnancy began almost immediately after her marriage. In early October, Jane went to Hampton Court Palace for her lying-in and on 12 October, after a long and difficult labor, she gave birth to the wished-for son.

His two half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, attended the splendid christening ceremony. Her grandfather, Thomas Boleyn, also attended the ceremony. Her life pretty much depended on the sex of the baby, so she had some pretty solid reasons to be praying for a boy. Nothing to Say In her entire 18 months as queen, Jane Seymour failed to say one single thing that anybody thought was worth preserving for the future. It is generally believed that she deliberately styled herself to be the complete opposite of her predecessor Anne Boleyn—an act that ended up making her completely and utterly unquotable.

Elizabeth rejected him, due to fact that her father had died less than a month before, and mourning lasted two years.

42 Tragic Facts about Jane Seymour, Queen of England

She also cited the huge age gap between them, which was probably an even better reason to say no. Inhe was named protector of England, and was the King in all but name for over two years. He actually had some decent ideas and tried to do some good, but he failed and ended up being executed on a false charge of treason by his enemy the Duke of Northumberland in She was taught needlework, music, and feminine arts as well as hunting.

There were rumors that the King was simply waiting for her to prove herself worthy of the crown by producing heirs, but the truth was he was short on funds and had to postpone it. They set the date for 10 months after the wedding, but then in a stroke of bad luck, a plague and a series of uprisings prevented it from taking place.

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Henry agreed to the rebel demands that she be crowned in the north, but that never happened either. Upon her marriage, she promised the Spanish ambassador that she would encourage her husband to repair the relationship, and after much pleading, she worked out a deal. Behaving Badly Just about two years after being rejected by Princess Elizabeth, Thomas Seymour was arrested for crimes that included trying to kidnap the King, for trying to marry Elizabeth without the permission of council and probably Elizabeth and for trying to make himself King.

On March 20, he was beheaded on Tower Hill. Remove all traces of his ex, of course. This is exactly what Jane did at court. Popular Uprising Between andthere were a number of revolts against the King in northern England. Henry used diplomatic means to end the rebellion and promised free pardons to the rebels for dispersing, but once they did, he broke his word, and it all ended in trials and executions for the rebel leaders.

Alternate Reality Wikia At the time, this was what any family with modest lineage and ambition aimed for. This was a similar path to the one that the Boleyn family took as well, but the Seymours were far better at playing the game.

In honor of the day, he was baptized Edward three days later. On the day of the christening, Henry managed to put aside the issues he had with his daughters Mary and Elizabeth, and the year-old Mary was named godmother to the young prince.

Ironically, it was Elizabeth, older by four years, to whom he grew close and not Mary, who had too big an age gap and a fundamental difference in religion from Edward.

when did jane seymour meet henry the viii

When she died, he actually sunk into depression, officially mourning her for two years before marrying again. Unlike his other five wives, he buried her as Queen and gave her a full state funeral.

Stay Out of It! If Jane had any ideas of trying to advise Henry in anything, she soon learned that keeping her nose out of his business was the best strategy for staying alive.

The pregnancy came not quite a year into their marriage, and the people marked the occasion with bonfires and wine, sang Te Deum, a Christian hymn of praise, and just generally partied.

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It was lucky the baby turned out to be a boy or else all of their hopes would have been dashed. I wonder if she still thought so when Jane married the King instead.

Dynasty Portrait InHenry inherited—more like stole—Whitehall Palace from Cardinal Wolsey and turned it into a pretty lavish pad.

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Unfortunately, the original mural was lost when Whitehall burnt down in All for Show Once Henry made up his mind to marry Jane, nothing was going to stand in his way—not even her low station.

On the Tudor Trail This in itself was nothing unusual, except that the wife in the portrait was Jane, and he was actually married to Catherine Parr at the time.

when did jane seymour meet henry the viii

Obviously—and most importantly—she wanted to stay queen for a long time. Next on her list was giving the King his son and heir.