Us physics meet the team ideas

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us physics meet the team ideas

When I approached Dyson about an interview on the idea of the heroic Then you met Richard Feynman and you ended up working with him. We knew we needed an answer but we also knew that no one of us had it; we would that the colleague could defend it at the leadership team meeting. . for breakthroughs on the boundary between physics and biology. ArangoDB Inc is a US based privately held company, that was founded in Cologne in to meet the increasing demand for professional services around .

As the sun slowly sets, light of different wavelengths, scattered through a wider range of angles reaches us and the sky explodes in a myriad of color, from a deep ruby red to a brilliant violet. Night comes and the stars shine, light from nuclear processes occurring thousands, millions, billions of years ago.

People have long observed such natural phenomena, driven by an innate curiosity to understand. Thus the sciences began, and through careful, meticulous study, through accidental observations, we have acquired knowledge about our universe. Physics, in particular, explores everything at the most fundamental level, yet somehow, almost all of that knowledge can be reduced to just a few equations written in the completely man made language of mathematics.

I find this fascinating. From a young age, I have been curious about how the world works. When I was around five, I remember wondering about heat. At that point, I knew our stove was usually cool when off and usually hot when on, however, does it cool down immediately after being turned off?

us physics meet the team ideas

I set out to find out. One day after my mom finished cooking and turned off the stove, I snuck into the kitchen and put a finger on the stove. I marveled at the ways physicists described the fundamental workings of the universe and became intrigued at the unresolved conflict between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Soon enough, I was poring over physics books, trying to comprehend the equations describing reality.

Enter my high school years, where my physics teacher Mr. Ben 5 Data Scientist Ben thinks that education is a great tool to empower people. He also likes scratching his head over data problems and building robot dinosaurs. So, naturally, Khan Academy is the place for him. International Market Manager After living abroad for many years, Irene works on growing Khan Academy's international markets. She loves ballet and board games, and leads the Khan Academy Philharmonic.

Irene received her A. Muneerah Head of Philanthropy Muneerah has worked for over 20 years in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. For the first half of her career, she worked as a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Parthenon Group specializing in corporate restructuring and operations management.

Muneerah holds a B. After graduating, he served as the editorial director of an educational games publisher in Chicago, and as a producer, writer, and voice actor on a science fiction podcast. Fjord, balalaika, chthonic, chicanery, bumbershoot. Eric Program Associate Eric works on the Adoptions Team to bring great content to more students and classrooms.

us physics meet the team ideas

He enjoys hiking, tennis, and is always up to dabble in something he has never done before. Angela Junior Accountant Angela is responsible for day-to-day financial transactions, ensuring that the bills get paid and accounting for all the dollars and cents. When she is not busy reconciling bank statements, Angela can be found paddling in a canoe or going for a run around the city.

What It Was Like to Work With Einstein, Feynman, Oppenheimer, Pauli, and Bohr?

Prior to Khan Academy, Lindsay taught secondary math and created graduate level coursework for math educators. In addition to being an educator, Lindsay enjoys watching college football and basketball, running, and coaching four-year-old soccer. Tina Financial Controller Tina is responsible for making sure that all the numbers go into the right buckets and that the number trains are operating on schedule.

Caroline Content Project Manager Caroline likes making everything as efficient, effective, and equitable as possible. Before joining Khan Academy, she was at Teach For America - first as a middle school science teacher in the South Bronx, and then as a member of the national organization's staff. He later founded an edtech startup that created communities for online learners in more than 80 countries, many more than he has traveled to. Lizzie Community Giving Manager Lizzie works on the Philanthropy team as the manager of community giving.

Lizzie is an avid open water swimmer and has competed in races on both US coasts. Before joining Khan Academy, Lizzie worked at several museums in education, development, and visitor services. Lizzie holds a B. Previously, she worked on improving educational equity at organizations such as NewSchools Venture Fund, where she raised funds to support early-stage education entrepreneurs.

She was also on the founding team at Wishbone. Julie is an avid dancer and lover of Japanese food. She received her A. Before joining Khan, she worked at an affordable housing non-profit connecting residents with needed services. Nicholas Mobile Engineer Nick takes ideas and turns them into code.

He works at Khan Academy on mobile projects. Before joining Khan Academy, Dhruv built educational technology products at Zearn and Amplify, taught high school math in Brooklyn through Teach for America, and studied Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia. Before Khan Academy, Cassey worked as the office manager of a private clinic in Palo Alto for two years - mainly working with children with attention difficulties and academic struggles.

She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in psychology and outside of the office, she can be found binge-watching Netflix, hanging out at Dolores Park, and dancing to Top He is the co-organizer of Southeast Michigan JavaScript semjs.

Before joining, Brian worked in healthcare, education, research, load testing, military, and power management. When not hacking, Brian can be found riding his road bike, nerding out in the kitchen, or goofing around with his kids.

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Nick Software Engineer Nick is super excited to be working with the great folks at Khan Academy to improve education for everyone, everywhere. His professional history includes starting small businesses and writing clean code at startups. He's a big fan of being happy, technology and how it can help the world, reading, tea, and all situations that provide backdrops for exceptionally long conversations camping, hiking, or hosting dinner parties. Laurie Community Support Manager Laurie is a nerd for online communities, and at Khan Academy gets to work with one of the internet's finest.

Before Khan Academy, Laurie helped internal teams make sense of the strange and wonderful weirdness of internet communities at various gaming and social media startups.

When she's not geeking out over the amazing ways that humans interact online, she can be found exploring some part of the world trying to collect good stories. She is a member of an awesome team working to bring top talent to Khan Academy by providing a world-class candidate experience. She strives to not only make every experience personalized but build long lasting relationships with every candidate. She graduated from Carrington College with an A. When Julie isn't at work, she's busy volunteering at her son's little league and teaching her puppy, Chewie.

Anthony IT Administrator Anthony supports the staff at Khan Academy ensuring the technology is up to date and working reliably. He has a passion for technology that started at an early age and built his first computer to play the latest games.

Learning new tech and solving problems are two things he enjoys. Michael Software Engineer Michael has joined Khan Academy after years of building all kinds of software, everything from embedded devices to video games. He likes dodging trees and sharks while mountain biking and scuba diving, respectively. Hannah Software Engineer Hannah fell in love with Khan Academy while developing an introductory computer science curriculum for middle school students. She interned at KA in and is thrilled to be back full-time!

Her favorite activities include baking and biking. Dave Programs Associate Dave is on the Adoption Team, where he thinks about how to help teachers and schools inspire a lifetime love of learning. Prior to joining Khan, he studied International Politics and Mandarin at Georgetown University and taught high school algebra, calculus, and statistics to tenacious teenagers in Texas and California.

For fun, he loves adventure races, narrative non-fiction books, and moderately competitive lawn games. Diedra Software Engineer Diedra is a former artist that's excited to be helping develop the future of education. In their spare time they enjoy chasing pigeons and reading comics. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Claire has been home with her two boys and previously a project manager for an audio-visual company in the Bay Area.

When Claire isn't at work, she's busy volunteering at her boy's school as a Docent for Art in Action, Team Parent for her boy's Soccer team and teaching U-Jam Fitness and other fun dance activities. Nick Product Manager Nick's working on new tools that support teachers and classrooms. Previously, Nick helped build and grow products at betaworks, Techstars, and Canvas Networks.

A fan of wordplay and creativity, Nick is interested in inventing new interfaces for expression. Our goal is to be equal parts coach, mechanic, statistician and guru, occasionally with a little firefighter and comedian thrown in. We love helping our learners build their confidence and boost their scores with concrete techniques, strategies, and explanations that are warm, rigorous and candid.

We hope to inspire our students to reach their targets and pursue their dreams. Harsha Product Manager Harsha Dronamraju joined Khan Academy because he believes solutions to the world's toughest problems could be locked in the mind of a student without access to a high quality education. Previously he helped create the Zope web framework and did a bunch of public art projects.

He likes building kites and horsing around with his daughter. She's fascinated by the impact Khan Academy has made and will make in uplifting the lives of so many people, worldwide. She loves Mathematics, playing badminton, swimming and eating desserts. Aasmund Software Engineer Aasmund is a geek of all trades who grew up in Norway where winter isn't only coming, it's been there all the time. Since discovering programming at the age of twelve, it has been his greatest hobby. While studying at the university, he discovered his love for teaching, and started giving extra lectures to his fellow students.

When not teaching or programming, Aasmund enjoys reading, playing classical piano, hiking, and bragging about the three extra letters in the Norwegian alphabet: Prior to joining us, Jen worked in several community-based social service organizations and libraries. She enjoys historical fiction, quirky comedies, and watching everything with the subtitles on. Odelia Junior Accountant Odelia is super excited to be part of the Finance Team to help make sure all transactions, big and small, are accounted for accurately.

Outside of work, Odelia enjoys reading, traveling to exotic and unexplored places, learning new things, visiting cute card and paper shops, admiring the color changes in leaves during fall season, and attending basketball games.

us physics meet the team ideas

She also volunteers at a mentorship program monthly to hopefully inspire and guide students to take charge of their learning. Sanyukta Designer Sanyukta is a designer who is excited to work on products that bring the world forward.

Coburg Banks

She's had a mishmash of experiences - from working freelance, interning at a giant corporation and working at a design agency, to being an in-house brand and UX designer at a tiny startup. Sanyukta enjoys cookouts with friends and family, traveling, collecting gorgeous cookbooks, putting a fried egg on everything and battling her Goodreads reading list.

Ashley Science Content Creator Joining Khan Academy as a content fellow, Ashley is a former educator, turned ed-tech wizard, who admittedly still thinks she is an educator. Besides loving all things biology-related, Ashley rides horses, runs, bikes, reads, and writes - though never all at once.

She's also an animal mom to two horses, three wily cats, and a dog named Bucket. Lauren Growth Marketing Manager Lauren leads marketing initiatives to spread the word about Khan Academy to people around the world.

In her spare time she loves cooking, reading, and watching Broadway musicals.

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Alice Software Engineering Fellow Alice is an ardent believer in growth mindset, lifelong learning and quality education for all. Prior to Khan Academy, she specialized in marketing and business development before transitioning to software engineering.

He ardently believes that you Khan teach yourself anything, and his efforts Khantribute to direct-to-learner initiatives. His background is Khanducive to thinking deeply about the kinds of nebulous problems KA faces in its ambitious quest to educate the world!

Khantrary to popular belief, his Khantless puns are Khanpletely involuntary — a reflex he Khant Khantrol. Tatiana Designer Tatiana is at her happiest with her work when she can empower people to discover their potential.

Previously, she has worked as product designer for leading edTech startups in China. She studied engineering in Colombia and fell in love with design when she was an exchange student at the Stanford d. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Ginny spent the bulk of her career at Intuit running various business units and functional groups. He's won seven regional and one national Emmy award for his sports and investigative work and he's honored by the privilege to now be sharing the stories of Khan Academy with you.

Ruchira Software Engineer Fellow Ruchira is excited about working on products that provide accessible and high quality education to millions around the world. She became passionate about working in education after TAing for computer science classes during her undergrad.

KA has provided her the perfect cross-over of education and software engineering. He is most interested in the potential for the right learning experiences to transform people into curious, lifelong learners. A math and science geek at heart, Kairui had previously used his powers to fight fraud and to build an automated factory.

At Khan Academy, he uses the power of computers, statistics and heart to understand how people can learn most effectively and have fun while doing it! Prior to Khan Academy, she was an elementary school teacher in Korea while she taught herself to code. She loves learning new things and being a creative human being. With her free time, she paints, exercises, translates novels, and reads about cutting-edge tech.

Josh Software Engineer A perpetual learner, Josh is atingle with enthusiasm that he gets to help build a product that provides education for all.

us physics meet the team ideas

When he isn't building software things, he can often be found watching cats playing the piano on YouTube. Nancy VP Consumer Marketing Nancy heads up the effort of figuring out "how do we make students aware of Khan Academy's excellent stuff?

In her spare time, she watches reality TV and hunts Pokemon with her 8-year old daughter gotta catch 'em all! She shifted career paths with the desire to help bridge the gap between technology solutions and mission-driven organizations.

David Software Engineer David is a problem solver and an optimizer. He is always looking for alternate routes to take. David spends his free time hiking or skiing the mountains of Colorado, depending on the season. When it's rainy, he enjoys board games with friends. Cora Software Engineer Cora took a long and fruitful detour through the study of music and culture with a side of data science before returning to their roots coding in Python. Outside of work, Cora likes to sing, read and write poetry, and enjoy the company of their partner and two cats.

Marta VP of Engineering Marta leads the engineering team in building learning experiences that provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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Marta taught math before developing software and is excited to now combine her passions in service to the Khan Academy mission. Previously, she was at Duolingo bringing free language education to millions of people around the world.