Trillium blooms meet the spartans

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trillium blooms meet the spartans

The glamour of white flowers. inspiration - plantings of ornamental grasses and mixed flowers (Miscanthus, Stipa, Festuca, Meet the Mints – Garden & Gun. In Asheville, seasonal favorites like trillium, tulips, azaleas and violets herald the arrival of spring with their showy blooms, and as the season. Trillium: When people and nature meet in harmony - See 14 traveler reviews, 7 candid photos, and great Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Sparta, WI(Sparta) .

Originally this was to separate the women and children from the men, but is now used to have the children meet on one side. There is no pastor or other church hierarchy. A "Spartan" yet utilitarian Quaker meeting house in Sparta Just outside of the meeting houses is a small grove of trees. Bill led me to a blanket of small white delicate flowers that were in bloom and explained that these were called trillium and were the official flower of Ontario. These are only in bloom early in May and only for a couple of weeks a year.

They are apparently very fragile and don't like to be moved. Indeed, he explained that there is a law in Ontario that these cannot be picked. I counted myself very fortunate to be here at this time to see these rare blossoms. The Ontario trillium - official provincial flower. Bill told me as well that in the mid s many Methodists made their way into Sparta. His grew up in Sparta as part of this Methodist heritage. Bill is very active for being 82 years young.

He is also planning ahead. I guess the last interesting thing about Bill is that he already has his grave headstone up in the Sparta town cemetery. He didn't take me there, but he did tell me where I could find it.

So, I did stop by there just as I had stopped by to visit the ever-friendly Bill Fishleigh Notice the inscription on the bottom The town cemetery was on my way to visit another marvel of Sparta Mike is not related to Ken and Norma, but he is a cousin of Bill Fishleigh's I thought that was pretty funny. Mike and Lucy run Winter Wheatan absolutely delightful shop full of folk art. Lucy is an accomplished folk art painter and Mike is a very creative folk art sculptor Not all of the objects for sale were made by Lucy and Mike.

In fact, Lucy's paintings are her only works that are for sale and Mike doesn't sell any of his work. Rather, they have have folk art products from many places The shop is nestled in an enchanting little stand of tall pine trees. There are a couple of buildings and Mike's artwork dots the property throughout. The inside of the shop is what one would expect of a shop full of handicrafts.

Lucy has actually created themed rooms with items centering around the themes. Trillium Bed and Breakfast was created for families to spend time together not in front of a screen but as a way to reconnect with each other. Trillium represents what it is like to live WHEN you can feel like you are the only one around and that is hard to find these days since we as a race seem to have nothing better to do with our time than look at whats bigger and better about the new shopping mall or fast food place.

I am will to bet that if you talked to anyone who is in their 60's or older they can describe a time in their life that sounds an awful lot like Trillium.

Oxford County, Ontario

This may not be the place for you right now, but someday it will be. The flowers in bloom here starting in the Spring and running threw the fall are amazing and the sunsets are one of a kind in the newly created Trillium Gardens.

trillium blooms meet the spartans

So I say in closing come to Trillium with an open mind and enjoy one of the last places on earth that is still how God created it. More Show less Date of stay: Some of the rural scenes of Oxford County: The cow was known as the Springbank Snow Countess. This lifesize concrete statue was made to honor a record-setting milk producing Holstein Freisian cow. The designer was Ross Butler. The "Snow Countess" was born on November 18, and died August 9, During her lifetime, she produced 9, pounds of butterfat, impressive at that time.

Dent, owner of Snow Countess. It is by no means the largest cow statue see this page for the World's Largest - I have been there too! The Springbank Snow Countess The "Friendly City", as Woodstock is also known, is also famous as the only municipality in Ontario that still has its old public buildings.

Indeed, the City Hall and County Courthouse are both beautiful old structures and are both still in use. The Public Library and other buildings are also impressive.

trillium blooms meet the spartans

The current City Hall location was the site of the original post office. When the old city hall currently the Woodstock Museum was too crowded, the city moved into the post office in After visiting Woodstock the following year he envisioned a series of villages linked by a military road and a system of rivers and canals, providing inland access during an era when commerce and settlements depended on major waterways.

These communities and roadways also provided an overland supply route for the safe movement of troops and settlers. Although Woodstock was designated a potential town site inWoodstock was not settled untilwhen two New Yorkers, Zacharias Burtch and Levi Luddington applied for land grants.

Zacharias and his sons cleared The Burtches were joined by other American settlers who purchased land in Woodstock. These American settlers dominated the political and commercial structure of the developing Woodstock causing provincial leaders to question the loyalty of this emerging community.

Woodstock was subsequently settled by a large population of English and Scottish settlers, as well as naval and military officers loyal to the crown.

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The museum in Woodstock is housed in another old building, the former town hall. It is not a huge museum, but it is quite interesting.

trillium blooms meet the spartans

The building itself is a National Historic Site in Canada. It still houses the old council chambers from I was particularly interested in the Oxford Rifle Galleries, with their old uniforms and artillery. Having been to many Civil War sites in the U.

This designation was amended in to be the 22nd Battalion, The Oxford Rifles. They even fought in the Boer Wars in South Africa. I have already addressed the following place herebut wanted to add it to the Oxford County page as well.

Folks, here is the Cliff Bruce Windmill Hill. I actually had a chance to speak to Mr.

trillium blooms meet the spartans

Bruce on the phone a few weeks ago. When he answered he said "another of you guys? When are you going to quit calling". After talking a moment, he thought I was soliciting something. He softened up when I told him that I had hoped to get over and see his place in more detail and get pictures of him and his story. I still hope to make this visit and update it on this page.