Trailer meet the little fockers 4

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trailer meet the little fockers 4

| Trailer Teri Polo and Ben Stiller in Little Fockers () Daisy Tahan at an event for Little Fockers () John 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X. All hell breaks loose when the Byrnes family meets the Focker family for the first time. As enjoyable as Meet the Parents was, the film did lack one tiny thing – the Let's pick through the Little Fockers trailer to see what we can find No, it isn't any funnier. Little Fockers 4. 4. But when Ben Stiller does the CIA. Little Fockers: Trailer 2 . Dec 22, | Rating: /4 | Full Review Stick with Meet the Parents instead, it was the best of the trilogy and is.

Little Fockers 3 3.

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Is it any funnier? No, it isn't any funnier. Little Fockers 4 4. Boy oh boy, that's comedy gold right there! Little Fockers 5 5. And now to the improbable casting choices section of the Little Fockers trailer. As you can see, this instalment stars Jessica Alba, fresh from showing off her comedy chops in that film about the man who graphically attacks the prostitute and, equally depressingly, Good Luck Chuck.

Little Fockers 6 6. That's not such a weird choice. She might be primarily known for her strange, otherworldly work with David Lynch, but remember that she was also in Jurassic Park. Like Robert De Niro, Dern can play both comedy and drama. She's a versatile actor and she'll do well here. Little Fockers 7 7.

trailer meet the little fockers 4

He can only play variations on his Bad Lieutenant character, which explains the scene in Little Fockers where he suffers a harrowing, guilt-induced breakdown in a church. Little Fockers 8 8.

Little Fockers

And, of course, there's Barbra Streisand. Little Fockers 9 9.

trailer meet the little fockers 4

Bob tells Greg of Jack's original intention to name him as successor, "The Bobfather", and his relief and happiness at leaving Jack's family makes Greg slightly uncomfortable. Eventually, following a row at a clinic, Greg escapes to his and Pam's unfinished new house, where Andi turns up. She tries to cheer him up with takeout and wine, but she drinks so much wine also popping many erection pills that she gets excessively drunk and makes an eccentric, extremely aggressive sexual pass on Greg.

Jack, looking for Greg so he can apologize to him and bring him home, pulls up to the house and sees through the window what looks like Greg and Andi having sex, although Greg is actually trying to rebuff Andi's advances.

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Disgusted, Jack leaves, and tells Dina and Pam that he couldn't find Greg. Greg's parents Bernie Hoffman and Roz Streisand rejoin the family at the twins' birthday party the next day. Enraged at Greg's apparent infidelity, Jack engages him in a physical fight, despite Greg claiming that Andi was drunk and he was rebuffing her. The fight culminates with Jack having a heart attack and collapsing, and Greg quickly taking charge of the situation and looking after Jack. As paramedics take him away, Jack quietly admits that he believes Greg after feeling his carotid artery, which remained stable while Greg was claiming his innocence.

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers -- International Trailer from Little Fockers ()

Impressed with Greg for his integrity and quick thinking, Jack approves Greg to be the Godfocker. Four months later, on Christmas Day, Greg and Pam's parents come to spend Christmas with them in their new house.

Greg's parents who are Jewish give Jack a kippah as his present, informing him that while they were nursing him back to health they traced his family roots and discovered that he is part Jewish which doesn't impress Jack.