Toni and guy westfield meet the team skyrim

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toni and guy westfield meet the team skyrim

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I have enjoyed all my time at the Stratford salon and will continue to do so. My favourite thing about the salon is the amazing team that I work with but also my regular clients are the best and make my experience at the salon amazing. This has been an immense honour and something I wouldn't have been able to do without a fantastic team working by my side.

toni and guy westfield meet the team skyrim

I enjoy the challenges and journeys I go through with my clients, making sure they are always happy. Krisztina Stylist What's your journey been like so far?

toni and guy westfield meet the team skyrim

Working in the Stratford branch has been extremely exciting. I love working with my team! What's your favourite part of the hair industry?

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I definitely love hair up and bridal hair etc. Learning new things is exciting and amazing as I develop my skills. What languages do you speak?

My favourite thing about the Stratford branch is that I can always count on the support of management and staff with everything, we are all like one big happy family. Three words that people would describe me; Perfectionist, caring and happy. My favourite thing about the Stratford salon is the positive vibe I get from my colleagues, customers and the salon itself.

I love being part of an amazing team that helps and encourages you to aim high and achieve the most. Three words that people would describe me; Hard working, enthusiastic and upbeat.

These are not to be missed. Get there early and rush to get your name on the list. Many were talking about it. From the fairy tale. You live in a treehouse, in a ramshackle forest community. Using a technique called texture mapping, mom is played by an actress wearing a full body motion capture suit.

You and mom are tracked in real time by 41 external cameras. Real objects like brooms, teakettles, railings and, ultimately, a giant bean, are brought into the drama, texture mapped to match the cartoon world you inhabit. Mom immediately shoves a broom in your hands puts you to work. Soon enough, mom has to go out, but she leaves you with one simple job: The trader asks to look at the radio and before you can say anything she casts off and tosses a giant bean to you in exchange.

Soon the floor begins to vibrate as the room is entwined by giant green vines and thrust into the air. As the roof is torn away you feel the wind and see the sky. When the shaking finally stops, you see an opening that leads to the cloud kingdom. When you walk through it, the experience is over. Why would human beings do this to one another? What does the Syrian government possibly have to gain by slaughtering its people?

When the bomb goes off you are covered with debris. You go to help a trapped girl, and feel the heat of a fire and the urgency of the father. Mark specialises in short ladies cutting and styling, mens skin-fades, hair extensions and GHD curls. Antony Style Director Antony has been with us since and specialises in Mens hair and Short ladies hair.

His career highlights are winning the in-salon awards and vardering with a distinction. The team describe Antony as thorough, talkative, enthusiastic, precise and a 'problem solver. He has also worked at London fashion weeks blow out bar. Natassia Natassia has been working for the company for 10 years now.

She received a distinction and was the project winner in her vardering training. She moved to London from Nottingham 2 and a half years ago and has developed her career hugely ever since.

She got chosen to be in The Breakthrough team in and is now busy assisting on Photoshoot's as well as styling her own and taking part in events such as London Fashion Week.

Meet the team

She specialises in Afro hair and her passion is making the hair the best condition it can be. She is also studying music at university and is in the salon on Monday and Thursday.

Her colleagues describe her as friendly, passionate, hardworking, loyal, considerate and inspiring.