Tiger meet of the americas 20012

tiger meet of the americas 20012

The NATO Tiger Association or the Association of Tiger Squadrons was established in Promoted by French Defence minister Pierre Messmer, its role is to. Happy holidays and see you next year, Tigers! . has grown from a dogged startup to a small but fierce Tiger parent organization. We can't wait to meet you !. At Tiger Analytics we are working on some cutting-edge data analytics problems across various doma See this and similar Meet Tiger Analytics 5) Inc. - Among fastest growing American private companies.

The whole wing has been participating and it has helped to have a big team behind us so that the little details are not forgotten. So on Friday September 12th a total of personnel from 7 visiting units descended on a cold and rainy Cold Lake.

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A small open day was held on Saturday 13th for the local population to view the colourful tiger markings and learn a little about the TMOTA. That evening saw the first of the tiger games with a Karaoke session at the Junior Ranks Club.

tiger meet of the americas 20012

Sunday morning everyone gathered at the 4Wing theatre for the official welcome and a briefing for the three days of the Large Force Employment LFE exercise. The theme for the next week being typically Canadian: So our wing commander said that he wanted as many people who do not normally deploy to come up to Cold Lake. We brought some medical folks, our civil engineers, we had finance people to do our travel vouchers, and information management folks help out with the orders.

These are the people who get all of the paperwork done for us so it was great to have them here with us for once. Essentially the aim was to give as many people as possible the opportunity to deploy to what is a fun time, and they can get some training in as well.

We still have the homeland defense mission back at Buckley AFB, so we had to leave jets and maintenance people there to keep that operation going but we brought eight jets and as many people as we could fit on the transport aircraft. With the NTM things are very well established, the flag raising ceremony, the welcome dinner, it is very formalized.

Roy saw it as a chance to renew the tradition, as he was a former CF pilot who has attended a number of European Tiger Meets when based in Germany: Congratulations were given to the skills, efforts, and perseverance of those who made it happen. The use of dedicated tankers enabled missions in excess of 4 hours, and meant that many of the fighters opted not to fly with underwing fuel tanks.

tiger meet of the americas 20012

Being crowned champions means that Squadron will host the next Tiger Meet of the Americas at Cold Lake, hopefully in An impressive line up of Fs on the Buckley flightline. In addition to the home based aircraft, some fifteen visiting Vipers were in attendance.

Base Visit #12 - Tiger Meet of the Americas

Along with Nebraska ANG tankers operating out of their home base at Lincoln MAP, the 'Totin Tigers' provided both boom and drogue refuelling services to the fighter packages over the three flying days of the exercise. From left to right It was not recorded whether this gave them an edge in the 'furballs' over Utah. The Tiger spirit was much in evidence during Missions, Games and at the Bar! One event was the tug-of-war.

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A group shot next to the Bold Tiger car. From left to right: Despite this there are a number of 'big cat' units based in the US that want to participate but cannot because of their on-going real world commitments and budget constraints.

With the intention of submitting themselves for Honorary Tiger Association membership they took on the challenge of organizing the first ever stateside Tiger Meet.

tiger meet of the americas 20012

It became clear almost immediately that European squadrons would be unable to attend, for the very reasons of cost and distance that this stateside event had been proposed in the first place.

It was then decided to concentrate on limiting invitations to units from North and South America.