The track meet movie directors

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the track meet movie directors

The current and future states of film and television, through the independent lens. Sessions in the Film & TV Industry Track cover topics such as distribution, financing, Producer, Director . Lounges & Parties · Meet Ups · Online Networking. In 30 lessons, learn the art of film from the director of Goodfellas, The Departed, and Taxi Meet your new instructor: Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese. A runner attempts to woo a woman he sees at the track with the perfect pair of shoes. The Track Meet Poster Director: Eric LaPlante (as Eric Laplante) . portrayal as Daniel Plainview in this short film as a flush cheeked, baby-fat slithering.

Finally, while agents were referenced above in the context of auteur dealmaking, they can assist younger filmmakers as well. Each agency has one or more agents covering the indie scene, and while a hit festival short may not get you a feature deal, it should attract the interest of at least one agent speculating on your future potential.

the track meet movie directors

Filmmakers are signed off great shorts, in which case an agent can make producer meetings happen. Before approaching producers, directors should develop a presentation package. But while a script used to be all that was needed, these days, as Ariston Anderson wrote about in our Summer issue, lookbooks and even mood reels are commonplace.

Things are more democratic and open than anytime ever before with all these online platforms. Almost every producer interviewed recommended making it through some form of personal connection. But I find that the best projects come through my own personal network of directors, writers and producers.

Those of us who are creatively aligned seem to naturally cluster together, so I have this great trusted network of people recommending projects and filmmakers to me. Recommendations from colleagues can cause a script to rise to the top of the queue. And how should a director approach a producer once that initial connection is made? Also a timeline helps a lot: Succinctly, say the producers here. I would advise against something too helpless, i. In addition to following the other advice contained here, directors should make clear in their email why they are approaching a particular producer.

What films have they produced that inspired them? What is it about their approach that beckons? Do not go ahead and attach a screenplay in that first query and make sure the font of your salutation matches the body text of your email; failing to do so indicates an obvious and spammy cut-and-paste job.

But in general, the characters of Twitter are not an acceptable way to pitch a producer, nor is reaching them via text or through a personal page. There exist various project forums directors can apply to where directors can meet face-to-face with producers, speed-dating style.

The best thing about project forums is that producers and financiers go there specifically to look for projects. Just work harder, and apply again the next year.

the track meet movie directors

I had gone to SXSW the last five years in a row, just to support friends with films, and to try and meet other people. I saw it, liked it and had just finished writing my script. So I gave it to her to see what she thought. You just insert yourself in those environments and meet people naturally that you like as people. Their pairing, however, has been long in the making.

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I started a relationship with her long before I had the script. When it came time to give her this very personal story I had spent two years writing, she not only read it but immediately started sending it around and helping put a package together. But it all started with a personal relationship. We liked the same films and just hit it off.

According to Perrell, a seemingly contradictory blend of tempering of expectations and enthusiasm is required here. The director has to be able to inspire a huge group of people, from the financiers, to the cast, to the crew, to journalists, to distributors. No matter how hard it gets, you have to be able to make each other laugh.

While experienced producers have a lot to offer — and are necessary for many types of films — some directors are pursuing other routes.

Audio commentary

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the track meet movie directors

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March This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. February Learn how and when to remove this template message A number of films and music videos released today feature audio commentaries.

the track meet movie directors

While many of them will not hold the interest of the casual viewer, specific releases stand out, mainly those with elements of historical interest or subject-specific information from expert advisors. For example, the inventor of the steadicamfeatured throughout the audio commentary track for The Shiningdiscusses his work with the ground-breaking technology in several films leading up to that landmark production.

the track meet movie directors

Filmmakers and cast may reveal stories from behind the scenes, explain the process involved in their work, or simply offer additional laughs. Films[ edit ] The science-fiction movie Sunshine directed by Danny Boyle contains an audio track with physicist Brian Cox. The author and professor, who served as an advisor on the production, discusses scientific accuracies and inaccuracies depicted in the movie. The Blu-ray edition of the film Galaxy Quest includes a tongue-in-cheek trivia commentary called "Galactopedia".

Written by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda, the Galactopedia purports to be based on Galaxy Quest encyclopedias, technical manuals, and other imaginary books that presumably come from the universe in which Galaxy Quest was a real TV show. The Halestorm Entertainment movie Sons of Provo features a commentary on the film, and then a commentary on the commentary, where they discuss what they said in the commentary. Silhouettes of the trio were added to the picture using one of the subtitle tracks, in a manner that made it seem as if they were sitting in a theater commenting on the movie as it was screened for them.

This was seen as a homage to or imitation of Mystery Science Theater In some scenes, arrows, lines, or circles may be drawn onto the screen to highlight things the directors are talking about. The DVD release of Fantasia features two separate commentaries: DisneyJames LevineJohn Canemakerand Scott MacQueen; and a second by Walt Disneycreated using audio clips of interviews and a voice actor reading his production meeting notes, hosted by Canemaker.

When its sequel, Fantasiawas released on DVD, it also included two separate audio commentaries: One featuring Roy E. Disney, Levine, and Canemaker, and the other featuring commentary on each of the separate segments of the film by the directors and art directors of each segment.

For the sections starring Mickey Mouse "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and Donald Duck "Pomp and Circumstance"voice actors Wayne Allwine and Tony Anselmo were used to make it seem as though Mickey and Donald were providing their own commentary on their appearances in the film. The DVD releases for Atlantis: The Lost Empire Special EditionTreasure Planet and Finding Nemo contained specially-edited "video commentaries"; the feature-length audio commentaries by the directors and producers were punctuated by cues to video segments illustrating various behind-the-scenes aspects.

Similarly, in several commentaries on the first season of Lostthe commentators would actually stop the episode's progress and play behind-the-scenes clips, continuing to talk over the footage.

Harris, a writer on the show, did not write this particular episode, but was included in the commentary at the request of Segel, who spent the majority of the commentary intoxicated and in only his boxers.

Segel at one point places 12 condoms on the table between the two and spends the majority of the commentary insinuating a relationship between him and Harris, much to Harris' chagrin. They relate how they felt slighted by the film, and how the director Marty di Bergi in the film did a "hack job" with the documentary.

The commentary is another added element to the fiction of the band. Like Spinal TapAlan is heard to be frustrated at how the show makes him appear. The Ultimate Matrix Collectiona box set of the entire Matrix trilogyhas two audio commentaries on each film — one by philosophers who loved it Dr.

The commentary on Trey Parker 's Cannibal! The Musical aka Alferd Packer: The Musical is notable in that the commentators — cast and crew — start out sober at the beginning. As the movie progresses, the group drinks and gets more and more inebriated.

A similar commentary, featuring many of the participants from that commentary, was recorded for Orgazmo.

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The fourthfifth and sixth season box sets of The Simpsons contain special "illustrated commentaries" on selected episodes, where two animation directors draw on screen while commenting on the episode. This is achieved by using subtitle data to produce the drawings overlaid on top of the video in sync with the audio commentary track.

The Simpsons and Futuramaboth Matt Groening creations, are among the few TV series to have audio commentary tracks on every episode in their season box set DVD releases. For Futurama, the commentators point out who voiced minor characters. The actors for these characters are otherwise unlisted in the ending credits. Doctor WhoMr. The commentary for Eurotrip has the writers and director playing a drinking game to their own film, while giving a commentary.

When the first season of Veronica Mars was rushed to DVD so first-time viewers could catch up before the second season began airing in Fallthe creator, Rob Thomasrecorded an audio commentary for the pilot which was a downloadable podcast because there wasn't time to get it on the boxed set.

In lieu of recording a commentary himself, Michael Moore allowed his interns and secretary to record the audio commentary for his documentary Bowling for Columbine. On the DVD release of Shaun of the Deadone of the four commentary tracks is given over entirely to a recording of the actors who played zombies in the movie. The first cast audio commentary including Simon PeggNick FrostKate AshfieldLucy Davis and Dylan Moran also mocks audio commentaries as the cast admit that they almost never listen to them with Simon Pegg claiming he listens to them when going to sleepas well as Dylan Moran saying that they simply involve people saying things like "oh, we used a steadi-cam for that one because Roger had a bad knee", and that no-one was interested in hearing it.

The real audio commentary can be found as an easter egg on the DVD. On the audio commentaries for seasons of The Venture Bros. On the cast and crew commentary for SuperbadJudd Apatow orders the actors not to swear in front of his nine-year-old daughter Maude, who is also present for the recording.

This is a reference to a line spoken in the film by Lazarus: The Legend of Ron Burgundy contains a commentary track where the director Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and David Koechner get into a fight because David thinks he had too little parts in the movie, and Andy Richter and Kyle Gass get into a fight because they didn't get into the movie, leading one of them to punch Will Ferrell in the nose.

Reilly doing the bulk of the commentary as a musical performance accompanied by film composer Jon Brion and Los Angeles Clippers player Baron Davis. It is also written as 'hilarious' on the DVD cover. However, director Darren Aronofsky recorded a commentary track on his own and made the track available for free download on his personal website.

In the Utopia commentary, he humorously relayed to David Tennant that he had received a letter from a viewer asking him to stop doing this. However, Davies refused to do so and afterwards Tennant began using the phrase a lot himself. The special edition DVD of Child's Play did not feature any contributions from the director, Tom Hollandwho claims he was not asked to contribute to it. In response, the website Icons of Fright contacted Holland and asked if he would be willing to record a commentary track that would be free for download on their website.

He agreed, and the track is downloadable from here. Lunt and Larry the Cucumber respectively. In-theater audio commentary[ edit ] Kevin Smith coined the idea of in-theater audio commentary, going to see a movie at the theater, and after having downloaded onto one's iPod a podcast of an audio commentary, returning to the theater a second time to watch the movie while listening to the commentary at the same time.

August's blog lists "rules and guidelines" for how to use in-theater commentary. An audio commentary track for The Nines featuring John August along with actor Ryan Reynolds was posted in m4a and mp3 formats onto August's blog. This film had a considerably more limited release than Clerks IIfeatured in only 5 theaters in the U.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message Novelist and film historian Tim Lucas has recorded close to audio commentaries since his first, for Mario Bava 's Black Sunday in For the majority of his commentaries Logan was a solo commentator but occasionally he was joined by notable film makers and cast including Tsui HarkChristy ChungDonnie Yen and Maggie Q.

Since losing his ability to speak due to illness, these recordings were also used to supply Ebert's collection of spoken words for his speech synthesizer since the soundtracks of his television show were too contaminated by background noise to use. He also participated in the commentary for the pilot episode of The Sopranos. Matt Groeningcreator of The Simpsonshas recorded commentary on most episodes of the show thus far released on DVD — as of [update]seasons one through ten — as well as every episode of his other creation, Futurama.

CohenGroening's co-developer and occasional writer on Futurama, also provided commentary on every episode, as well as several installments of The Simpsons. Film directors Kevin Smith and David Fincher are notable fans of DVD audio commentary, and Fincher's "Platinum Series" release of Se7en was considered one of the most in-depth DVDs of its time,[ citation needed ] mainly due to the four audio commentary tracks, all of which feature Fincher, and cover the writing, the cast, the sound design and the cinematography.

Another commentary for Se7en was included on the Criterion Collection laserdisc, which included cast member Gwyneth Paltrowbut this track has not been released on DVD. Smith has recorded audio commentaries for all of his films except Zack and Miri Make a Pornoand also appeared on the Road House audio commentary after mentioning it on the 10th Anniversary DVD of Clerks. Fincher has recorded a track for all of his films except Alien 3which he disowned after controversy over the production.

Directors Terry GilliamWerner HerzogFrancis Ford CoppolaDavid CronenbergPaul Verhoeven and Steven Soderbergh are also highly respected as intelligent and informative commentators, often working with Criterion to create commentaries for their films.

It's better than any film school, I think.

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Ken Annakin 's audio commentary for his classic Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines holds a record for having one of the oldest surviving directors to commentate on a film. In addition to the commentary during the film, Annakin speaks on nearly 3 hours of back up material on the old classic airplanes that many fans consider the real stars of the film.

Alternate commentaries[ edit ] Originally inspired by a column by Roger Ebert[12] a small but active fan base of DVD commentary enthusiasts has sprung up since offering their own specially-recorded fan-made DVD commentaries. These tracks usually made available in MP3 format allow the fans to put forth their own opinions and expertise on a movie or TV series in much the same way as an on-disc commentary. These commentary tracks are played by starting a DVD player with the movie and an MP3 player with the track simultaneously.