The lying game emma and sutton meet joe

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the lying game emma and sutton meet joe

The relationship between Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer is based on their Ethan and Thayer think Sutton is pulling one of her Lying Games on Emma to . Emma and Sutton never met before Sutton died and her Spirit watches over her. It turns out Emma tells her best friend everything unlike Sutton who's told Mads and Char nothing. Lexi knows about Directed by, Joe Lazarov Sutton meets Lexi's mother for the first time and Lexi's mom puts some money in the cookie jar. Directed by Joe Lazarov. As Emma, Ethan and Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER) continue to search for the truth of what happened to Sutton at the lake, they follow a lead that raises more questions than it answers.

Andy Buckley as Ted Mercer, a plastic surgeon. Ted is the biological father of Sutton, Emma, and Laurel. He had an affair with Rebecca seventeen years prior to the series, resulting in the conceiving of Sutton and Emma. Helen Slater as Kristin Mercer. Kristin is the adoptive mother of Sutton and the biological mother of Laurel. She is oblivious to Sutton's biological history.

Her relationship with her husband became strained when she learned of his past relationship with Rebecca, demanding a divorce and ownership of everything they owned. Mads is the daughter of Alec and the maternal younger half-sister of Thayer.

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She is initially one of Sutton's best friends, but ends their friendship after finding out that Sutton came onto her boyfriend. She then becomes best friends with Emma after learning the truth about the twins.

She begins a complicated relationship with Jordan, her step-sibling, in season 2 after spending a one-night stand with him, not realizing he is her step-brother until later on. Christian Alexander as Thayer Rybak, the former step-son of Alec and the maternal older half-brother of Mads.

He has had feelings for Sutton since childhood, and gets involved with her in LA by sleeping with her. When he realized Sutton didn't want him, he moved back to Phoenix and met Emma, whom he developed feelings for. Despite being in a strong relationship, it ends when he gets jealous of Emma's potential feelings for her ex-boyfriend Ethan.

She returns to town after many years, now going by her middle name. Her motive for coming back to town was to reunite with Ted. She married Alec at the end of season one in order to achieve this plan.

He is Ted's best friend. His ex-wife Caroline is the mother of both children and she ran away a long time ago with Thayer's biological father, which might be the reason as to why he resents Thayer. In the season one finale, he marries Rebecca, and is arrested for the murder of Derek Rogers.

He was cleared with Theresa's help at the beginning of the second season. He knew about the twins all along and turns out to be the one who split them up at birth. He has been spending his time trying to get Rebecca convicted for the two murders that have occurred, though Rebecca insists that he himself is hiding the real killer. Tyler Christopher as Dan Whitehorse, a police officer and Ethan's older brother. He used to work for Alec, but turned against him when Alec tried to have Ethan charged with murder.

He later proposes to his former sweetheart Theresa, set on having a future together, but the two never make it to the altar due to her mysterious and abrupt murder.

Adam Brooks as Baz, Laurel's fellow band member in Strangeworthy. Laurel kissed him after she and Justin broke up, though their relationship never grew into something more.

Lexi hands Sutton her lunch in a brown bag and Sutton acts disgusted. Lexi wonders what happened to the old Emma.

the lying game emma and sutton meet joe

A biy from school called Kalvin talks to Sutton and Lexi. Sutton tries to go and sit with the cool guys but Lexi pulls her away becasue Emma and Lexi always sit with the geeks. Sutton convinces Lexi to take the money from her moms cookie jar so they can go to the gambling party.

The plan is to put the money back after they win. Sutton need the money for the bus home. Lexi is ecstatic and keeps taking photos. Sutton talks to Kalvin in private and she confirms he let her win.

Kalvin invites her to stay the night but she goes home with Lexi. Sutton gets a call from Troy from the clinic Annie was in saying annie escaped a few nights ago.

The Lying Game

He thinks Annie has gone off to look for Emma. Sutton is ready to leave Vegas and go home. Lexi and Emma share everything and are best friends. Clearly Suttons friends are not as close. She tries her best to cover the moment by getting some snacks from the kitchen. When Emma and and Ethan head towrd the kitchen they hear Kristin and Ted arguing. Kristin wants to come clean and tell Sutton the truth about the possibility of her birth mother being alive.

After the discussion he goes out the back and makes a call to Alec. Emma picks up the other receiver and listens in on the call. Alec is helping his son out by introducing him to a venture capitalist. Alec sees them talking and invites Emma to dinner. Alec gets a call from Dr. Hughes telling him that Annie Hobbs has escaped.

the lying game emma and sutton meet joe

At dinner Thayer does well and gets invited to meet the boss. Mads flirts with the venture capitalist over dinner. Derek and Char turn up at the same restaurant. They are celebrating their 10 day anniversary. Mads says it's a big deal to Char. Emma says she is doing a school paper on some things Alec might know because he is a lawer.

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Alec then makes it worse by pretending not to know Derek until Emma makes him remeber about the legal help he gave Derek. Alec lies again and says he left his wallet in his locker to escape Emma.