The family song nice to meet you

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the family song nice to meet you

A great song for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time. . Only he might have just met that giant in my imagination but Sander does have a fuzzy funny .. I'm so glad you are here, and I can't wait to tell you today's story. 7/Goodbye song. Goodbye Scott! See you later .. 31/ The family song. This is my mother. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too! This is my father. Nice to meet . Series Two Volume 1: Nice to Meet You: Rachel Coleman, Leah Coleman, Alex Brown, Travis Signing Time Volume 4: Family, Feelings & Fun DVD animation, delightful songs and children signing that make any time Signing Time ! In Nice.

What will they do? AllKindsOfLove Here is an excerpt from today's story: The fairy sisters left the pixies far behind as they followed their wolf through the ancient snowy forest until it began to thin out and grow steeper. Haukka scouted up ahead. She called down to let them know that they were coming to the foothills of the mountains. The Mountains of Way Over There they were called, but the girls always thought of them as the Mountains of the Giants.

They avoided them if they could. As they hiked, the sisters could see a small village in the distance where gray smoke wsa curling up from stone chimneys to join the gray of the winter sky. Villagers often told tales of these giants as they sat around their fires at night. Oh, for giants are great fearsome creatures who rule their territories with such strength that all who pass through their mountains never ventured off the High Road, the one and only road that lead through these peaks.

To wander off the High Road, well, that was just not done, for the price, oh the price, it was was much too terrible to pay.

the family song nice to meet you

For giants in general were not, let us say, flexible thinkers. And the least flexible thinker of all was the Giant King himself, who loved his mountains and all of his animals that lived within their rolling borders.

the family song nice to meet you

For if you broke the rules and were caught, well, you might forever be a servant to the Giant King. And so the sisters and the wolf stayed on the High Road. It was long and winding as it swooped up steep mountain slopes and down long narrow ridges.

The steady foot of the wolf never slipped, never stumbled. And these Earth fairies, they too walked with sure feet that no human possessed Have you been home for winter break?

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My whole family is home today, and they are little bit noisy. Do you know it? Did you know that this song, some say, has been sung for over a thousand years? God bless the master of this house, Likewise the mistress too; And all the little children who round the table go. For all things April Eight, please go to aprileight.

And to support this show, please go to patreon. And until we meet again, remember, I love you and you are wonderful, just as you are right now.

Will they get there in time? Who will they meet? And where is Haukka? Oh, and there might just be a pixie snowball fight in this story Walking into the sunlight and the snow, Sar following where the wolf lead, leaving wolf tracks behind them for Neiva to follow as they picked their way deeper and deeper into the depths of the winter forest. The watchful yellow eyes of the wolf, keen to keep Sar close, kept flicking back to make sure she was there. He heard every noise that hung in the air.

The almost imperceptibly silent sound of snowfall, of bird perched on the branches of the dark trees above, the swish of the wind breezing through the pines, and the breath of his dear Sar walking behind, her feet crunching through the drifts of whiteness.

Now you might be wondering what this girl is doing in the woods alone with a wolf. For Sar was the wolf and the wolf was Sar. I am so excited to share this tale with you, my dear listeners. I am so excited because today I have a Hanukkah song for you that I get to sing with my dear 7 year old nephew Sander, one of my favorite kids in the whole wide world. Well, yes, in fact, he is. Only he might have just met that giant in my imagination… but Sander does have a fuzzy funny little dog named Birdie.

That part is absolutely real! Now, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, it is so dark because it is almost the solstice, the longest darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, but that is why, have you noticed, so many different cultures and religions celebrate the light that we people can bring to each other.

One of those celebrations is Hanukkah, a festival of lights that people of the Jewish religion observe. Each night they light one more candle on the menorah. In the window, where you can see the glow of my menorah on newly fallen snow, I will light you one little candle on this the first night of Hanukkah. And then we add a candle until there are eight. James has a wonderful band called Great Willow that lots of adults like.

Spring Sprang Sprong, I hoped you liked my song and, if you celebrate Hanukkah, I hope you enjoy it with your dearest ones. A goblin, a witch, and a muddy white cat walk into a Goblin Gathering Create a magical spell that would give you the courage to speak before the Great Goblin Gathering?

For the great Goblin Gathering was a night when every goblin stood before the whole goblin assembly and bragged about all the gobliny things they have done over the course of a long year. But Gilbert, being a very shy, rather nervous little goblin, was terrified to even stand before the goblin hordes all alone, let alone brag about his deeds. The Which Witch tried to use her immense powers of imagination to imagine Gilbert standing in front of the hall, confidently boasting about all that he had done that year.

Well, not yet, anyway… Hmmmm…. It will make it easier when it is your turn to speak at the Goblin Gathering. Go ahead… what have you done? And I also, well, I carried a baby squirrel up into the tree when he fell out of his nest. These are not goblin deeds! These are good deeds! What are you thinking? You are supposed to make things harder for others, not easier!! Oh my oh my. The Goblin Council will not be happy.

Thank you for listening. Or, leave a review on your favorite podcast venue and let everyone know. Spreading the word is a lovely thing to do. April Eight has been cited as a podcast expert by the Download on Podcasting. How fancy is that? April Eight is great for your kids at while you are making dinner, at bathtime, bedtime, car time, and family time.

I learned this song from a Norwegian farmer named, Benta, who lives up in Wisconsin. She also taught me how to milk sheep and goats which was wonderful. Bread is a lovely thing to eat, God Bless the barley and the wheat, a lovely thing to breath this air, God bless the sunshine everywhere, The Earth is a lovely place to know God bless the folks that come and go Alive is a lovely thing to be Giver of life, we say thanks to thee.

But Gilbert Goblin doesn't want to - it's too scary! Gilbert goes to the tricky Which Witch for advice. Will she and her cat Jinxy help him or trick him? A special Halloween story about following your heart and honoring your own voice. My pal David at Sparkle Stories is sharing a story all about the Teal Pumpkin Project and two best friends who love to go Trick or Treating together only one of them has a food allergy.

GO find out on the Sparkle Stories Podcast. And a great place to listen to carefully curated podcast just for kids is on the Kids Listen app.

Find it on iTunes. Now for Today's Story: The Which Witch was alone. Time to think, time to experiment, time to reread her favorite book, Poisons, Potions, and Perceptions. She was alone for now, but someone was coming to find her. She could feel him on his way. Someone confused and worried too. Everyone feared her, for the conjuring and trickery she could do was beyond the understanding of almost everyone - gnomes, fairies, woodland creatures, pixies and, of course, humans, — were all bedazzled and alarmed by her potent witchcrafting.

Was she a good witch? Was she a bad witch? Oh, I can hear you. For one thing, I built a whole new website all by myself, which was a little harder than I expected. But it is done now, so go look at it and tell me what you think. It is still at aprileight. I have a silly song to share with you that I learned from my music teacher friend Ms. I invited two of my friends to come in and sing with me.

Well, since it is almost Halloween, I thought it would be nice to invite my favorite Witch over to sing with me. How lucky am I that she said yes? I truly appreciate you coming to sing with me today. You can decide when it is over… hee hee hee. How do you know I can even carry a tune? There is actually a witch in your office.

You take this fairytale thing pretty seriously! Nice to meet you, Which Witch. Thank you so much for helping me launch Season 4, Which Witch and Mia. I really appreciate it. I hope all of you friends and listeners out there teach "Gnomes are Short" to your friends and sing it all season.

Come back next week and find out what happens when the Which Witch meets Gilbert, our little goblin friend here. It is a Halloween Fairytale story episode…. Now it is a Sing-Along Episode, so I hope you have your singing voice ready. Charlie and Lucy told me to tell you not to worry.

They said that the more out of tune and goofy you are, the more fun everyone will have. I'm so glad you are here, and I can't wait to tell you today's story.

the family song nice to meet you

Here is an excerpt from today's episode: Charlie watched as the fluff of white and gray clouds moved at their leisure, casting shadows across the countryside below. Lucy was fascinated by wanderings of the rivers as they wound themselves first one way and then another, never in a straight line, as they cut across the world below them. Lakes shimmered in the sun and looked like puddles from so far above.

Aunt Cookie and mom were taking them on a big adventure all along the coast of Maine. Charlie and Lucy were pretty excited. And now here they were. Hey, Wait a minute, Aunt Cookie? Charlie and Lucy have an Aunt Cookie? Well, yes they do.

On his way to the Town Beside the River with the Leaning Clock Tower, he caught this tale, and he is now sharing it with the townspeople young and old. Today's we here the last part of the story, "Quinn Quillow and the Blue Ribbon.

It is up to Stella Squirrel and her buddy It is up to Stella Squirrel and her buddy Brizbane, a tiny mouse with a lot of attitude, to see if they can get the lost ribbon from Mrs. Here is an excerpt from today's story Are you up there? Come down and get me, will ya?

the family song nice to meet you

And with a flick of her tail, Stella Squirrel skittered down the oak and then right back up again with the small mouse riding astride her like a horse and holding tightly to the fur of her neck to keep from falling to the ground.

Why did you call me? The Old Woman chuckled and smiled at Brizbane. It is nice to meet you, wee mouse. I am not a mouse.

I am Brizbane, the Conquer. She seemed to be trying not to laugh….

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I am glad you are here because I need your help. Good thing I brought my sword! Brizbane sighed and put his sword away. Brizbane was quite dizzy by the time they got to the foot of Mrs.

But if I can tell it, it must come from somewhere. We may never know. It is my favorite thing to do! It is Episode 28! I called it a little minute about us because I love us, you and me together, so much!

I have loved sharing my songs and stories and joy with you, my dear listeners. Can you believe it? Do you have a favorites character? Stop by my April Eight Facebook page and let me know. Oh, how I would love to hear about that! And a big thank you to the Cincinnati Waldorf School - you've been such a big inspiration to me. ORG, I get to hang out with the coolest people in podcasting.

Louisiana, Vermont, Florida, and Utah! Hi, Matilda and Ada! Send me an email at april aprileight. I have a celebration of a song for you. I la la la la la la la la love being your friend, my friend! Thanks for listening to my podcast! If you haven't heard those, well, it might be fun to go back and listen to them now while you listen to these stories too. Here is an excerpt from today's story: And so he began… and here is the story he told: A tale I tell, a tale I know, a tale that's never been told.

There once was a wise old woman who lived at the top of an ancient oak tree. Now how could a person live in a tree? This oak had deep ridges in her bark that grew almost like a staircase that wound from way down at the roots and then all the way up, around and around, winding up the tree and then, there at the top, why, quite a fine spot for one table, one chair, one stove, one candle, one bed.

What more could an old woman ask for? In the mornings the birds were singing in the branches, in the afternoon the old woman was comforted by the shade of the leaves and the music of the breeze rustled through the branches like a song. And one of her particular friends was a April Eight has been cited as an expert by the Download on Podcasting. And it is coming up here in just a minute. Okay, a few days. We would brainstorm all of our ideas about Peace on the first day of camp and then we would use that big list we made to write songs from all week.

And we would also do other stuff like make crafts and do yoga and hike and stuff. It was really fun.

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And then, well, I think they all got hungry. And because they were hungry, they started talking about what they really liked to eat. That was the only thing anyone could talk about. And so we did. This song was written, with a little help from me, by a group of kids ages I hope you like it. We could sing a song about compromise We could sing a song about hamsters We could sing a song about serenity But we want to sing about donuts.

Happy National Donut Day! There is much to be said for my own dear Mother, and her name is Bonnie. Now my mom, Bonnie, was a teacher and she taught 5th grade for what seemed like a million years.

UNIT 1 - Where are you from?

This is a good song to go with a weather lesson. It helps children learn to talk about the weather and have fun. Rain, rain, go away. Play Song Numbers Song: One Little Duckling Learning Objectives: Looking for an easy way to teach your learners how to count from one to ten? They this song is all you need.

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It teachers the numbers and their spellings from 1 to One little, two little, three little ducklings. This song will help learners review key words and phrases used when talking about parts of the body.

The focus is on parts of the face. It will also focus on adjectives used to describe the physical appearance of body parts. I have a big head. I have a small nose. This song will help learners review key classroom commands.

It can also be used as a great warmer prior to any lesson. This can easily become the first song kids learn before any English course. Sit, stand up again. This song will help learners review key words and phrases used when talking about colors.

The song reviews key phrases used when talking about colors. It also introduces a few nouns and uses key colors adjectives to describe them. What color is your shirt today? My shirt is red. This song will help learners review key words and phrases used when talking about action verbs and expressing ability using the modal verb — can.

They can jump and swim. This song will help learners review words and phrases used when talking about months of the year.