The best celebrities to meet in person

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the best celebrities to meet in person

There are decent ways to meet famous people and build beneficial This is why most of them spare no costs in order to look good and use the most glamorous. Many people dream of meeting their favorite celebrity. Some people Meeting a celebrity can be very enjoyable, When is the best time to meet celebrities?. From Ed Sheeran to Lady Gaga, here are some of the nicest celebrities in to find anyone who says the Jay Leno's Garage host isn't a genuinely nice person.

the best celebrities to meet in person

Al loved it so much keeps it on his bedside locker, apparently he invited Kai and myself to a private screening of a movie he had recently starred in. Careful not to look him in the eye, I immediately close my eyes and look away.

the best celebrities to meet in person

Lights go down as the film begins. Opening credits start to roll as I watch movie Al walking through the streets of New York. Next minute I feel the couch lift up slightly. I know that feeling, I say to myself, someone has just sat on the couch next to me. Look to my right and who do I see?

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Al Pacino himself is sitting next to me as we both watch him movie Al on the big screen in front of him. Quite a treat, for Al, I presume.

Anyway, afterwards Kai wants to formally introduce me to Al. My brain panics momentarily: Is this how Al Pacino greets people, by having them kiss his hand? It must be, I say to my brain, why and how else would we be in this position? So yeah, treat celebs like royalty, it works. Rule number five A: Blurt out the first thing that pops in your mind Celebs love when you lose your inhibitions and go all weird on them. When I first met one of my best friends Mel Gibson I was sitting in a hotel lobby enjoying a beverage with two friends.

They were chatting away while I was preoccupied fiddling with my straw. When I looked up to see who sat at the table next to us I saw a face all too familiar: Without hesitation and as if I had turrets, I looked him dead in the eye and yelled out, Braveheart! My buddies looked up wincing but Mel took it in his stride and accepted my offer to converse.

Best friends ever since. The power of the blurt, it goes a long way.

What NOT to do when you meet your favorite celebrity

Rule number five, B: Have an opening line ready as an ice- breaker. When I first met Rihanna we were at a taco restaurant, sitting side by side at two cramped tables I was by myself, she had a crew. As I was minding my own business eating a salad and staring at the wall I got a tap on my shoulder.

Looked over and it was Rihanna. Again, I was useless like you at the time. Can I have a lick? Try to be normal. After are, they may not seem like a "normal person" to you, but they are. They're only human, and you should treat them as such.

the best celebrities to meet in person

Strike a balance in your attention to them. On the other hand, don't try to ignore or snub them to act like you don't care. You'll want to find a spot somewhere in the middle, treating them with respect without going completely overboard.

Try to stand out. They just might remember you for it. Find common ground and build a conversation around it, especially if it's relevant to the current situation. Maybe they're wearing a shirt of a band you love, or the venue is one of your favorite locations.

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Let an organic conversation spring from the circumstances. If you're going to compliment them, be specific. Bring up a work of theirs that touched you, and explain how and why it did. Compliment time is also the perfect opportunity to finally rave about them, but keep it reasonable. If you have a question for them about their work, be original.

the best celebrities to meet in person

People really don't like answering the same obvious question over and over and over again, so try to catch them off-guard with a thoughtful question they probably haven't heard before.