The 7d meet bashful dwarf

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the 7d meet bashful dwarf

Jim Wise (Bashful's singing voice in "Bathtub Bashful"). Nickname(s) Meet Bashful! ” Bashful is one of the dwarfs who protect Jollywood in The 7D. He may. The 7D is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation. Thinking that Sneezy might be allergic to Grumpy, the dwarfs send Grumpy to live with Delightful, but that night, .. South, East, and West meet), she gives Sneezy amsneezia (a condition where the person can't remember how to. Bashful is one of the seven dwarfs in Disney's animated film Snow White and In "Goldilocks and the 7D", after Goldilocks swipes his hat out of curiosity, After returning to their cottage, the dwarfs meet Snow White for the first time and.

Happy taught him things about fine dining etiquette such as the difference between soup spoons and a regular spoons; or the difference between water goblets and a champagne glass.

He also taught him about table manners such as when someone asked for a salt, always pass both salt and pepper, for they are inseparatable. Even Grumpy gave a tip that when a girl is leaving her seat, it's always a man to get up and assist her off the chair; same goes when a woman is going back her seat.

Sneezy taught him some few things about personal hygiene. Such as when you need to blow your nose, excuse yourself kindly and turn your back and blow your nose quietly as possible. And when a woman drops something on the floor, it's always the guy to pick it up for her.

And now for the most essential thing that the Queen expects: A Sense of Humor. Happy and Dopey taught him a lot of things about socializing and being humorous at the same time. But this isn't easy for Bashful, of course. It took him two hours to just to learn such skill. After the lessons on Humor, Doc taught him some things about the Queen's royal family history and added some few trivias, something that would make Bashful a smart dating guy for the Queen.

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Sleepy taught him not to sleep during the party, especially when the countdown starts, which is not the most helpful tip he learned. One of the most anticipating parts of the ball is the dance of Waltz.

the 7d meet bashful dwarf

So Happy and Doc taught Bashful some few basic moves of dancing. Until Happy and Grumpy began to giggle when Doc tries to teach him by being his temporary dance partner.

After the dance lessons, it's time to get dress and well-polished. Happy took out his expensive hair gel and combed Bashful's golden hair. He applied gel and brushed all his hair from front to backwards and makes bedraggled curls at the end. Making his face even more exposed. And now for a good formal wear.

Happy spotted an old suit in his closet, a black velvet coat and pants with a white long-sleeved, polo shirt and a red-velvet fabric belt. He let Bashful put it on and fit so perfectly.

Grumpy polished his old black leather shoes which is too small for him to wear. He gave to him and puts them on. And for the final touch: In both episodes of the holiday-themed episode " Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps " and " Jollybells ", he wears a green over-sized sweater instead of light blue, and a red and white scarf. Personality Dopey plays with Bob.

Seven Dwarfs

Dopey's caricature of a scary Grumpy "The Littlest Giants ". As usual in all previous Disney appearances, Dopey never talks. In The 7D, however, he whistles as a means of communication and he can understand his fellow dwarfs. He's also good at pantomiming. Dopey has a strong love of animals.

Dopey is also exceptionally skilled in painting and drawing " The Littlest Giants " and " Uncle Humidor " and performing as a magician " Abraca-Dopey ". Unfortunately he seems to be quite unintelligent as his name suggests. However, the Blue Fairy tells him that if he and Nova run away together, she will lose her wings and she will never be truly happy. To prevent this, Dreamy ends their relationship and breaks her heart.

He returns to the mines the next day and breaks his ax mining; when he is given another, it renames him Grumpy. He is later caught possessing a stolen diamond, which he did not know was stolen, and is seen in King George 's dungeon in a cell next to Snow White's. He is freed by Stealthy, one of his brothers, and he in turn frees Snow.

As he and Stealthy escape, they are discovered by George and his guards and Stealthy is killed. Before the guards can kill Grumpy, Snow goes with George in exchange for Grumpy's life. Grumpy and the remaining six dwarfs run into Snow outside the castle.

the 7d meet bashful dwarf

Grumpy tells her that she must live with the pain of a lost love to grow as a person and does not allow her to drink a potion that makes her forget about her love for Prince James. The seven dwarfs then allow her to live with them. Later, Grumpy goes to tell her that James called off his wedding, but he discovers that she drank the potion.

He and his brothers try to confront Snow about her new, mean-spirited behavior, but they drive her to try and kill the Evil Queen instead. He takes her to see Rumplestiltskinwho gave her the potion, but he advises her on the best way to kill the Queen instead. Eventually, Snow regains her memory and apologizes to the dwarfs for her behavior. She decides to rescue James, who was captured by George, and Grumpy and his brothers go with her. Grumpy is later seen discussing the best course of action against the Evil Queen and her curse, calling for war.

He is also seen as a guard looking out for the curse in a watchtower of Snow's and James's castle. In Storybrooke, he is Leroy, a janitor at the hospital and the " town drunk. He meets Sister Astrid, who is Nova, and decides to help Mary Margaret sell candles for the nunnery and raise money for the nunnery's rent so that he can be near Astrid.

When he and Mary Margaret fail to sell enough candles, he lies about the number they sold because he is unable to disappoint Astrid. He tries to sell his boat to Mr. Gold in the hopes that he will forgive the rent. Astrid later learns about the candles and is upset that he lied. That night, Leroy causes a blackout, forcing the residents to buy candles.

The candles sell out and the nunnery is able to pay its rent. Leroy then offers the grateful Astrid the opportunity to be the first passenger on his boat. Leroy's memories as Grumpy are restored when the curse is broken, and he hugs Snow when he next sees her. He wishes for Regina to be killed by the mob led by Dr. Whale, though he decides against it at Snow's insistence.

the 7d meet bashful dwarf

He unites the Dwarfs together and they begin to mine for fairy dust again. In Storybrooke, he is Walter, a security guard that works at Storybrooke Hospital who occasionally dozes off on the job. In Storybrooke, he is Tom Clark, the owner of the Dark Star pharmacy where several characters are seen purchasing different products throughout the show.

the 7d meet bashful dwarf

In Season 2, Sneezy joined the other dwarfs in an experiment that involved why the fairy tale characters can't leave Storybrooke. Upon drawing the shortest straw, Sneezy crossed the border out of Storybrooke and lost his memories of his past life in Fairy Tale Land once again.

the 7d meet bashful dwarf

In Storybrooke, he still has his name but his occupation is unknown. In Storybrooke, his human form is not named. Dopey played by Jeffrey Kaiser — Dopey is a dwarf who is one of the Seven Dwarfs and has never spoken.

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There were some other dwarfs that were associated with the Seven Dwarfs: Stealthy played by Geoff Gustafson was a dwarf who used to be part of the Seven Dwarfs' group. He received his name from his axe like the other dwarfs because of his skillful infiltration abilities.

He once tried to break Grumpy and Snow White out of his prison cell in King George's castle, but was killed during their escape. Grumpy would later comment, "I miss Stealthy", when trying to sneak into an enemy lair.