Team fortress 2 meet the female heavy weight

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team fortress 2 meet the female heavy weight

For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "If they made Scout would be a hyper ginger girl from New York. she can fit the same profile as the scout. rollerskates to help meet the stereotype. pyro: change unnecessary. perhaps slightly balance the weight/color distribution. Pyro is a class that carries a deadly Flamethrower in Team Fortress 2|Pyro Weight, 79 kg ( lb) . In the "Meet the Pyro" video, a mini female gender sign is put in the sky of "Pyroland", which is the land in which Pyro thinks he/she is in. Meet the (Female) Team With These Dashing Team Fortress 2 Portraits. Character TF2 Classes by Prospass - Imgur Tf2 Pyro, Geek Games, Team Fortress 2.

Strategies Edit Use your Compression Blast to help your teammates and yourself.

team fortress 2 meet the female heavy weight

Reflect rockets, grenades, and even stickies away; you can even reflect an enemy Spy from backstabbing or sapping. You can also reflect people off cliffs to ensure their deaths. However, careful when doing this to Scouts as they have their double jump! Maps such as Nucleus in King of the Hill and Upward in Payload have many cliffs and lethal drops, perfect for blasting airborne Scouts and other units down to their annihilation.

Attacking and retreating is often better than attacking until one of you is left standing. Afterburn is very helpful, ensuring you take a chunk out of that Demoman's or Soldier's health after your obliteration over time.

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Always ambush and cover weaker units at hand Medics, Engineers, Snipers scouts can help themselves Never charge head on, as the Pyro needs ambush tactics to survive. It's much easier to wait for Heavies and Soldiers to come to you and run them over with your Flamethrower instead of hitting the deck as you run down a corridor to your imminent doom. Switch to your Shotgun to hurt enemies that are not in Flamethrower range.

Also, use the Shotgun to do light work out of other Pyros. Keep checking for Spies if you have nothing else to do or when traveling to the front line.

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A disguised Spy will burst into flames. Pyros are the best anti-Spy units in the game, as the flames of your weapon will reveal all Spies in its range, highlighting the Spy and marking him for destruction. You are an Engineer's best friend. Reflect rockets, grenades, or stickies that come near his buildings. If anyone comes near, shoot them with fire. The set always has the Homewrecker or either the Neon Annihilator or the Maulmelee weapons that are capable of removing sappers on a hit or two, very useful against a Spy 's Sapper.

Sometimes this can be neglected with a dispenser giving ammunition, however. You cannot put out too many Airblasts at a time, and you won't need the crits on back attribute on defense as much as, say a faster weapon switch to take care of Sappers or Spies quickly by using the Degreaser.

Edit In the menu after the Engineer Update, it can say the player needs to give her a "shot", with Valve once again teasing players regarding the Pyro's gender. You have more guts zan some of ze other people on our team. I guess you could say you are 'credit' to ze team. She could always count on him to understand.

The male raised a gloved hand to her cheek and ran a thumb over her prominent cheekbone, causing her to blush ever so slightly, "-no matter what zey say, you are beautiful.

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She didn't know what to say. She didn't how to react.

team fortress 2 meet the female heavy weight

She continued to babble incoherently, struggling to say something She'd never thought herself as an attractive woman, but she didn't think she was horrible looking. But than again she wasn't—the moving of his hand snapped her back to reality. His index finger came to rest over her lips for a brief moment, causing her to cease her stammering. Her cheeks burned to the point she thought they were going to fall off. A million different things were racing through her head, but after a moment of gazing into his eyes, she slowly relaxed, her eyes becoming lidded, as if she were sleepy.

She realized had never stopped to really look at him. As he pulled away, she found herself pointing out things about him that have never stood out before. Her attempted professionalism prevented her from seeing her colleagues as anything but coworkers. This new view made her see him in a new light—his chiseled facial features, his defined lips, the slight graying of his hair, his dark, deep eyes Exhaling slowly, she looked down at the bed between them, visibly more relaxed than she was mere seconds before.

She placed one of her half-gloved hands over one of his fully gloved.

team fortress 2 meet the female heavy weight

She wanted to say something then, but words were still evading her. She chose to let her actions speak for her as she leaned in, resting her forehead against his, gazing into his eyes over the top of his glasses. They made love that night. That's exactly what it was between them now, love. He had seen past what she considered her greatest fault, and loved her all the more for it.

For that, she was thankful and loved him, too.

team fortress 2 meet the female heavy weight

As their bodies intertwined further, and his pace became more desperate than languid, they reached an even deeper level of adoration for one another.

I hope it becomes available in the game as it looks cool. For the last film of Meet the Pyro, I hope Valve starts with the Medic attempting to perform the heart upgrade surgery and asking the Pyro to remove his clothes to begin.

This will kick off the rest of the Pyro's video and we will see what lurks beneath the gasmask. With no origins and a impossible to decipher voice, it will be extremely challenging for Valve to meet the community's Pyro expectations. I'm guessing the Pyro is either Hispanic sombrero hatfemale Scout's Mother anyone?

Free to Play The end of the video says Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play forever and ever. Our guess why Valve decided to make the game free-to-play forever is because they have been raking in a mint on the microtransactions, namely the hats and weapons.