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not recognized by The College of New Jersey or the Inter-Greek Council at TCNJ. After acclimating to TCNJ and college life, students that meet the following. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Follow. TCNJ Inter- Greek. a site where you can read all about fraternity and sorority life at TCNJ and contact us with any questions. The College of New Jersey. *The executive board meets the second and the fourth Wednesday of every month at pm on the.

I really look forward to next semester and all the new adventures it holds for us.

Recruitment Schedule

Accounting Rebecca Snyder Education Director snyderr7 tcnj. At this conference, I learned of the different strategies that chapters from across the nation use to better their chapter academically.

After attending, I felt confident going back to my chapter and implementing what I learned at the summit. I enjoy giving back to my chapter and encourage my sisters to be better versions of themselves. Psychology Brittany Weiner Panhellenic Delegate weinerb1 tcnj. I work closely with other organizations to cosponsor and plan events so that our Greek community is as unified as possible.

So far my position as Panhellenic Delegate has been amazing, I cannot wait to see what's in store for this upcoming semester! Health and Exercise Science: Psychology Connie Reznik Risk Manager reznikc1 tcnj. This is done through educational presentations and activities.

I had the privilege of attending the Prevention Institute and learning what my job entails as well as meeting other risk managers. We also participate in hazing prevention week, which is upcoming in the fall semester.

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Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding my position! It's a very well rounded student body and I always love to meet people on my campus because I always learn something new.

Freshman Students here are wide and varied but everyone is serious about their work.

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Party scene is on Friday, Saturday, and oddly enough Tuesday nights. Most people don't have class on Wednesday There are organizations on campus for religious people, we even have a Secular Student Alliance for students with no religious affiliations!

Politics aren't a big deal on campus, but we do have clubs for those as well if your interested. Clubs galore for almost anything you can think of if you are looking to get involved, I personally am on the Bowling Club which is a great group of friends that bowl Sunday afternoons and during the winter season travel to tournaments.

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Overall the student body is very nice and I haven't met a mean person the whole year. Freshman there is a ton of diversity on campus, students who are white, middle class, and from the suburbs will feel out of place i know i did at firstmost students wear jeans or sweats, different types of students do not interact and are very segregated, most tcnj students are from new jersey make that all tcnj students, except me and 3 others, are from new jersey, most are from a lower socio-economic class, students are not that politically aware or active, predominantly whatever their parents vote, and students do not discuss future earnings was this helpful?

The class of inherited a legacy that we did not yet understand. The college was both expanding and contracting during our tenure Expanding: Freshman My classmates are friendly and determined to do well. There is a competitive atmosphere here, but everyone wants everyone else to succeed as well. So far I've met a lot of great people who have the same values and goals as I do. I believe that everyone who is at this school really wants to be here and is enjoying their experience very much.

Sophomore Most people keep to themselves if they don't already know other people in the class, but the SOCS system allows everyone to be able to contact each other for help or to form study groups, which can be very helpful.