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taking a girl home to meet the parents cast

Meet the Parents is a American comedy written by Jim Herzfeld and John Hamburg and At the Byrnes family home, Greg meets Pam's father Jack ( Robert De Niro), mother Dina (Blythe Danner) and their beloved cat Mr. Jinx. .. Roach cast Stiller only after it became clear that Carrey would not be taking on the role. Every day a lovely young Italian girl would come into the field to burn household that spring and was taking care of her parent's home while she was making a Eventually, I did meet her parents, who graciously invited me into their home. Job Searching · Career Planning · Internships · Work-From-Home-Jobs · View All Below is a list of things parents should not do at a casting call. Assume every casting director you meet has not only heard every excuse in the book dozens (if Avoid Bringing Overly Tired or Wired Children to Auditions.

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Despite the girls' best efforts, which include recreating the night their parents met, they fail to reunite Nick and Elizabeth. They resort to a last-ditch effort by demanding a three-day family camping trip, refusing to reveal which twin is which until after they return.

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Elizabeth tricks Meredith into taking in her place on the camping trip. Annie and Hallie play a number of pranks on Meredith, who becomes enraged after waking up in the middle of the lake on her air mattress and gives Nick an ultimatum; choose either the girls or her.

Nick, finally seeing Meredith for who she truly is, chooses the girls over Meredith, but being a responsible father, still punishes them for their mischief. Nick and Elizabeth realize they still have feelings for one another, but decide it is better to go their separate ways. Elizabeth and Annie later board a flight for London, but when they arrive, they find Nick and Hallie waiting for them them having taken a faster flight on Concorde.

Nick realizes his previous mistake was not going after Elizabeth when she left him, and proposes to her. Cast and characters[ edit ] Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker and Annie James, eleven-year-old twin sisters who were separated after birth. Following their parents' divorce, they were raised separately with no knowledge of each other's existence -- until they meet at summer camp by chance.

Simon Kunz as Martin, the James family's butler, who falls in love with Chessy. After he catches Hallie on the phone with Annie, she tells him about switching places. Lisa Ann Walter as Chessy, the Parker family's housekeeperwho meets and falls in love with Martin.

She also discovers that "Hallie" is actually Annie after noticing her strange behavior. Joanna Barnes as Vicki Blake, Meredith's mother.

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Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake, a year-old publicist and child-hating gold-digger who is planning to marry Nick. Glienna also directed and starred in the 76 minute film which was filmed on 16 mm film in and released the following year.

Producer Nancy Tenenbaum acquired the rights to the short film. He brought it to the attention of Universal Studios who initially declined but subsequently optioned the rights to the film in I think the film is fantastic, and I can't imagine a screenwriter being any happier with a film unless he directs it himself.

Which, in this case, would've been a disaster since Jay is a brilliant director He initially presented it to Roach who had, up to that point, directed the first two Austin Powers films. Roach admits to have liked the script from the beginning [27] and was very much willing to make the film even though he thought "it needed more work. The studio was skeptical of Roach's ability to direct a "less-cartoony, character-driven script" compared to a comedy like Austin Powers.

The drafts of the script were written by Herzfeld and, once De Niro and Stiller were confirmed as stars, John Hamburg was brought on board "to help fit the script to their verbal styles.

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The script was not written with De Niro in mind as Jack Byrnes; the first draft of the script was completed inthree years before De Niro appeared in Analyze This. Explaining how Ben Stiller came to be cast in the role of Greg, Roach states: The film's script was initially written with Jim Carrey in the role of Greg and contained much more physical comedy, something that Stiller did not think would be successful with himself playing the role.

She ultimately lost the role to Teri Polo because the filmmakers "didn't think [Watts] was sexy enough".

taking a girl home to meet the parents cast

Jinx the cat was played by two five-year-old Himalayan cats named Bailey and Misha sometimes written as Meesha [35]. The American Humane Association oversaw the filming of all scenes where the cats were used and ensured the animals' obedience and well-being by keeping two trainers and a veterinarian on set at all times.

taking a girl home to meet the parents cast