Sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

Station Square Chapter 1: First Day, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

"Sayonara shadow the hedgehog," She said before disappearing. I gripped . And why are you talking like you know me, ive never met you!. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination As a Prediction tells Sonic about a battle in the future, He was faced with the past Sonic Underground/Sega. He "Borrowed" a plane which became the X-tornado and was upgraded He chased Eggman to Station Square and continued the fight. The next day, Sonic was patrolling around Station Square to see if Eggman . He landed safely on the pier and Amy helped him over to the X.

Goodbye Sonia, goodbye Manic I love you guys' thought sonic as he closed his eyes. The bang and crackle of the laser sounded and Sonic flinched Sonic looked down and saw his chains had been shot free, he pulled them off and stretched groaning as his still bruised body both hated and loved the feeling.

He opened his eyes and saw those ruby eyes staring at him intently again; he blushed and began to rub his limbs to get the blood flowing again. He heard sirens and knew that Robotniks forces would be here soon, shadow had also heard it but he was waiting with curiosity, he should be running not staying here that freaky hedgehog! Shadow lashed out and pulled sonic round with his arm locked painfully behind his back.

Sonic winced but realised it must be an instinct for shadow. Sonic watched him begin to walk away into the shadows, he was leaving him? But Sonia may get you to do the dishes as she's so lazy", Shadow raised an eyebrow. At least for a while" said sonic. Shadow wondered what he should do. On a logical hand he needed rest and sustenance so crashing with sonic would be good. On the other more emotional hand the blue hedgehog was driving him crazy! The cuteness he had and shy strength, this sonic was far more interesting then the arrogant childish sonic from his world although he had grudgingly found him to be somewhat of a friend during the biolizard and the events afterwards.

But this sonic, he wanted to So involved in his thoughts he realised he had reached top speed almost breaking the sound barrier in his haste to get home. Shadow moved aside and motioned sonic to move forward, "Lead on sonic" Sonic nodded and began to run, first at a slow speed, for him anyway and rapidly gaining speed.

Shadow still kept shoulder to shoulder to him. He twisted his head round and gaped at what he saw. Shadow was still shoulder-to-shoulder with him and was smiling. The two continued to run way beyond the outskirts of Robomotropolis and into the countryside towards sonic and his siblings' hidden base. All the way sonic though had he found his equal at last? If so why weren't they dressed in women's clothing?

The hedgehog was in your grasp, I even let you use the experimental Metal sonic to help the capture! Robotnik considered this before crossing over to the pile of rubble that used to be his creation metal sonic, rummaging around he pulled metals memory core from his broken head.

He turned and fixed the two canines with an icy glare. He climbed back into his egg carrier and turned towards his team of swat bots, "Keep them under arrest until further notice" He then blasted off leaving Sleet and Dingoe to gape in horror as the swat bots cuffed them and beat them into unconsciousness.

Robotnik considered what the two fools had to say, he knew that sonic was uncannily resourceful but even his archenemy could not defeat metal sonic. Chapter 2- Meet The Family Shadow rejoiced as he and sonic raced through the countryside of mobius, He enjoyed the chance to run at supersonic speeds and the fact that the blue blur next to him was Racing side by side with him made it more enjoyable.

Before on Earth and the ARK he had considered sonic an enemy and had only been focused on killing the cocky hedgehog. But now running at just under the speed of sound with the Blue hedgehog laughing and performing tricks to show off, he couldn't be happier.

They swiftly came to a large forest, despite the pollution the trees stood tall and firm and stretched for miles in either direction. They entered the forest following an overgrown pathway before stopping at a large river flowing across the path.

He grinned as sonic bounced across some boulders of the river, doing a triple somersault and landing on the other side. Can you beat that shadow? His breath was coming in pants and a sheen of sweat was over his body, his green eyes glinted with excitement and his full-blown smile had Shadows knees nearly shaking. Now watch and learn blue" He eyed the three large boulders on the river before jumping high into the air, he bounced of the first performing a small somersault as he did.

Reaching the second he landed upside down grasping the rock with one hand and using his own momentum launched himself at the last rock performing a somersault while twisting on a degree axis. Finally on the last he bounced as high into the air as could going twice as high as sonic did before using a chaos control to appear at the top of a large oak tree behind sonic. He raced down the trunk before coming to a skidding halt next to sonic causing a small dust cloud around them.

Once sonic had stopped coughing he glared at the grinning shadow. You used that, chaos what's-it!? Sonic laughed and ran for it giving one last parting shot at the enraged shadow. Sonic laughed and did a back wards somersault throwing another raspberry at him before twisting round and running again. Sonic grinned as he heard shadows howl of anger. He saw a fork in the path through the woods and took the right one towards the hideout where Sonia and Manic where.

Shadow knowing he couldn't outrun sonic decided on a different plan. Ignoring the path sonic had taken he went into the undergrowth and began to jump from tree to tree keeping above Sonics line of site. He smirked when sonic began to slow down looking over his shoulder. He stopped and watched the path ready to run if shadow appeared. Did I leave him behind? Is he lost in the forest trying to find me? Starting to grow very concerned sonic began to shout out for shadow.

He was thrown over shadows shoulder and held in place as shadow began to run as fast as he could. He felt wind blowing over his quills forcefully and wondered where the ground was. A scream tore from Sonics lips and he instinctively curled up into a ball hoping he might survive if he bounced off the ground.

He felt arms wrap round him before there was another flash of light and that queasy feeling then the wind stopped rushing by his ears. Shadow sighed and held sonic against him rocking him a bit and murmuring words of comfort. The trembling ceased and sonic finally uncurled; shadow let him down as sonic swayed getting his bearings. Shadows face had a very comical look of surprise on it as his cheek rapidly bruised. Shadow blinked as sonic huffed and began to walk off along the path; shadow stood still a moment before rubbing his cheek and hurrying to catch sonic.

Shadow blinked and gave a soft smile, "naw its ok sonic, I guess I just took it too far" "Yeah but your still a faker so it's ok" said sonic smiling. Shadows smile dropped at the speed of light. Sonic didn't notice as he saw a burnt out barn overflowing with plants.

Shadow looked round and couldn't help the scoff he made, "some hideout sonic" Sonic glared and pulled shadow along with him deeper inside the demolished building, moving to the stone chimney that still stood he smirked at shadow before moving aside one of the bricks. He pulled a lever under the brick and the floor suddenly opened underneath them.

Shadow gave a cry of surprise as they fell into some kind of chute and began to roll down it. Sonic laughed all the way as they zoomed round the numerous bends and loops going deeper into the earth.

Finally they both shot out of the chute into a large tank filled with cushions and sheets, it was Manics idea and came to a stop. Shadow and sonic were both quite dizzy so just lay together on the cushions catching their breath. He turned to sonic who was lying next to him and watched as sonic smiled breathlessly.

Sonic and me in a bed Sonic picked himself up and winced as the stomach wound began to feel really painful, why'd it start acting up now?. Sonics hands were covering his stomach wound and wouldn't move them, he gave a fake laugh, "Im just a bit dizzy, im fine really" Shadow frowned and pulled Sonics hands away despite his protests, he gasps when he sees the deep cuts on his stomach that are slowly oozing blood. Why didn't you tell me about these? Shadow was shocked, he was injured and he cared more about bothering me?

Sonic blushed but couldn't help but stare at shadows ruby eyes. And why does that sound nice coming from him? He knelt down in front of sonic trying not to blush as he came at eye level of Sonics stomach. Why does his touch make my skin burn so nicely? Their eyes instantly locked onto Sonic.

For a moment they just stood there, staring at each other. This was the little boy she had raised. The little boy she had to leave behind. Although he wasn't so little anymore. He had grown up. His father came up behind her and put a hand on his shoulder, gripping it tight. Making sure this was the same boy he would always get onto for revving and was always eating chilidogs. Not that he had to look up far. He had grown nearly to his height Sonic opened his eyes, which were already pointed to the sky, and grabbed his foster parents hands, "Come on.

I need to introduce you to the rest of the gang! Sonia and Manic were the first ones to step up, Sonic jumping in between them. After all, it's getting kinda cramped over here. The area was filled with the newly freed Mobians and freedom fighters trying to help them. There were even some reunions mixed in there.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

It always felt good seeing those moments. Of course that just startled Sonic's foster family. And Cyrus and Trevor. Tails was flying right above Sonic's head, and it looked like they were playing around because Sonic kept making mock efforts to catch him.

If they've known each other that long how did you not know? He peeked over his shoulder and back to Sonia, then walked back to the others, "Why don't we go to the stand before we start explaining. It's going to be a very long story. Sonic quietly spoke to Tails about how to explain Green Hill and all their friends and the small fact that he was a prince.

By the time they arrived all the two had come up with, 'I was sent away for a few years and during that time a met a bunch of friends and almost got myself killed more than once.

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Oh, and I'm the prince of Mobius along with Sonia and Manic who are my brother and sister. And she did the same for my siblings here, Sonia and Manic. She had to give us up for some prophecy to come true.

It basically says that once we find her we'll make this council of four and overthrow Robotnik. We went into one of the rooms and Robotnik was there with some sort of weird gun and when we came in he fired it. Sonic disappeared and so did Robotnik and the gun.

We didn't know what had happened to him so we thought he was dead. That's where I met Tails and all my other friends out there. Apparently that area's never been mapped before either so no one from around here came by and recognized me.

What was he doing during this? Manic decided to take the reign for him, "He was robotized. All our families were. Robotnik went hunting for us and he caught our family instead. That surprised a lot of his friends. He usually had an endless appetite. Even when he was down. Tails came up and sat beside him, trying to find a way to cheer him up. Then he noticed it. His expression was the same as that day at his party.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

You have that look, and you're not eating. I'm just not that hungry. I have a high metabolism," he protested, "And you were the one who taught me how to make them. I wouldn't have eaten so many if you didn't teach me. Tails did too after a bit of pouting. His siblings relaxed next to him. Tails really knew how to make Sonic feel better. His adoptive parents relaxed as well.

I'll more than likely be running across the worlds to find more exotic places. Sonic and friends, including Eggman, made their way to the palace where Queen Aleena was waiting.

Eggman approached Queen Aleena and bowed before her, apologizing for what he did in the past. Queen Aleena forgave him and told everyone in the room there was to be a party held in their honor for saving the worlds once more. During the party, Sonic Underground was called out by the crowd for a song, to which every one of Sonic's friends, minus Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, joined in.

We're all in this together by Sonic Underground, with slight changes. We're all in this together Birds of a feather, baby We're all in this together Makin' it better, yeah Sonic: From now on, it's all for one Sonic Underground: And one for all Sonic: When any one of us needs the others help All they have to Sonic Underground: Do is call Sonic: Brothers and sister to the very end Non-Sonic Underground Members: And don't forget all of your best of friends All: We're all in this together Birds of a feather, baby We're all in this together Makin' it better, yeah We're all in this together Sonic: We're all in this together Together AN10 Cheers followed the song.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

Sonic Underground continued playing for a while, while the others went back to enjoying the party. Even Shadow loosened up a bit for that night. Everything was going good, until Sonia noticed Sonic streak out of the palace.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

He'll be back once he hears about the annual Sonic Hedgehog Chili Dog event happening tomorrow. They all watched Sonic race off in the distance looking for his next adventure. I know some of these villains shouldn't be in hell, or even known to each other, but since this is a fanfic I'M writing, then I can do whatever I want with when and where they meet and such. I'd say even Shadow has his limits of being around humans, with the exception of Chris. Yes, Manic snuck a Chaos Emerald into his pouch without anyone noticing, even though he didn't know it was a Chaos Emerald at the time.

And this is after Shadow's part. Silver's part is well before Shadow's part, so you'll have to do a bit of going back and forth for the correct sequence of things. I'm keeping it this way and there's nothing you guys can do short of removing this fic to stop me from doing so. Also, Mobius is a planet. I can make it however big or small I want it to be. So the Mobotropolis Kingdom could be one part of Mobius and Soleanna another part, and so on, and so on. This was the flux in Chaos Energy Shadow sensed, to keep you in correct story flow.

I'm only covering Sonic X series for this, not every time Chaos Control happens.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground station

I know this sounds lame and all, but since writing out the multiple combinations would take months to come up with, I decided to keep it simple like this. I had to change these little parts of the song to add in the other Sonic Characters that helped fought, minus Omega since he has a monotone voice and all, and Shadow and Rouge don't necessarily like to sing.

Sonic X meets Underground Chapter 1: Friends meet Family, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

Hoped you liked it. It certainly was interesting. So many Chaos Controls… Tails: And let's not forget everyone who went Super. I went Super Twice; I'm exhausted. You said we were going to spend the rest of the day together. From battling, my dear. I could spend eternity with you, Blaze.