Sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

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sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

Meet the Robinsons. 32 Pins. Meet the Robinsons · tumblr. 30 Pins. tumblr · Big Bang Theory. 10 Pins. Big Bang Theory · 10 Things I Hate About You. 14 Pins. Blaine and Sebastian meet in this episode, when Blaine comes to Dalton Academy to invite the Warblers to West Side Story. They first make contact when, the. I have met both of my best friends within Richeson Companies and I have met several life long friends here. The people are wholesome, understand the value of.

sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

Kurt sees the two of them having coffee and introduces himself to Sebastian. Both appear uncomfortable with each other. Sebastian then invites them both to Scandals the local gay bar where both Blaine and Kurt accept. Blaine rebuffs Kurt's statement saying that he's harmless. Sebastian offers Blaine a beer and condescendingly gives Kurt a Shirley Temple, assuming him to be the designated driver. A few moments later Blaine and Sebastian are seen dancing together.

Kurt appearing uncomfortable with this storms on the dance floor dancing infront of Sebastian so he could dance with Blaine. Once they leave the bar Blaine states to Kurt that Sebastian means nothing to him.

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The First Time Sebastian crashes Kurt and Blaine's date at the Lima Bean and then begins flirting with Blaine in front of Kurt, asking him why he hasn't been online lately. Blaine replies that he has been busy for sectionals, and congratulates Sebastian for the Warblers' win and their sectionals. Sebastian then compliments Blaine saying that if there is anyone who could whip New Directions in a legitimate threat it would be him.

Blaine excuses himself from the table to get another coffee which gives Kurt and Sebastian time to say exactly what they think of each other.

sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

Kurt says that he doesn't like him or the way that he speaks to Blaine. Sebastian unphased by Kurt's insults replies that he doesn't like him either and that Blaine is too good for Kurt.

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He also says that by then end of the year he'll have Blaine and a Nationals Trophy and that Kurt will have khakis, a Lima Bean Apron and that 'gay face'.

When Blaine returns to the table, Sebastian says they were discussing future plans to go drinking again, then leaves, telling Kurt to "take care of that Warbler. Kurt sees this during the performance, and gives Sebastian a threatening stare. Kurt exclaims that he's always at The Lima Bean. Sebastian states that the New Directions cannot perform Michael because he previously changed the Warblers' setlist to include Michael Jackson after Blaine gave him the idea that morning.

Sebastian says that he had just called for a tip on how to remove red wine from his blazer piping, but Blaine would not stop talking about the New Directions' plans for Regionals. Following the Warblers' and New Directions' performance of BadSebastian attempts to toss a slushie at Kurt, but Blaine pushes him out of the way.

sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

Instead, it hits Blaine's face, Sebastian seems surprised when it hits Blaine and seems possibly remorseful quickly telling the Warblers to get of there forcing Blaine to later have surgery on his right eye for a corneal scratch. He tells Santana it's a shame about Blaine, he was pretty. And appears remorseful when Santana tells him Blaine will need surgery.

Later in the episode, Sebastian reveals to Santana that he added rock salt to the slushie. Throughout the song, Sebastian makes extra effort to sing it directly to Blaine and by getting in his face.

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Plot[ edit ] Three estranged, depressed friends—Adam Yates, who was dumped by his girlfriend; henpecked husband Nick Webber-Agnew working a dead-end job ; and Lou Dorchen, who is a party animal in his 40s—reconnect when Lou is hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning. To cheer him up, Adam and Nick arrange for Lou to join them at Kodiak Valley Ski Resort, where the three enjoyed fun times in their youth; Adam's reclusive nephew Jacob tags along.

sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

During a night of heavy drinking in their hotel room's hot tub, the four douse the console with an illegal Russian energy drink called "Chernobly". The next day, the friends go skiing and, after many strange occurrences s fashion, music videos on MTV and Michael Jackson still being blackthey realize they have traveled back to Adam, Lou and Nick have also assumed their younger bodies: Jacob's appearance has not changed since he wasn't born yet, though he occasionally flickers.

A cryptic hot tub repairman appears and warns them not to change anything, as it might affect history.

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To minimize the butterfly effectthe guys plan to re-enact their experiences. Adam has to break up with his girlfriend Jenny and get stabbed in the eye with a fork; Lou must pick a fight with and get beaten up by Blaine, a ski patrol bully ; Nick must have sex with a groupie and give a poor performance with his band at an open mic event. They discover Jacob's alcoholic mother Kelly, Adam's sister, is also at the resort.

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The guys find their tasks difficult; Lou gets punched to the floor by Blaine and loses his backpack, but realizes he must face him again later at night, so he reluctantly challenges Blaine again. Adam finds his attraction to Jenny reignited, but is distracted when he meets laid-back music journalist April during the resort's Poison concert.

sebastian and blaine meet the robinsons

Nick worries about cheating on his wife, even though the events occur before he even meets her.