Rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

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rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

Like how they put both Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys together was great idea. . It was really cool seeing the Rugrats meeting The Wild Thornberrys. Meeting up with The Wild Thornberrys, they embark on a quest through the Rugrats Go Wild Windows Front Cover There are no reviews for this game. Two of Nickelodeon's biggest franchises "The Rugrats" and "Wild Meanwhile, the tyrannical Angelica meets bossy Debbie Thornberry (voice.

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When the families arrive at the dock, they miss the Lipschitz cruise. Tommy's father, Stu, has rented a ramshackle boat called the S.

rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

Nancy which he reveals to be their real mode of transportation, and their real vacation. The families are angered that Stu did not consult them on his plans, and soon the boat is flipped over by a wave during a tropical storm.

rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

Everyone is forced to abandon the ship and board a life raft as the ship sinks. Everyone blames Stu for causing all of this and lose hope of being saved.

Things start looking up when Angelica sings about having hope on her karaoke machine which resembles a toy piano she brought, until Spike's tail accidentally knocks both her Cynthia doll and karaoke machine into the ocean.

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The next morning, they arrive on a small, seemingly uninhabited island possibly in Southeast Asia and Angelica eventually finds her Cynthia doll on the beach. The adults argue about who should be the leader. When it gets out of hand, Betty suggests a test: They all step out and say that they all feel better, except Stu, and make Betty the leader, much to Stu's chagrin.

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On the opposite side of the island is the famous globe-trotting family the Thornberrys out to film a clouded leopard. Tommy, Chuckie, and the rest of the kids, except for Angelica, set off to find them, for they suspect they are somewhere on the island.

rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

Along the way, Chuckie gets lost and runs into the Thornberry's Tarzan -like child Donnie, who steals Chuckie's clothes. I love the whole misinterpretation humor of adult themes from the viewpoint of the babies.

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It always bring me a laugh. The potty humor and crude repartee jokes were pretty good. I didn't mind the pop culture and other movie references and spoofs like 's Titanic, 's Jaws, 's Taxi Driver and others. The movie also do call backs to previous episodes of both TV Series and also reference, the first movie. Most of all, I love Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry, the quirky, adventurous wildlife documentarian who often rambles in indiscernible English accent.

Nigel Thornberry is indeed, smashing. The animation was pretty good and the CGI animation kinda mixed well. I was pretty surprise how good the production, the film had. It was beautiful to watch.

Thornberrys lose out in Rugrats pairing

I wouldn't say, the movie is the best Nickelodeon cartoon movie out there. It was indeed, the lowest grossing Rugrats film for a reason.

Some of the jokes really hit flat.

rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

The Mirror Routine is so overused. I have to say, that Bruce Willis as the voice of Spike was really not that funny, and out of place. His scenes really waste any ideas of character development. There seem to lack emotional development.

In the first movie, it was about Tommy dealing about having a brother. In the second movie, it's about Chuckie Voice by Nancy Cartwright getting a new mother and sister.

In this movie, it's really hard to figure out what the movie is really about, due to sheer number of characters and the randomness sub-plot play out.

I thought it was about Tommy and his dog, but most of Tommy's quest, is to help his father feel better, and get right with his friends.

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I really don't like the idea of Lil and Phil voiced by Kath Soucie disagreeing with each other over if they should eat bugs or not.

Nobody pay to see that. People came to see them, be twins and do gross stuff like every other previous episode and movie. Susie voiced by Cree Summer gets to join in on the adventure after being an only minor character in the first two movies.

rugrats meet the wild thornberrys game

Still, she does nothing or add anything. Honestly, she didn't need to be here. I hate most of the original songs here.