Robert de niro meet the fockers costume

Robert De Niro: A Preliminary Inventory of His Costumes and Props at the Harry Ransom Center

robert de niro meet the fockers costume

Barbra Streisand wardrobe worn in Meet the Fockers. MEET THE FOCKERS - Rozalin Focker (Barbra Streisand) silk piano robe including when she argues with Jack (Robert De Niro) over the raising of his grandson, and is interrupted by . “Meet the Fockers”Last year's blockbuster comedy sequel reunites Ben plus her parents (Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner), the gang gathering for a and colorful sets and costumes, along with a featurette on the film's. Robert De Niro. Meet the Fockers BLURAY Fockers DVD at Amazon. The sequel to Meet the Parents marked Barbra's return to the silver screen in her in costume as Mrs. Focker were shown on the entertainment television show “Extra” .

Generally, older productions are represented by fewer items.

robert de niro meet the fockers costume

With 1, items, A Bronx Tale is by far the most thoroughly documented production. For this film, in addition to more than items worn by De Niro in the character of Lorenzo, the collection includes items worn or used by two dozen actors including Chazz Palminteri, Taral Hicks, and Joe Pesci.

robert de niro meet the fockers costume

Dunn, and Daniel Orlandi. If an item does not have a wardrobe tag, it is very difficult to determine the exact circumstances of its use, even with the aid of wardrobe continuity books and Polaroids located in the Robert De Niro Papers. Similarly, the sources of items in this collection are poorly documented.

Most contemporary costumes were purchased off-the-rack from mainstream retailers. Part II and Raging Bull In Meet the Parents, Greg lost Jinx the cat. In Fockers, they mention he is in military school. Little Fockers followed in Streisand normally hates wigs, but she wanted to dull down her iconic image. To make Ray Santiago Jorge look like Ben Stiller, they gave him blue contacts and straightened his hair.

Streisand and Hoffman met in acting school, before they were famous.

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He dated her roommate. They had been friends their whole lives, but this was their first movie together. In the late s, when Hoffman first became famous, an unknown De Niro waited on him at a restaurant. Teri Polo had her first child injust before filming this. Alanna Ubach is playing the older woman, but she is ten years younger than Ben Stiller in real life.

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Stiller joked that the worst thing his famous parents did to him was go on game shows and lose. Streisand also directed it. Director Jay Roach actually used the Ferber method on his 1st child. Almost everyone who saw the movie knew that Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand were coming up.

Meet the Fockers

Since it was going to be a while before they appeared, Jay Roach wanted to give the audience a preview. Teri Polo is back as Pam. This was just a year before she started on The West Wing Robert De Niro had a behind the scenes role as a producer on both Parents and Fockers. Their mother, a pediatric nurse, taught them how to sign.

Stiller called her and told her that she should do it.

robert de niro meet the fockers costume

She was so impressed she said yes. Alanna Ubach plays Isabel Villalobos. So she lets it all hang out and just looks great. She's got this dark, curly wig, reminding me of a lot of moms from the upper west side in the 70's that I grew up with. Although the shot was only a few seconds long, it was not included in the final film.

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Streisand appeared in several deleted scenes. The bloopers go by fast but you can see Streisand, De Niro, and Hoffman laughing during the lagoon scene. Barbra also loses it during the fondue dinner scene. Finally, while dancing at the wedding, Hoffman drops his pants and Barbra hikes her skirt up!

robert de niro meet the fockers costume

The wedding crowd laughs hysterically along with the two superstars. Their comments were interesting, and they concentrate on Streisand in several places.

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She was great about it. I really wanted people to forget that it was Barbra Streisand altogether, if possible. InStreisand auctioned several of her Fockers costumes, with the proceeds going to charity. End Navigate to other Streisand films using the jump menu below: