Riviera the promised land fia ending a relationship

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riviera the promised land fia ending a relationship

A description of tropes appearing in Riviera: The Promised Land. Rose (cat), Serene (blue), Cierra (red), Lina (orange), Fia (green), Ein (gray-brown-purple male) .. to manipulate their relationship values in order to acquire specific endings. Let's Play Riviera: The Promised Land by Didja Redo - Part The Other Endings. together because I only have saved games for Serene and Rose's endings me . Like many RPGs, Riviera: The Promised Land has multiple endings that can be A great sum of these changes the moods of the 4 female companions (Fia.

Unlike her friend, the girl named Fia did not tie her hair into ponytails, but instead, let the long strand of forest green flow gently against her back with a matching green bow tied on the back for looks. From her count, it had been over a week now since she found a boy lying in the middle of the forest floor unconscious, light that had broken through the forest leaves shining onto the boy as if he fell from the sky.

Who knows how long he had been knocked out before she had found him! This only added more stress to the blonde. Fia sighed at her friend's remark. The boy was alive; she had made sure he had been properly bandaged to stop the wounds that would not stop bleeding when he had been moved from his spot in the forest; as if they refused to heal even.

Even her healing magic could not completely heal the wounds…slow them down, yes, but not stop or completely heal them. It was as if the boy had been sealed in his sleep as well as other parts of his body that would normally recover from injuries such as cuts and gashes. Fia's mind could not help but wonder at this predicament. Fia questionably looked ahead at her younger looking friend as she realized that they had already made it to their tree home. In a matter of seconds, the golden blonde girl had entered the house, leaving a large lead between her and Fia.

Relief came to the green haired girl as the thought of putting her share of baskets down made her smile in ease, they were beginning to get heavy for her after all - "Kyaaaa! A scream she knew only to belong to Lina as she made her way to the tree-like home. Rushing inside the open wooden door, Fia entered the hollow tree of the house and immediately came to the scene that had made her friend scream in fear.

It only took a second, but soon, Fia froze next to Lina, both looking at the empty bed that used to have an unconscious boy on it. Fia wasted no time as she ran up the stairs of the house to search other rooms for the missing boy.

Too bad Lina was too much in a state of shock to even mention to the green haired girl that she had already checked all the rooms of the house, she was fast after all.

All she was able to say were small audible mumbles to herself from the shock of the discovering that the boy had left. When it was clear that the boy was not in the house, Fia raced down the stairs to get Lina, only to notice the blonde's dazed state.

With a grab of both her shoulders shoulders, Fia shook the blonde wildly in hopes to snap the smaller girl out of her daze, "He's not upstairs! What are we going to do - " "The old man's gonna be mad when he hears about this," Lina interrupted, giving Fia a smile that just freaked the green haired girl out.

They had only been out for a couple of hours and the boy was in the bed when they had left. Several minutes had passed by since his encounter with the small green haired girl, Molan, and her blue haired friend, Gill. And yet he still had no idea what he was supposed to do with these kids and where he was. The sunlight was somewhat too bright for the boy being dragged by the two children, his eyes had still not gotten completely used to the bright light; but at least the rays of light kept the boy warm, after all, he was still only in his leggings with no shirt or shoes.

At least he was also able to see the children dragging him off and around a forested area. The girl called Molan wore a large brown cap that covered most of her long green hair. In fact, the cap she wore was large enough to cover the girl's entire face if she wanted to; she also had on a bright-yellow tunic that showed traces of dirt and was roughened up a bit. The boy named Gill also wore large cap that almost covered his short blue hair; the same deal was with Gill's cap, and looked too big for him to say the least.

He wore a blue tunic that seemed to match the bright-yellow tunic Molan was wearing in design; and just like Molan's tunic, Gill's tunic also showed traces of dirt and looked roughened up as well. It looked like these two liked playing outdoors a lot. There was also one thing that caught the eye of the boy: The boy, who was still being called "Mr. Thief" didn't know whether this was normal or not, but after checking his ears with his free hand and finding that they were round he wasn't quite sure what was normal around here.

Finally, the two children halted in their tracks as they gazing at a river before them. Thief' could only imitate the children, but he was not seeing what they were in surprise.

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The river before them was a rapid one as water rushed by with enough force to carry a person away downstream. Small droplets of water splashed the chocolate haired boy from the rapids nearby, informing the boy, just from the small splashes that he was getting hit with, that the water was frigid. Thief blinked in confusion, wondering why he was being told of a place that was completely unknown to him, but he got his answer soon. Though he didn't know what these Crystal Caverns were, Mr. Thief did understand the incentive of these two.

After a moment of scanning downstream, the boy was able to see clearly what Molan had been pointing at. Four rocks, each spread only inches apart from one another looked clear as a path to go through.

Thief was lowly able to say, to low, in fact, to be heard by the children right beside him. At least that's what the boy had thought. But that's really far upstream; it's a lot faster taking this as a shortcut. But before anything else could be said, the green haired girl had jumped from the third rock and then to the fourth rock before landing safely on dry land, opposite to the area Gill and Mr.

Apparently, Molan had traversed across the dangerous path without any flaw, as if she'd done this so many times she could do it with her eyes closed. By the time Mr. Thief had made it to the starting point of the path Gill was already waving at the boy on the other side. So far, he had made it across with the same ease Molan did.

riviera the promised land fia ending a relationship

If children younger than him could do it, then why couldn't he? With a deep breath taken in to get as much oxygen he could in his head, the boy jumped onto the first rock — and had already found trouble as the rock he had jumped to was not really far away from him than it looked. The boy landed on the rock, but almost slipped on the wet surface the rock had presented.

Once he had gained his balance, the boy went onto the next rock, this time taking a long step as not to overshoot his landing like the first time. But before the boy had made contact with the second stone, he had noticed that there had been moss growing on the rock. Making sure not to slip on the algae, the boy prepared to lengthen his stride even more and was successful in avoiding the slippery green flora.

The last two steps had been a lot easier to the boy than he had expected; both were wet and slippery but he had already prepared for that encounter and was safely granted access to the other side of the river. Thief spoke up, feeling more anxious now that he had crossed the rocky path without fail.

He also was feeling a prideful moment and full of energy as he finished his jumps. Both Gill and Molan gave a big toothy grin as excitement filled each one of their faces. They were each ready to continue on to the place they wanted to show Mr. Thief until - "Lina knew we'd find him here! Thief all three glanced at where the high pitched voice had come from. There, across the river, stood a girl pointing a finger at the group of three. The girl was shorter than Mr.

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Thief, but taller that the two children that were by the boy's side. She had long, golden-orange hair that was knotted into two ponytails and still managed to still to reach a ways downward up to her shoulders. She had amber colored eyes and wore a yellow, sleeveless tunic that formed to a skirt at the bottom of the clothing several inches away from her knees. On each arm, up from the girl's elbows, appeared to be two largely tied sleeves, but these were not sewed onto the tunic she wore; instead, it was tied by a black ribbon: Attached to the back of the girl's tunic, mainly near the top of the skirt, was a drape that dragged down below her knees; as if untied from front but not the same in the back.

A black under-laying was slightly visible on the girl under the tunic that she wore, but from the boots she had on, the black under-laying was clearing visible and had risen up slightly above the knees, just inches away from touching the skirt. Finally, a brown sash was wrapped around her waist and a golden-orange neckerchief that matched the girl's hair perfectly were the final things the boy had taken notice. Unlike the young girl in yellow, this new girl was more noticeably clad in green.

Her hair was a grassy green, a green that was little lighter in color to Molan's hair color, and was long enough to stretch down to the girl's back.

She had emerald colored eyes and wore a green colored ribbon, one that was darker in color to her own hair and was dressed more formally than that of her orange haired friend. She wore no tunic, but instead, an attire that was completely unfamiliar to the boy. A black vest was buttoned up and covered the white cloth of a shirt that spread out thickly on the girl's shoulders and then tightened up down her arm until it was a mere inch or two away from the girl's wrist, where it would open up to let the hands freely rotate without ruining the delicate cloth.

The girl also wore a large green dress with white edges curled on the end, though the dress did not go as low as to touch the ground; small brown boots covered some of the white stockings the girl wore as well, but most of the stockings were covered by the large dress. And finally, a black ribbon, one that was very similar to the ones the girl clad in yellow and orange wore, was tied as a bow around the collar of the girl's white shirt. The girl clad in green also turned to Mr.

Thief, which surprised the boy a little before the blonde spoke up. Why are you taking him to the secret spot! That's why I had a feeling she'd be here; we were supposed to play today so Lina thought she would be here. I didn't know he would be with her…" Fia could only stare at the grinning girl, but remembered she had better things to do at the moment than interrogating her friend. Turning to the group of three across the river, she yelled over the current, "Molan, Gill," both children turned to face the green clad girl in response to their names, "that boy is a very important person, and he needs to be in a meeting with my grandfather very soon.

If you could please say your goodbyes and we'll be taking him for you that would be really appreciated. Thief," Gill started in a whisper, "did you have a meeting with the Elder? The boy closed his eyes and he undoubtedly tried to search his head for any remembrance in having a meeting of any sort, but when nothing came to mind he only answered, "No.

Thief is our new friend. But by the time the green haired girl was able to completely say the name, Molan, Gill and Mr.

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Thief began walking off at a brisk pace away from the teenagers on the other side of the river. Fia quickly took notice of the girl's action and was able to breath out, "How do you plan to get across? Fia didn't get her answer in words, but instead saw the smaller girl jump on a rock that was stuck deep in the water with three more stones ahead of her as alternative steps. But it had been too late as the orange haired girl landed on the second stone, slipping on the wet moss that had been growing on the inward side of the stone and falling into the water being pushed away by the water's strong current.

Thief had heard the cry, and so had Molan and Gill who had done an about-face and ran to where Lina and Fia last were. They arrived in moments, catching eye of the green haired teenager running downstream as fast as she could as she chasing an orange and yellow blur which Molan recognized to be Lina. Gill noticed this too, and instantly ran with the flow of the river as Fia had been doing. Molan chased seconds after with Mr. Lina could desperately be seen trying to swim across the river to at least grab the edge of the trench, but her attempts failed as she was flailed around; her little body being an easy victim for the powers of the rivers current.

Thief asked in fright to Molan, trying to block out the cries Fia was giving to her friend to concentrate if anything came to mind. Molan didn't answer the boy, though Mr. Thief could easily notice tears flowing on the side of the girl's face. Thief's head as he saw Gill and Fia far ahead of him and Molan; Lina was even further ahead than the leaders and was loosing them fast.

He had to remind himself that he only had his leggings on; no shoes or tunic, and the only thing keeping him warm were the rays of sunlight and the thickly wrapped bandages with dried blood visible through the wrappings. But it didn't take long for Mr. Thief to jump in the water, immediately being swept by the force of the current, and start swimming to the orange haired girl. Molan and let out a short scream with a cry of, "Mr. Gill was speechless and Fia's eyes could only widen in fear as she saw the edge of the waterfall making its way up not too far ahead.

Thief swam as fast as he could, water being inhaled in the process of breathing and his body already shivering from the cold water as his body temperature was no doubt beginning to lower; but he pushed himself as he neared the nearly unconscious girl in the water.

Lina had stopped making an attempt to grab the edge of the trench and was slowly sinking deeper into the water. Her eyes, from what Mr. Thief could see, had been hallow and showed no signs of color. The trench was beginning to shrink as the edges soon merged with the ground — this would have been a great chance to escape, if only he had the girl secured first.

But things went from bad to worse as Mr. Thief heard the girl name Fia scream out, "Watch out! With a couple of strides pushing toward the helpless girl, the boy finally was able to grab a free hand of the girl and… …he felt weightlessness as the water he was swimming in was beginning to disappear beneath his feet, the girl named Lina still in hand, but both falling down the large waterfall that was soon to be their…their… The boy closed his eyes; he had soon awakened from a sleep where he suddenly forgot everything he thought he knew, and was about to die just like that.

He had wished that his final moments were like the girl he had in his hand — unconscious. That would be a better way to go right now. The fall below them was a long one, but they were filling the gap within seconds…seconds before they would hit the rocks below and under the waterfall.

That was until the boy felt a hand clasp his free arm while his other was occupied holding onto Lina.

riviera the promised land fia ending a relationship

There are many points in the game where you have to lower your Relationship Values for one of the party members, although the game gives you a choice which one. Many items require you to know to do a certain thing which often isn't hinted at to get them.

One even requires you to not talk to someone despite generally being encouraged to talk to everybody and having to find three items in the next area! It's practically Player Punch material. Hector and Seth; Seth-Rah, the result, seems sexless—which solves the opposite-gender problem. Even in Practice, most attacks slimes use decrease the durability of all items by one. While this isn't much of an issue normally, it can really hurt if you didn't know this and brought a low-use item into battle for someone to master.

Ekukko and Malisuke are somewhat popular fanart subjects. While the game itself is not difficult, finding some bonuses can be pretty hard. Hand in the Hole: In chapter 4, Ein and the girls come across a lion statue that was supposedly used by warriors to test their courage.

Ein has the option of doing so by sticking his hand in its mouth; if the player hasn't run away from any battles, he's blessed with a stat boost. If not, he's "cursed"—Based on the dialogue that occurs before Ein puts his hand in, the most likely theory is that running away from battles will cause the lion to chomp down on Ein's hand.

Because the battles are generally quite easy before this point save for a few in Chapter 2, most people don't get to see the 'curse'. This could also be turned into "cat in the hole" if Ein tries to put ROSE into the lion's mouth instead, resulting in a scratchy retaliation.

Many girls in Elendia, and even Reiche, are implied to have feelings for Ein—not just the girls in the party. Have You Seen My God? He Knows About Timed Hits: Rose and Ledah spend a chunk of the tutorial level teaching Ein how to attack, drink potions, and use his eyes. Ein, after Hector sacrifices the girl who likes him most to revive Seth. At the end of Chapter 6, when Malice attacks Ein, the already-injured Ledah throws himself in the way and takes the hit.

Twice, with the second largely topping the first. And the first fight with Malice in the same chapter.

Riviera: The Promised land "bad" ending

And round one against Isher. Most blatantly, there is a scene triggered in the Mireno Cemetery in which the party is ambushed by two Vampire foes who try to trick the party into thinking Serene is one of them, when it's been said lots of time until this point that she's an Arc, and the party seems to be falling for it I Found You Like This: Fia and Lina find the temporarily amnesiac Ein on the outskirts of town and take him to their home to recover.

And then strip him so they can wash his clothes. It's easy enough to find if you know where it is. Some people save it for the second-to-last boss battle.

riviera the promised land fia ending a relationship

In the Name of the Moon: Each of the playable characters, and certain bosses all enemies, in the PSP remakehave one of these when they unleash their level-three Overskills. Caused by eating the mushrooms in Nelde. One in particular causes Ein to laugh uncontrollably. There is a permanent fifteen-item limit on your inventory, which forces players to use or discard obscenely powerful low durability weapons like Excalibur to make room for more practical weapons that offer stat boosts and a more reasonable number of uses.

Killed Off for Real: In order to convince Ein that the Sprites need protecting, Ursula seals his memories and powers and dumps him in the middle of Elendia; until she removes the seal, the only thing Ein remembers about himself is his name. Interestingly, the game avoids the usual drama associated with this trope as A the amnesia doesn't last very long and B that the player is already aware of who and what Ein is. Last Of Her Kind: Serene, after Malice wipes out all of the other Arcs.

A particularly funny one by Didja Redo that can be found Here: Loads and Loads of Loading: Fia has to use a Rosary over fifteen times in order to master them—the highest use-count in the game. The reward is a Level 3 Overdrive that instantly kills all enemy monstersat the cost of destroying the Rosary, too.

The Unleash text for this skill differs from Fia's other Level 3 Overdrives, too.

riviera the promised land fia ending a relationship

Forced upon you if you choose Retry instead of going back to the main menu. Serene's ending where she and Ein decide to kill all the monsters in the world.

Its shown at several points that the monsters aren't Always Chaotic Evilso its quite unnecessary cruel. Certain monsters— and Lina, when she has her most powerful weapons— are capable of projectile attacks that count as the medieval version.

Serene and that giant scythe. The blade's almost bigger than she is! Einherjar, Lorelei, and Skadi, as well as the many, many ones that drift into Public Domain Artifact territory.

Hector barely tries to come off as a good guy at first, but his appearance and theme says otherwise. Older Than They Look: The jury is still out on whether she's actually older than Fia, but she's definitely older than she appears to be her original character design, in fact, showed her with bigger breasts than Serene!

Hinted at early on in an optional conversation with Coco. Confirmed later, when her age is brought up and she defiantly states, "I'm a year older than Fia! Unless you count Ledah, Ein is the only male player character.