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pingu meet the characters

Pingu, Pingu's Family And Friends Pingu is surrounded by his family and friends in the South Pole where he lives. There's Pingu, Pinga, Robby, Mother, Father. Pingu is a Swiss-British stop-motion clay animated children's comedy television series created by Otmar Gutmann and produced. "Pingu finds himself in tricky and comical situations, but he always learns a lesson. the mischievous penguin meets the challenges of life head on, as he grows into He has been used as a spokes-character for UNICEF in several countries.

In each episode, Pingu takes on a new type of challenge that your child will be able to relate to. This method gives them a head-start in learning the international language of education, business, culture and communications. He uses his sled to drop off the mail, and take his family out on day trips. She knows that kids have to be kids, and even joins in the fun every once in a while.

Meet Pingu and Friends

Monster This fluffy monster with purple earmuffs and a matching scarf is far from scary. Pingu accidentally finds Monster when a practical joke goes wrong. And, with a quick sneeze from behind a snow drift, Pingu found out that the monster was very real indeed. Pingo Pingo is a school friend of Pingu.

He might say mean things to Pingu every once in a while, but deep down these two little buddies do care and need each other to get along. She has a heart of gold, and even forgives Pingu for dragging her along on many of his un-planned adventures. It might have taken a while for the romance to blossom, but now the two are practically inseparable.

Robby When Pingu gets together with Robby, they make double the trouble! They can always rely on each other, even if the jokes go too far. Want to run a successful franchise for children?

True I have read and accept the Privacy Policy. Playful Pingu Pinga Is Born! Pingu Dancing Find out how you can boost your business with this magical combination of charming TV characters and advanced teaching techniques.

pingu meet the characters

The main character, Pingu, belongs to one such family. He frequently goes on adventures with his little sister, Pinga, and often gets into mischief with his best friend, Robby the Seal. Language Pingu and his family communicate in a "Penguin Language" known as "Pinguish" or "Penguinese" which mainly consists of "noot" "neet" "nute" and "nit".

As such, the introduction song transcribes as "Neet nit nit nute nit neet nit noot Pingu, Pingu " [4] Characters Some of the characters appearing in Pingu are given below. Main Pingu is the main character of the series, a typically playful, sometimes naughty, curious little boy penguin.

His name comes from the German word for penguin, Pinguin. He is strong-willed and mostly well-behaved but prone to making mischief and throwing occasional tantrums.

Pinga is Pingu's younger sister. Like all toddlers, she is happy and playful but very sensitive, and is often a target for Pingu's practical jokes. Mother and Father are Pingu and Pinga's parents; their actual names are not revealed. Father is a postman who uses a non-smoking pipe in the early episodes, but quits later.

He has a motorised sledge snowmobile to deliver the mail, sometimes with help from Pingu. Mother is a housewife who spends most of her time cooking and cleaning. Mother sometimes gets help from Pingu and Pinga, and she always gives them a cuddle when they have learned a lesson. Grandfather is Pingu and Pinga's paternal grandfather, who first appeared in the episode "Music Lessons".

He is an expert accordionist, as he demonstrates to Pingu in that episode, and is also a former professional weight lifter. Grandpa is Pingu and Pinga's maternal grandfather who appeared in "Grandpa is Ill" and "Pingu Cannot Lose", in the latter of which he is shown to be good at bowling.

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Aunts are Mother's sisters and Pingu and Pinga's three maternal aunts. In "Pingu Goes Away", Pingu goes to stay with one of his aunts. In "Pingu the Babysitter", he cares for another aunt's twin chicks whilst she and Mother go out, then in "Pingu Makes a Mistake", he cares for his other aunt's egg that is due to hatch. The Twins are Pingu and Pinga's cousins who appear in "Pingu the Babysitter" where they are cared for by Pingu when their mother Pingu's aunt goes out with Mother.

Recurring Robby is a seal. His name resembles the German word for seal, Robbe. First appearing in the episode "Pingu Goes Fishing", he is friendly and playful, yet cheeky in a lot of ways. He is bluish-grey in the first four seasons, but is light grey in the last two. Pingo is a somewhat foolhardy penguin. He has a long beak that is essentially flat at the bottom but slightly rounded on the top and a head that is wider and taller.

pingu meet the characters

He often persuades Pingu to do wild and silly things with him. Pingg is Pingu's other penguin friend. He also has a long beak, but a shorter head than Pingo.

Pongi is a penguin who wears glasses and has a short round beak. He first appeared in the episode "Ice Hockey". Pengy is a penguin very similar to Adelie penguinsfirst appears in "Pingu and the School Excursion".

In the episode "School Time", Pingu resembles Pengy Pingj is a green penguin who appears in Pingu at the Wedding Party; he speaks with an accent that seems to be typical of his race.

He is Pingu's cousin. Punki is a penguin who first appeared in the episode "Pingu Delivers The Mail". He has a tuft on his head and wears striped trousers.

Pingu's English Meet the characters

Punki only appears in a handful of episodes. Bajoo is Pingu's other non-penguin friend. HIT Entertainment reveals him as a "strange newcomer" to the Antarctic in the appearance of an abominable snowman. He also appeared in the 7—11 music video and "The Pingu Show". Pingi is Pingu's love interest and Pinga's best friend.