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pet the preacher meet creature blogspot

1 day ago Their music is the sound of a union meeting at its drunkest, of a last-resort 02 - Gambling Preacher And His Daughter Contributor to this blog Berni and husband Steve have, due to a house fire, lost .. 12 - She And Us Pets .. Box Of Frogs (1); Calexico (1); Captain Clegg And The Night Creatures (1). The word "pastor" has become a common title for those who oversee our . folk- lore, personal stories of their families, stories of mythological creatures that . Yesterday the Preacher and I had a meeting to attend in Brighton. Pet The Preacher - Meet The Creature () Thats why I started the blog. This aptly name little demo, Meet The Creature is a great.

It's a great song, classic psych see the video below.

pet the preacher meet creature blogspot

This is the psychedelic world inhabited by Bite the Bullet. There's something about the high harmonies, slightly cowboy western sounding fuzz riff and persistent drums that lends a song the element of danger.

That's just what happens on "I Will Not Die", evoking classic images.

pet the preacher meet creature blogspot

It's a great vibe on this song, even if the story it evokes in this reviewer isn't terribly original, it still makes for a cool picture show in my mind's eye. In other words, I dig it, it's got like a Nick Cave or Tom Waits dusty air about it while still being dreamy and psychedelic. Kind of like The Big Lebowski, if you can boil that movie down into an overall impression encapsulated into one song.

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This is the band's debut EP, being born of the ashes of their former band Highway Child. A full-length album will see vinyl release via Bilocation Records this summer. For now you can stream this EP on the band's official website. Cover artwork by Lucas Ruggieri From: It was a rollicking revue of big bluesy riffs and lyrics that shouldn't have worked but did framed around a scenario of a man's journey through his own private hell and the way to get out.

Less than a year later, here we are again.

To complete the line-up a vocalist was adopted into the ranks, namely John Fiddler, the ex-singer of Medicine Head and British Lions, who had sang a couple of numbers with the group at the Marquee anniversary concert.

Initial sessions for a planned debut EP were so productive that sufficient material was accumulated for a full album.

Epic Records were sufficiently impressed to hastily sign the band. One of the factors that undoubtedly attracted Epic Records was the number of high profile guest musicians that were lending their talents to the recordings. The results were as good as expected with the almost autobiographical Back Where I Started providing a more modern approach on the blues rock that the Yardbirds were associated with.

Feltham's authentic blues harmonica and Beck providing a restrained yet exemplary lead line set the album off to a cracking start.

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The song was released as the debut single and managed to crack the lower regions of the UK charts and going top 10 in the US where college radio stations practically adopted it as the theme tune for the summer of Harder continues along similar lines with ex-Mott The Hoople guitarist Ray Majors laying down a fierce lead line while Another Wasted Day has Beck back on lead contributing to a slower number featuring some excellently phrased singing from Fiddler.

The relatively short Love Inside You is another great song with a strong chorus featuring some sympathetic, and uncredited, female backing vocals. Slide guitar is provided by additional Frog Dzal Martin founder member of the late 70s band No Dice and subsequent session musician. Rory Gallagher makes his first appearance on The Edge no not a tribute to U2's guitarist!

This is a testament to the production skills of Samwell-Smith and, one would presume, the high regard that the Yardbirds are held by fellow musicians. Beck once again performs on Two Steps Ahead with a contribution that is more akin to his usual soaring and flowing lines. A rather poor percussion break midway through is the only detraction and puts a definite 80s stamp on the song but this is a minor distraction to an otherwise fine number with probably the best of the guitar contributions, particularly from Beck.

A reggae rhythm is applied to Into The Dark which features two guest guitarists, Martin on lead and Gallagher on slide and a lovely electric sitar. The change in style is not that dramatic largely due to Fiddler, a strong chorus, and some understated playing by the whole ensemble. Just A Boy Again is another song that initially steps away from the blues influences having a greater slow boogie influence primarily due to the piano part played by Vetesse, although Martin does wrap things up nicely providing a neat intro to the original last number of the album, Poor Boy.

An excellent closer to the album combining lyrical humour "I'm broke I lost all my cash, I'm in deeper than the Wall Street crash, I'm sinking faster than a drowning man, Oh Shit! I gotta get my arse out of the can" and superb musicianship, the interplay between Beck and Geraint Watkins on piano is superb! With customary Esoteric thoroughness but uncharacteristic lapse in that the song titles are printed the wrong way round on the CD artworkthis CD reissue is accompanied by the b-sides from the two singles released from the album.

Nine Lives, from the Into The Dark 45 rpm is not up to the standard of the album numbers, possibly because it was the only song not written by members of the band, instead deriving from the pen of Mark Radice who has written for and played with numerous performers including Aerosmith, Dave Edmunds, Barbara Streisand, Barry Mannilow and The Muppets! It does sound like there is a different singer on this track but the final guitar solo is worthy and it is an overall nice addition to the set.

X Tracks is really just for completeness being snippets of each of the album songs included as a taster for the LP on the Back Where I Started single. Although I have concentrated on the guest musicians on the album, this shouldn't detract from the fine performances put in by the core Frogs.

Paranoid Hitsophrenic: The Alchemical Mixture - Bite The Bullet & Pet The Preacher (album reviews)

Dreja and Fiddler make significant rhythm guitar contributions, Samwell-Smith's bass playing is as fine and smooth as ever, all add various percussive elements and the synthesiser contributions from the bassist and vocalist are, thankfully, minimal and not at all characteristic of the prevailing musical atmosphere of the time.

Largely overlooked since release, this album is a solid, if not earth shattering, album and one that I have frequently dug out my vinyl copy of over the years when feeling the need for something different to get lost in. Having a re-mastered and pristine digital copy is a very welcome addition to my collection.

Get It While You Can 3: I Keep Calling 3: Had the band undertaken a successful tour, the second album may have turned out a lot different to what was released as Strange Land. Although Fiddler had a hand in writing the majority of the material, he only sings on four of the tracks. Hence, additional Frogs on this album also included a host of illustrious vocalists to accompany the guest guitarists and keyboard players, many who were happy to reprise their roles on the first album.

One player missing from the second album was Jeff Beck whose contributions to the debut were some of the highlights. Instead, another ex-Yardbird, Jimmy Page, was called in to play on a couple of numbers.

pet the preacher meet creature blogspot

One interesting aspect of the reissue of the two Box Of Frogs albums is the different reminiscences of McCarthy in the first CD booklet and Dreja in this booklet. For instance, although both agree that it was never considered to ask Eric Clapton to play on either album, Dreja reports that Clapton never figured in any of the plans of the unit while McCarty states he was asked to play at the Marquee anniversary concert but was unable as he was on tour in the US at the time.

Additionally, Dreja says that the group were already writing for an album prior to the Marquee invitation as opposed to having reunited specially for the occasion. Of course, this is all by-the-by and what matters is the music.