Party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

PHOTOS Meet the all-new Party Down South 2 cast

party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

AND, you don't get to meet George Lockwood, the infamous You may get to actually see the cast of The Vampire Diaries filming while you're In the current season, we all just saw how Bonnie used her witchy Lots of cool parties and scenes shot here. . I would only stay in B&Bs in the South, for sure. CMT is introducing a new crew of guys and gals from the South who are ready to get their party on when Party Down South 2 premieres Nov. Vampires do not exist in the real world, they are fictional characters, the . If you want to meet a being who is not human try becoming very good at 1. We drink a vampires blood 2. We die 3. We wake up 4. We drink human blood I'll add I just saw a guy in the southern part of my state the other day.

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The Great New England Vampire Panic

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An Epic Fan Guide to the Vampire Diaries Filming Locations

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PHOTOS Meet the all-new Party Down South 2 cast

Rhode Island folklorist Michael Bell has documented about 80 vampire exhumations; he believes that hundreds more cases await discovery. He favors black sweaters and leather jackets, an ensemble he can easily accentuate with dark sunglasses to fit in with the goth crowd, if research requires it. He has documented about 80 exhumations, reaching as far back as the late s and as far west as Minnesota. But most are concentrated in backwoods New England, in the s—startlingly later than the obvious local analogue, the Salem, Massachusetts, witch hunts of the s.

Hundreds more cases await discovery, he believes. Bell mostly hunts for handwritten records in town hall basements, consults tombstones and old cemetery maps, traces obscure genealogies and interviews descendants. A traveling minister describes an exhumation in his daily log on September 3, Though scholars today still struggle to explain the vampire panics, a key detail unites them: The public hysteria almost invariably occurred in the midst of savage tuberculosis outbreaks.

party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

The particulars of the vampire exhumations, though, vary widely. In many cases, only family and neighbors participated. But sometimes town fathers voted on the matter, or medical doctors and clergymen gave their blessings or even pitched in. Some communities in Maine and Plymouth, Massachusetts, opted to simply flip the exhumed vampire facedown in the grave and leave it at that.

In Europe, too, exhumation protocol varied with region: Some beheaded suspected vampire corpses, while others bound their feet with thorns. Often these rituals were clandestine, lantern-lit affairs. But, particularly in Vermont, they could be quite public, even festive. One vampire heart was reportedly torched on the Woodstock, Vermont, town green in In Vermont, it was much harder to keep a vampire hunt hush-hush.

As satisfying as such mini-theories are, Bell is consumed by larger questions. He wants to understand who the vampires and their accusers were, in death and life.

During his Middletown lecture, he displays a picture of a man with salt-and-pepper sideburns and weary eyes: Why would they do this? Reasonable is not always rational. The enduring sadness of the vampire stories lies in the fact that the accusers were usually direct kin of the deceased: The tale he always returns to is in many ways the quintessential American vampire story, one of the last cases in New England and the first he investigated as a new PhD coming to Rhode Island in to direct a folklife survey of Washington County funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

History knows the year-old, lateth-century vampire as Mercy Brown. Her family, though, called her Lena. Farmers heaped stones into tumbledown walls, and rows of corn swerved around the biggest boulders. In the late 19th century, Exeter, like much of agrarian New England, was even more sparsely populated than usual.

Civil War casualties had taken their toll on the community, and the new railroads and the promise of richer land to the west lured young men away. Farms were abandoned, many of them later to be seized and burned by the government. And tuberculosis was harrying the remaining families.

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By the s, when the scares were at their height, the disease was the leading cause of mortality throughout the Northeast, responsible for almost a quarter of all deaths. It was a terrible end, often drawn out over years: A tender obituary from a local newspaper hints at what she endured: Perhaps an unseen diabolical force was preying on his family.

The neighbors asked to exhume the bodies, in order to check for fresh blood in their hearts. George Brown gave permission.

party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

On the morning of March 17,a party of men dug up the bodies, as the family doctor and a Journal correspondent looked on. George was absent, for unstated but understandable reasons. Lena, though, had been dead only a few months, and it was wintertime.

party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

He died less than two months later. But the tale traveled much farther than they knew. The late s were a period of social progress and scientific flowering.

party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

First, a reporter from the Providence Journal witnessed her unearthing. Before long, even members of the foreign press were offering various explanations for the phenomenon: His gothic masterpiece, Dracula, was published in On legend trips, Bell is largely an academic presence.

Two days before Halloween, Bell and I head through forests of swamp maple and swamp oak to Exeter. For almost a century after Lena died, the town, still sparsely settled, remained remarkably unchanged. In the s, when I was built, Exeter evolved into an affluent bedroom community of Providence. But visitors still occasionally turn a corner to discover the past: Some elderly locals square-dance in barns on the weekends, and streets keep their old names: Sodom Trail, Nooseneck Hill.

Our umbrellas bloom inside out, like black flowers. They say the legend should be left alone, perhaps with good reason: But the Chestnut Hill Cemetery is still in use.

party down south 2 meet the cast of vampire

And here is Lena. She lies beside the brother who ate her heart, and the father who let it happen.