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over the hedge meet cast of walking

While you can easily walk between most of the Sound of Music film sights in . Personally, we have had a blast taking funny photos in the hedge maze, and it is one of The cast then relied on the assistance of famous American puppeteer Bil .. of the Von Trapp estate where Maria arrives to meet the children singing the. Omid Djalili and Wanda Sykes in Over the Hedge () Bruce Willis and Steve Carell in Over the Hedge . Cast overview, first billed only: The opening credits appear on objects in the background as R.J. walks away from Vincent's cave. Where reduction in height is deemed necessary, it is advisable for the hedge to be . if the level of the obstructed garden changes as you walk away from the hedge, . If the base of the hedge (where the trunks meet the ground) is higher .. does not cast a shadow over the solar panel during the hours between one hour.

Verne realizes they have not had a chance to forage for food until Hammy reveals that while sped up, he had been able to collect enough nuts for them all to last the year. Despite his hard outer shell, he is revealed to have a sensitive personality, developing feelings of guilt over using his new-found companions to his own ends. Garry Shandling as Verne, a naturally cynical ornate box turtlethe leader of the foragers. He has his own ways of doing the daily tasks, but his world is turned upside-down when RJ introduces his free-spirited lifestyle into the mix.

Though Verne genuinely cares for his family, he tends to condescend to them. A couple of running gags throughout the film are everyone calling him an amphibian and him correcting them with reptile though Dwayne already knew he was a reptile, but first mistook him as an amphibianas well as his shell constantly falling off.

Steve Carell as Hammy, a hyperactive American red squirrelwhose mouth moves as fast as his feet and loves cookies.

Over the Hedge

The double entendre of Hammy's constantly trying to find his nuts is a third running gag in the film. Wanda Sykes as Stella, a short-tempered, sassy striped skunk who is constantly being told by the other foragers that she needs a man in her life.

over the hedge meet cast of walking

Eugene Levy as Lou, a North American porcupine father and family patriarch with an overly friendly and optimistic attitude.

Catherine O'Hara as Penny, the porcupine family mother and matriarch; she serves as a ground between their family and the other animals. They're big on video games and are the most enthusiastic about exploring the world beyond the hedge.

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Avril Lavigne at the film's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival William Shatner and Avril Lavigne as Ozzie and Heather, a Virginia opossum father and daughter who see the world from different points of view; Ozzie often embarrasses Heather when he feigns death to get away from danger.

Omid Djalili as Tiger, a Persian cat whose sense of smell has faded to nothing after years of his "beautiful" evolution, and his full Persian name is "Prince Tigerius Mahmoud Shabazz.

Nick Nolte as Vincent, an American black bear whom RJ owes food and whose barbaric behavior intimidates him.

He used to be friends with RJ until he had tried to steal his food and then losing it in traffic. He makes a cameo in Bee Movie. She is disgusted by animals and is strict on H. At the end, Gladys is arrested for using an illegal animal trap called a Depelter Turbo.

over the hedge meet cast of walking

He is often fooled by plastic garden flamingos, but has an innate sense of the animals surrounding him by sniffing and then killing them. Through this, he can detect the species of any animal that has recently been in the area.

He spoofs the Terminator. Brian Stepanek as Nugent, a playful Rottweiler whose only intelligible word is "Play! Two minor human characters, appearing during the dog chase scene, were voiced by Lee Bienstock and Sean Yazbecktwo participants on The Apprentice 5 as part of a reward for winning a task.

The site's consensus states: It's also very funny, and the little woodland critters that make up the cast are a kiddie-pleasing bunch". RJ then notices a chain, which connects inside a nearby doghouse.

over the hedge meet cast of walking

Startled, RJ tells Verne to be quiet and follow him. However, Verne doesn't believe RJ, thinking he is tricking him again.

Fed up, Verne tells RJ he doesn't know what he is up to, but his tail is tingling and says he is listening to it this time and putting him foot down.

Unfortunately, this attracts Nugent 's attention, who chases them across several lawns before the wagon and food is destroyed. RJ blames Verne who, while trying to defend himself, makes a comment that hurts the others' feelings.

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Later, RJ helps Verne reconcile with the others. He also discovers that Gladys has just restocked her pantry with a large food supply for an upcoming party and concocts a plan to get past the exterminator-planted traps in her backyard. Working together under cover of darkness, the animals get the food. RJ and Verne get into another argument, this time over a can of "Spuddies" potato chips, during which Verne and the others learn of RJ's true motives. Gladys wakes up, discovers the animals in her house, and immediately calls VermTech.

The Verminator, whose real name is Dwayne LaFontant, arrives and traps the animals except for RJ, who escapes with the food.

RJ being suspected by Verne RJ takes the food to a now-awake Vincent who was on his way to kill RJbut when the latter points out RJ's treachery, he decides to sacrifice the food to save his best friends. This angers Vincent, who chases RJ as he pursues Dwayne's truck. Verne is happy to see RJ again, but the others no longer trust him since he abandoned them.

They nearly thwart RJ's efforts to help before Verne finally convinces them otherwise. The animals then subdue Dwayne and turn his truck toward home, but the truck goes out of control and demolishes Gladys' house. The animals get out of the truck and hide in the hedge, trapped by Vincent on one side and Gladys and Dwayne on the other. RJ and Verne get an idea to give Hammy a can of cola, which puts him into overdrive. The plan works and Dwayne almost escapes over a fence, but he accidentally steps on a squeaky toy, alerting Nugent and making him bite Dwayne in the leg, making him scream in pain.